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The Nightmare Continues!!

Greetings! Welcome to the homepage for "HOS: Special Edition", the official add-on for "Wolfenstein: Halls of Stonehenge". Originally announced as "HOS: Dead Reckoning", the name and concept changed slightly after initial development, but the result is pretty much the same. This is just a single page rather than a full blown site, because, being that this is an add-on, much of what you'll find in the game is the same as in HOS.

BJ is thrown back in action against the forces of evil as Sarron's minions and fanatical followers struggle to destroy BJ and reclaim the power of Sarron. BJ will battle some familiar foes, as well as a host of new, gruesome minions, in an effort to save his own skin, and bring some peace and quiet back to the world. The full story will be included with the add-on when it comes out...

The weapons and basic gameplay in "Dead Reckoning" are pretty much the same as in "Halls of Stonehenge", but there are 21 new levels, and a much different cast from the first game. The game was designed by members of the same team that brought you "Halls of Stonehenge", so hopefully you'll find it every bit as exciting, and hopefully, much more challenging!

I won't be putting any updates regarding this project on this page, since the project is finished already. If you have any questions or comments regarding the project in the mean time, you can email me at, and I'll try to answer any questions you may have regarding the game.

Below are some pictures of the cast in "Special Edition". Enjoy! Please do not steal these images. Image stealers go to the lowest depths of Hades, where they are roasted alive and forever tormented by Pauley Shore look-alikes, so don't do it! If it gets to be a problem, I'll pull the images, and then this site will suck! That having been said, enjoy your stay, and thanks for visitng!

The New Cast

GIANT RAT: If you hate ordinary rats, then these could very well be your worst nightmare. They are fast and sneaky, and in large groups, can be deadly. Not too much of a problem individually. You're best off using hand to hand methods to dispatch them, since they don't leave any ammo.

NAZI FANATIC: These are the same brand of Nazi that inhabited the catacombs of Stonehenge. As before, they are not too intelligent or powerful, but if they manage to sneak up on you, you could be in trouble. A couple shots should dispose of them. They will leave behind ammo clips when defeated.

NAZI EXTREMIST: These guys are very similar to the fanatics, but more devoted. To make matters worse, they are much quicker, more durable, and carry tommy guns instead of shotguns. The good news for you is that you get to keep the tommy gun if you beat them. Beware of battling them in groups.

VAMPIRE BAT: These creatures inhabit a wide variety of environments, and like to get in your face when you're not expecting it. They are surprisingly tough for bats, and it can take more than a couple shots to bring them down. They can attack with deadly sonar beams from a distance. Aim carefully, because they like to dodge and make you waste your bullets.

GARGOYLE: Sarron's most trusted servants, the gargoyles served as the silent and deadly guardians of his lair in Stonehenge. They can sneak up on you and deliver a surprise attack that can often prove fatal, especially if you're already weakened. They'll leave behind ammo when destroyed, if you live to do so.

WRAITH: After Sarron was destroyed, many of his most devoted followers lost all hope, and wasted away to these ghost-like forms. They now exist to endlessly torment BJ, and drain the life from him. Shooting them will make them go away, but it's only a temporary solution, as they will soon reappear.

ZEALOT: This guy belongs to the highest order of Nazi fanatics. He is totally fearless, and will battle to the death to avenge Sarron's destruction. Not only does he carry a devestating riot gun, but he wears body armor that makes him hard to destroy. The good news is that if you manage to defeat him, his key is yours.

STONE GARGOYLE: If you thought gargoyles were a pain, these creatures will help reaffirm that belief. Not only are they faster and more agressive than standard gargoyles, but they are unbelieveably durable, and will light up your world with powerful energy blasts. They can't resist growling a warning at you before they start tearing you apart, so at least you can hear them coming. Luckily, they are far less common than other forms of gargoyle.

STALKER: It's hard to find enough bad things to say about the stalker. They attack silently, and move in at high speed for the kill. It will take a fair amount of punishment to destroy them, which is easier said than done once they begin their relentless assault. Not as powerful as some enemies, but you won't want to mess with them. Once you meet one, don't lose track of it, or you might not live to regret it.

WEREBEAST: The werebeast is the worst of an already bad lot. Said to be human followers of Sarron, given the power to transform, nobody has ever survived a werebeast long enough to confirm this. They are extremely powerful, and can level you with devestating blasts of fire spewed from their jaws. Unfortunately, they carry keys you will need to progress, meaning you can't just avoid them.

"DEATH": Sarron's chief lieutenant, Death is determined to destroy BJ, in order to harness the power of Sarron he absorbed, enabling him to open the gate back to Sarron's dimension. Death can take on many forms, but you are sure to recognize him when you confront him. Beware of the powerful bolts of energy he fires at you. Only by defeating Death can BJ end the nightmare of Stonehenge and put the followers of Sarron to rest once and for all.

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