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Basic Enemies

GREMLIN: These nasty "little" critters are the guard dogs of "IT"'s dimension. Of course, once the dimensional gate between our worlds was securly opened, they became free to roam about at will. They can only attack from close range, but that shouldn't provide too much comfort. The weakest of all enemies you'll encounter.

SOLDIER ZOMBIE: When earth's special forces went to war against "IT", a lot of good men fell. That would have been bad enough by itself, but when "IT" took control of the bodies and brought them back to life for his own army, things just got worse. A couple shots will end their misery. They can be deadly in groups, so watch out.

ELITE ZOMBIE: Similar to the soldier zombie, but these guys were a lot tougher when they were alive, and this remains true of their living corpses. They also carry shotguns that can pack a mean blast, so whatever you do, take these guys seriously. You gain the twin pistols from them (you don't need their shotgun).

VIOLATOR: These creatures are the primary servants of "IT". Their sole purpose appears to be attacking and destroying all living creatures, allowing them to join the undead army of "IT". They are pretty fast, and belch fiery breath at you from a distance. Don't stay in one place too long. You'll be awarded bullets for killing them.

SLUDGE LORD: These strange beings come from the dimension of "IT". Their bodies are composed of mud-like sludge, and they are fairly durable. They can attack from long range with their fungal spore attack. You can't see it coming, so when they raise their hands, move! They give up ammo when killed.

BEYONDER: What's worse than a really annoying monster that won't leave you alone? How about one that can't be killed? The beyonders inhabit the dimension of "IT", causing pain and suffering to any intruders. They vanish when you shoot them, but they'll be back before you know it as good as new! Don't waste too many bullets on them, because they don't give you any in return.

Boss Enemies

CYBER HULK: These bio-organic other dimensional creatures are durable and ill tempered. They can be found guarding key areas of the "IT" occupation, and won't give up their posts without a good fight. They carry access keys, so keep this in mind if you find a locked door and can't seem to find a key lying around. If you don't have to, though, avoid fighting these brutes. They attack with an Assault Cannon, but you can't take it from them when they die.

ALIEN HULK: These creatures are the elite of the other dimensional army. Their organic armor makes them durable and hard to kill, and their arm cannons are capable of simultaneously firing deadly pulse beams and rockets. The only good thing about them is that they are fairly rare...most of the time. You'll get a key when you defeat them, which may or may not always be useful to you.

REMNANT: This skinny freak may look like an old, overly rotten corpse, but that actually works to his advantage, since it's hard to kill something that's already this dead. It has one mission alone, and that's to attack it's foes until either it or they are destroyed. It wears some pretty hefty armor, and has twin missile launchers on it's shoulders, so don't mess around. Luckily for you, this "model" of warrior hasn't been created in large quantities by "IT", so you won't encounter them that often.

DR CHAOSS: It takes a real psycho to sell out not only his country, but the entire human race as we know it! It was Dr. Chaoss who opened the portal that allowed "IT" into our dimension, and he hopes to one day be the most powerful (possibly only) human on the planet. He's completely insane, the result of too many lab accidents. He carries a razor so he can have some fun when he kills you, and he's not afraid to use the chaingun he carries either, so don't bother reasoning with him. The only language he'll respond to is the whizzing sound of bullets being swapped!

"IT": Oh, the horror! It came from another dimension through a portal openned by Dr. Chaos, and has since taken over civilization as we know it. The most intelligent being in the galaxy, "IT" can crush it's enemies with a mere thought. With the armies of mandkind killed and turned into zombies the world teeters on the brink of being totally enslaved by it. Only a last valiant effort by John J. Schwarz, the last remaining skilled soldier, can confound "IT"'s plans for domination, and free the innocent people of the world from "IT"'s sick, twisted mind control. Good luck!!

Other Hazards

ELECTRO BOLT: The creation of the portal into another dimension has caused some malfunction in the electrical systems of the underground government tunnels. As a result, wild bolts of energy that stretch from floor to ceiling have appeared in many areas. Don't try to pass through them, because you'll get fried when you touch them. Your best bet is to just keep your distance.

GENERATOR: The government isn't entirely concerned about safety in their own facilities, and these generators are a good example. Dangerous enough to begin with, they have become downright deadly due to a malfunction caused by the opening of the portal to the "IT" dimension. Anyone who gets too close to them now is in for a shocking experience, possibly the last of their life.

ROOT OF EVIL: Not all of the beings from the "IT" dimension walk on two legs...or can be killed. Spawned from another world, these bizare plant-like beings have taken root in our world, and feed off the blood of anyone foolish enough to get too close. As mentioned before, they can't be killed, so don't mess with them. A close brush with one will teach you a lesson you won't soon forget.