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Basic Enemies

AXE ZOMBIES: When Sarron sucks the life energy from a human, what's left behind is a mindless, decaying zombie. The Nazis keep them around to discourage intruders. Very fast, but pretty weak. One hit will take down these rotting menaces. Beware of running into groups of them though. They don't drop ammo. They are surprisingly fast for animated corpses.

NAZI FANATIC: Just like the Nazis of old, only these guys have traded in their uniforms for hooded cloaks. Since the death of Hitler, they now follow their new leader, Draven, in his efforts to enslave humanity with the power of Sarron. No more of a threat than they ever were. Just make sure you shoot them before they shoot you. They'll leave ammo behind if you do.

FAT ZOMBIE: Like their axe wielding cousins, these monsters are former humans, drained of their life force by Sarron. These tubs of lard can attack from a distance, and can take quite a beating before they'll go down. Beware...they are much faster than they look! They drop ammo and weapons though, so make sure you get them.

HOUNDS OF HADES: Hound-like creatures from another dimension, these nasty creatures attack by spitting flame, and move very quickly in a zig-zag pattern. They serve as guard "dogs" for the catacombs of Stonehenge, and are always hungry and deadly. You'll want to take them out as quickly as possible. You'll be awarded bullets for killing them.

GARGOYLE: Kind of like a winged ape with nasty fangs and sharp claws. These creatures are another inhabitant of the dimension Sarron rules. If you get close enough to get a good look at a gargoyle, chances are it's the last thing you'll see! These suckers will make mincemeat of you if you get too close, and can attack from a distance as well. Fairly tough, so keep shooting. They give up ammo when killed.

REAPER: Phantoms from Sarron's dimension, these beings help him harvest the life force of the victims of Stonehenge. There's no reason to fear the reaper if you're quick on the draw. A couple shots will get rid of em' for the time being. Watch out, though, because they come back again before too long, and can sneak up on you! Don't waste too many bullets on them, because they don't give you any in return.

Boss Enemies

WEBSTOR: Arachnaphobia, anyone? A huge, disgusting spider devil, Webstor rules the upper levels of the catacombs of Stonehenge. You'll come across his victims cocooned in web and hanging from the ceilings. He flings explosive projectiles at you, and if that weren't bad enough, he can also fire rays from his multiple eyes that can damage you from afar. Just be thankful he's not too tough. is said he has relatives that inhabit the lower reaches of the catacombs...

DEATH BREATH: Death Breath is a gruesome monster that guards the middle levels of the catacombs of Stonehenge. This large, toothy monster practices such horrible dental hygiene that it's rancid, sulpherous breath can literally kill you. You can't see the breath attack, but when this ghoul stops walking and opens it's maw, you'd better run! If Death Breath manages to catch up to one of his victimes, it's all over. Unfortunately, he's incredibly fast. Your worst nightmare is to get stuck at a dead end with Death Breath right behind you. Be very afraid...

CERBERUS: Sarron's favorite pet, Cerberus is a huge, nasty, two headed mutt that wants to turn you into puppy chow...roasted puppy chow, that is. The worst kind of enemy, Cerberus is powerful, fearless, and nearly invulnerable to attacks. He has two kinds of long range you can see coming, the other you can't. Both should be avoided at all costs, especially the huge balls of fire he spits at you. Probably the toughest enemy you'll face...and possibly the last, if you're not careful!

DRAVEN: One of Hitler's former advisors on the supernatural, Draven is, himself, unnaturally evil. He posesses abnormal strength and stamina, as well as a penchant for destroying anyone who gets in his way. No one knows where Draven came from, or his origins before working for the Fuhrer, as they are shrouded in mystery. He is working feverishly to help the being known as Sarron enter our dimension in the hopes of furthering his own powers to enslave humanity. Surprisingly, he's not the toughest enemy you'll encounter. Don't underestimate him, though. He packs a pair of chainguns, and he's eager to swap lead with anyone foolish enough to interfere with his plans. Stick to your guns, though, and you'll send him packing...

SARRON: No man has ever witnessed the sight of Sarron and lived, except for the half-mad, evil gunslinger, Draven. A powerful being that rules a dimension just outside of our own, Sarron wishes to occupy and destroy our dimension, but he cannot do so unless he can manifest himself in physical form. He sucks the life-force from the innocent victims Draven and the Nazis bring to him, slowly building a physical form for himself, and leaving them as undead zombies. Once fully formed, he will be unstoppable. Currently, Sarron's only link to our dimension is an "ancient sword of evil", which forms a portal between the two realms. Only a valiant strike against him in his incomplete form will prevail. Good luck, BJ.

Other Hazards

FLOOR SPIKE: Watch your step! These rusty spikes were placed in the catacombs of Stonehenge to discourage intruders from running about freely. Touch them, and your health will be sapped. Move with caution around these.

PENDULUM: These large, rusty blades hang from the ceilings in various areas. If you should be foolish enough to run into one, you will be injured, and hopefully you will learn not to do it again. That is, assuming you get a second chance...

SPIKED PILLAR: These wooden pillars are much like other types of pillar you might be familiar with, only they have the added feature of nasty spikes sticking out of them. Nothing says "keep out" like an area blocked with these suckers. They hurt you, obviously, so keep your distance.