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Here are the levels planned for HOS thus far. So far no secret levels have been planned, but if they get added, don't expect to read about them here :) Here are the levels in the order of appearance (subject to change).

Level 1: Guardhouse
Welcome to the Halls of Stonehenge! Here you'll have your first taste of the hospitality of the Nazi fanatics. Well, what do you expect? You'd be cranky if guests showed up in your home without giving you a chance to clean up!

Level 2: Gallery
Didn't expect to find an art gallery beneath the pillars of Stonehenge, eh? Well, I wouldn't really call this art. Feel free to admire the hideous decorations while swapping lead with the gallery's other critics.

Level 3: Barracks
You'll find none of the comforts of home in these shabby quarters. This place is little more than a "storage" facility for the Nazi fanatics when they aren't busy kidnapping locals or using you for target practice.

Level 4: Cellar
You may find it strange to call this place a "cellar" when there are 14 floors beneath it, but it's basically a storage area for barrels of food and other provisions. Those barrels can be annoying when they block your way to places you need to go.

Level 5: Webstor
As you may have guessed by the name, this is the lair of Webstor, the giant spider boss. Don't stand out in the open like a fool when he appears, or you'll be eating skull-shaped explosive web balls. Hope you brought your riot gun with you...

Level 6: Quarters
Here you'll find another set of putrid accomodations for the residents of Stonehenge. No wonder these guys have such nasty tempers. The stinking zombies roaming the halls probably make it hard for them to get a good night's sleep.

Level 7: Sewer
Once again, you may find it odd to find a sewer so many floors above the actual bottom of the catacombs of Stonehenge, but in a realm where nothing is what it seems, it hardly seems worthwhile to question this. Ask instead, where are the bathrooms in Stonehenge??

Level 8: Prison
Although the innocent victims of Stonehenge can be found stashed in many places, this is the "official" storage area for unlucky prisoners. Expect them to be heavily guarded, as well as heavily in need of a shower when you rescue them.

Level 9: Dungeon
This place is spoken of only in whispers by the captives of Stonehenge. This is the end of the line for most folks. Those who are particularly troublesome usually meet their demise here instead of being taken to Sarron. See that the same doesn't happen to you.

Level 10: Death Breath
If you thought the sewer area smelled bad, wait until the creature Death Breath opens his mouth. He doesn't have much to say, so the only greeting you'll get from him will be the gnashing of his toothy jaws when he spews his breath at you (which sounds strangely like the crack of a gunshot). He's fast, so stay on the move, just don't run into a dead end by mistake...or you're dead...

Level 11: Crypt
Of all those who have inhabited the catacombs of Stonehenge over the years, some have actually received proper burial. You'll find their tombs here. Beware of the gruesome creatures you'll start seeing here too. They'd like to fit you for a casket of your own.

Level 12: Mines
Deep beneath the surface of the Earth lie these abandoned mines. They may be abandoned by civilized man, but there are plenty of spooks who call this place home, and they're not about to "mine" their own business.

Level 13: Catacombs
For centuries, bodies have been piling up in the Stonehenge passages, and eventually they're removed from the halls and shoved down here. The walls are literally built out of skulls. This is probably where your corpse will wind up if you're not careful.

Level 14: Hall of Death
Sounds like a nice place, eh? Every trap imagineable has been placed down here, and for most, it's as close as they'll ever get to the lair of Sarron...without help from the Nazis, that is. Not a nice place to visit...or die...

Level 15: Hall of Despair
Reality begins to twist itself as BJ's surroundings become more and more surreal. As he begins to cross the boundary of where the world we know and the dimension of Sarron intersect, he will face a nightmare world of dismal surroundings and an army of deadly foes. Don't lose hope yet, ain't seen nothing yet!

Level 16: Cerberus
Hear that rabid, angry barking? Well, it just might be the last thing you hear! Sarron's watchdog, Cerberus, guards the final areas of the Stonehenge catacombs. He'll roast you alive if you don't find a place to take cover, and even then he may still. If you beat him, you can breath a little easier...if you don't mind the stench of 800 lb dead dog...

Level 17: Grand Castle
Assuming you've made it this far, you're probably pretty pleased with yourself, eh? Well, this place will take you down a notch. Draven's private stronghold, the last line of human defense resides here, as well as an army of nasty beasts. In the end, you'll square off with Draven, and get a chance to thank him for causing all this trouble. Even if you beat him, though, your troubles aren't over yet...

Level 18: The Carcass Halls
At last, the true nature of the catacombs of Stonehenge is revealed. They are not merely a man-made structure, but a living, breathing evil, manifesting itself in the form of the Halls of Stonehenge! In this lowest level, the true essence of the catacombs is revealed in all it's nauseating glory! You must navigate gruesome corridors of flesh and blood and other hideous terrain in order to find the "Ancient Sword of Evil", the key to the link between the Halls of Stonehenge and the evil dimension of Sarron. Good luck doing that without losing your lunch!

Level 21: Netherworld
Well, BJ, this is it! Upon grabbing the "Ancient Sword of Evil", BJ is thrust into Sarron's dimension of doom. Surrounded by immortal monsters and deadly traps, BJ must locate and destroy the heart of the evil halls of Stonehenge, Sarron himself. Sarron's gone a bit mad in his effort to fully form his body, sucking the life from not only prisoners, but any nearby Nazi fanatics as well. This is it, BJ: Your chance to either save the world, or die in Sarron's realm and become his prisoner forever! Good luck!