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To the following, I owe the success of the "Halls of Stonehenge" project thus far:

- Wolf3D, and the folks at ID who brought us the original Wolf3D engine.
- FloEdit, and it's creator, Flo.
- The folks at Monolith Productions who brought us the original "Blood", and the "Artedit" program.
- MSPaint, which I use for just about everything.
- My original coder, who wishes to remain anonymous.
- My new coder, who took over the coding job when my original coder became swamped with previous commitments. Also, my anonymous hacker, who helped make some last minute, but very significant, changes.
- ack, for designing some awesome levels, without which, there would be no HOS. Also, Raistlin, for his two contributions.
- Diet Dr. Pepper and Folgers coffee, for keeping me awake during long editing sessions.
- All the Wolf3D fans who make projects like this worth doing, and the gang at the Diehard Wolfers forum for their helpful input and criticism.
- countless horror movies and first person shooters that have warped my mind enough to motivate me to start this project in the first place.