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Revenge of Poopdeck Willie

Welcome to theofficial site four the projects "Revenge of Poopdeck Willie", one of the greatness games or our time! It's a mod not rally a game, but it is still kind of like a game in that the materials many of them are original.

What is "Poopdeck Willie?"

Well, it's an addon (or conversion, if you prefer that) of the original "Wolfenstein". It's got almost many all new enemies, weapons, and sounds, and a completely storyline. All the non-codings work is being done by Elmer Fudd.

The "Poopdeck" Story

Here is the story thus far...

Oh, yeah, sure Hitler is dead, but that's nothing. Poopdeck Willie is now making mayhem and his attempts are very close for taking over the world. You never know what he will do. But if you kill him then that is the end of it!! Of course you play BJ witch is good because only BJ can do it!! Now there are many missions and many of the horrible enemies you have know so well like the SS and the brown Guard and the dog but don't let that make you afraid! You have guns and now how to use them! Get Pooped!!

The Enemies

You're probably wondering what they are, well this is them: dog, guard, ss, mutants, clones and many bosses but I don't want to give away too much of it. See the rest yourselfs!

The Weapons

There are four different weapons in Poopdeck Willie. Use them wisley. Thety are pretty easy to use: get ammo, aim, and shoot the bastards!

Mission Briefings

Mission 1 - Get Poopdeck Willie

Mission 2 - Kill Doctor Evel

Mission 3 - Destroy Hitler Again

Have fun!!


Revenge of Poopdeck Willie