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Other Stuff

Well, this part of the site is devoted to stuff that's NOT "Halls of Stonehenge" related. Here, you'll find the following so far (the actual links are at the bottom of the page):

MAJIKDUKE: Before I started playing with the Wolf3D editors, I dabbled in some Duke Nukem' 3D level editing. Majikduke contains six levels of atomic mayhem and crappy level design that's sure to keep you scratching your head for hours! Seriously, though, they're fun to look at, and not all that hard. If you're a Duke fan, I'd recommend them. These are just new levels, and don't contain any new art or textures. Be have to have either the Atomic Edition or the Plutonium Pack in order to play these.

GAMEFAQS LINK: I've spent countless hours writing reviews on PC, SNES, and NES games that probably nobody plays anymore, but it's a good way to pass the time. My goal was to write a review going down the alphabet of every title I'd ever played. Thanks goodness I ditched that crazy dream before it stole my sanity. The best ones to read are ones with a rating of "2" or below... :)

STAR WARS CHESS: I love the super deformed characters from the game "Yoda Stories", and have spent countless hours carefully extracting each character and object to my personal art files. Here's one of the projects I've created with them. It's a paint brush file, and you play it by cutting and pasting the characters from one square to the other. Primitive, I know, but hey, it works!

That's it for now! Keep an eye on this page as I come up with other ideas for stuff to link it to! Also, if you'd like me to link to YOUR Wolf related page, email me, and unless it's smutty or offensive, I'll link to it here!

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