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There are six different types of weapon available in "Countdown to Chaos". Here they are:

KNIFE: A standard, run of the mill, stainless steel blade. Great for cutting food and whittling chess sets, but lousy for dealing with hordes of angry monsters and zombie soldiers. Still, it's better than nothing if you run out of bullets.

SHOTGUN: You begin the adventure packing this baby. It's shots do a good deal of damage, but the rate of fire will begin to become inadaquete as you are assaulted by hordes of angry enemies. It's useful even when you have better weapons, though, because it uses ammo more slowly.

TWIN PISTOLS: The fun begins when you get your gloves on these semi-automatic twin pistols. Their shots aren't as powerful as the shotgun, but you won't have time to notice when your enemies start dropping like flies. Keep an eye on your ammo, though. It's easy to use up fast.

ASSAULT CANNON: This is the 2000's, and carrying a chaingun around is just so overdone. This weapon behaves similiarly, though. It chews up enemies rather quickly, but it will do the same to your ammo supply too, so keep an eye on your bullet count. Some enemies use this against you.

PULSE CANNON: This high-tech weapon is still in the experimental phases, and has never been released for actual military use. You'll have to look hard to find it, but it's worth the effort. Delivers powerful single blasts that are more than a match for weaker enemies. You must find the cannon again to replenish it's ammo supply.

APC: The APC or Armor Piercing Cannon, was designed to even the odds for ground troops against heavily armored threats. It fires a single powerful armor piercing bullet that does considerable damage. They are stashed in secret areas in case of emergency, most of which will be very difficult to find. If you do find one, hang on to it. It will be your best friend in a life or death battle with a boss. Ammo is refilled by finding additional APC's.


There are many different types of item to pick up in "Countdown to Chaos". They range from health and ammo to treasure and keys. Here they are:

AMMO CLIP: These contain bullets that can be used for most of your weapons, except for the knife obviously. You get 8 ammo from a fresh clip, and 4 from clips dropped by killed enemies. Keep an eye out for them.

AMMO CRATE: For some things, more is better, and that's especially true of the ammo crate. Holds 25 bullets each. You have to find them first, though. The ammo crate's bullets work for all firing weapons.

KEY CARDS: Most government facilities don't like folks sticking their noses where they don't belong, so they've invented a clever solution: locked doors. There are two kinds of key card - the blue card, and the yellow card. You'll usually need to look for both of them in every level.

HEALTH BOX: These little kits contain band aids, salves, and other items for treating minor injuries. If Schwarz finds one of these he will get +5 health.

MEDIUM HEALTH: These bottles contain a tonic that aids recovery slightly better than the small health. If Schwarz locates these, he will get back +10 health points.

FIRST AID KIT: Accidents happen, and if someone should happen to "accidentally" fill you full of lead or rip you to shreds, this handy little kit will restore +25 health.

BOOSTER PILLS: If Schwarz comes across a bottle of these experimental pills, they will restore him to full health, and grant him an extra life, both of which will prove very useful.

BODY ARMOR(100 points): An armored breastplate worn as body armor by most special forces units. You will find these lying around in many different places. Unfortunately, they provide no extra protection for Schwarz, but will provide an extra life if you collect enough of them.

COMBAT BOOTS(500 points): These are standard, all-terrain, weather resistant protective boots worn by military fighting men. Schwarz has boots of his own, so these don't actually get used for anything, but they do provide valuable points if you pick them up.

NIGHT VISION GOGGLES(1000 points): You might not really consider these to be treasure, but they are pretty valuable points-wise, and are worth picking up. Schwarz doesn't get to wear them, but that shouldn't matter, since he won't ever encounter any extremely dark areas anyway.

LASER TRIP BOMB(5000 points): There are a lot of these scattered about in odd places in the underground tunnels, as a defense against the monsters. They are currently deactivated, and can't be used as a weapon, though, so don't get too excited. They do provide a ton of points if you collect them.