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"Halls of Stonehenge" not only features new graphics, textures, and levels, but it also has some coding changes in it, thanks to a source who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. Here are the features that have been implemented or projected at this point:

- 18 new levels, possibly a secret level or two as well.
- all new enemies, objects, and textures from Blood.
- new status bar, including edited BJ portrait.
- new storyline continuing the Wolf3D story.
- new title screen, ending animation, and ending text.
- new "holster weapon" feature (hide gun when you don't need to use it).
- crosshair feature allows a crosshair to be toggled on and off as desired.
- change in strength of available weapons.
- new sound effects and voices.
- five cool new weapons
- textured floors and ceilings
- ghost (reaper) doesn't rack up kill % when killed more than once.