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There are six different types of weapon available in "Halls of Stonehenge". Here they are:

PITCHFORK: Remember the knife? Well, you don't use it in this game. Instead, you get a rusty pitchfork that packs a bit more of a punch and looks sooooo cool. Remember you're carrying this if you see an unusually large number of axe zombies, and want to conserve ammo.

SHOTGUN: More powerful than the standard pistol in the original, plus it looks cooler, and that's important. Capable of taking out most lesser enemies in one or two shots, especially if you can catch them from behind. BJ begins the adventure with this weapon.

TOMMY GUN: Equivelant of a machine gun in the original game. Difference is that it looks much cooler. Effective for taking on more than one undead nasty at a time. Sorry, there's no "guns akimbo" in this game!

RIOT GUN: A prototype weapon developed by those crazy Nazi fanatics. It's like the shotgun, only it's fully automatic, and a lot more powerful. It also eats up ammo real quick like. A useful weapon for those boss encounters.

VOODOO DOLL: So, you think BJ is too old to be playing with dolls, eh? Well, you'll change your mind when you witness the butt kicking abilities of this weapon. Difficult to find, and the only way to replenish "ammo" is to find another doll. Good luck with that. You still need to "aim" for this weapon to work, so use the crosshair if you're having trouble.

MAGIC STAFF: You don't need to be a magician to show enemies a trick they'll never forget when you wield this staff. The most powerful weapon in the game, it's also the most difficult to find. "Ammo" is replenished by finding the staff again, and you can only hold a very limited amount, so use it sparingly. Also, use the "holster weapon" feature if the staff is blocking too much of your view.


There are many different types of item to pick up in "Halls of Stonehenge". They range from health and ammo to treasure and keys. Here they are:

AMMO DRUM: These contain bullets that can be used for all of BJ's weapons, except for the pitchfork obviously. You get 8 ammo from a fresh drum, and 4 from drums dropped by killed enemies. Keep an eye out for them.

AMMO CRATE: For some things, more is better, and that's especially true of the ammo crate. Holds 25 bullets each. You have to find them first, though. The ammo crate's bullets work for all firing weapons.

KEYS: The Nazis don't like folks like BJ sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, so they've invented a clever solution: locked doors. There are two kinds of key - the skull key, and the flame key. You'll usually need to look for both of them in every level.

MUSHROOM: No, it doesn't make BJ grow larger. These mushrooms grow through the cracks of the damp floor in the catacombs of stonehenge. If BJ eats one, he will get +5 health.

HEALTH POTION: These goblets contain a magic potion the Nazi fanatics use to maintain their health. If BJ happens upon one and drinks it, he will get back +10 health points.

HEALTH KIT: Accidents happen, and if someone should happen to "accidentally" fill you full of lead or hit BJ with a rusty axe, this handy little kit will restore +25 health.

ARTIFACT OF LIFE: If BJ discovers one of these hard to find objects, it will restore his health, and grant him an extra life, which he will probably need.

MAGIC POTION (100 points): With all the hocus-pocus stuff going on in the halls of stonehenge, there are a lot of magic potions lying around. They won't do BJ any good really, unless you consider the extra lives you get from collecting them a bonus.

CRYSTAL BALL (500 points): The Nazi's like to use these to view what's going on in the "other" dimension. BJ can't use them himself, but he can use the points they give toward extra lives.

SPIRIT ESSENCE (1000 points): In Sarron's haste to suck the essence from as many victims as possible as quickly as possible, many essences escape his grasp. By collecting these, BJ not only gets points, but allows the poor lost souls to escape the Halls of Stonehenge and get on with

PRISONER (5000 points): The Nazis have been kidnapping innocent civilians for Sarron to drain the essence from to form his own body. It's too late for some of them, but not all of them! By "collecting" these survivors, BJ allows them to escape, and gets a nice point bonus as well. Beware...prisoners are almost ALWAYS under guard by some type of nasty foes.