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Welcome to Dumscheissekopf's Project Page!

Welcome to the "informal" official site for projects by Dumscheissekopf! This site has been put together by Majik Monkee, but the project leader, Dumscheissekopf, deserves credit for the concept and creative development of these games. This is a single page site detailing the basics of "Operation: Hundscheisse" , the "Operation: Mutant Strike" series, and "medEvil". Everything you need to know about the games can be found here

What is "Operation: Hundscheisse?"

Well, it's an add on (or conversion, if you prefer) of the original "Spear of Destiny". It's got almost all new enemies, weapons, and sounds, and a completely new storyline. When finished, it will feature about 5 levels, and some minor coding changes (most likely using an old version of the "Halls of Stonehenge" exe). All the non-coding work is being done by Dumscheissekopf and myself, Majik Monkee.

The "Hundscheisse" Story

Here is the story thus far...

During the height of the Third Reich's power, the ranks of the Nazis produced many skilled and respected military figures. One such officer, Fett Schwanz was not one of these.

Frequently unshaven and usually sporting a badly wrinkled excuse for the German military officer's fatigues, Schwanz was dedicated to the Nazi cause, and a strong supporter of Hitler's plans to incorporate the supernatural into his offense. However, Schwanz was widely disliked by all other officers of the Nazi party, and given his strong belief that the war would be won by biologicaly enhanced soldiers supernatural monsters, was regarded as a crackpot. Being that he was a dedicated member of the Nazi's, his fellow officers decided they couldn't outright get rid of him, and instead, had him relocated from the heart of the Nazi occupation in the fatherland to an obscure castle on the remote German countryside, where he was assigned to guard it for "top secret" purposes. There, Schwanz busily worked day by day, peforming research and experiments in an attempt to develop a plan for a "super army" that he could one day present to the Fuhrer. Little did he know that he was being made the fool, wasting away in the castle while the pivotal battles of WWII were being fought far, far away from where he was.

The final insult came when the war ended for Germany, and Schwanz was not notified. There he remained in his castle, growing crazier by the day, convinced that one day he would have his chance to prove himself to Hitler, and take the world by storm. It wasn't until years after when a curious tourist stopped by castle Schwanz that Fett learned the embarassing news: He'd been sitting around uselessly in his stuffy castle with his men while the Third Reich crumbled and Hitler met his demise at the hands of BJ Blazkowicz. Fett's only chance to prove himself to the Fuhrer had slipped away, and he was left with nothing.

...well...almost nothing...

It was not difficult for Fett Schwanz to learn the identity of the man who had destroyed Hitler, BJ Blazkowicz. It was not only widely known news, but extremely old news as well. BJ, now in his 70's, was a retired farmer living in the remote country in his homeland of the USA. Schwanz wasted no time tracking down his exact location on a plantation in Mississippi, and developed a plan that would allow him his revenge on not only BJ, but the world as well.

Even though, for the most part, castle Schwanz held nothing of real importance, there was one item that played a role in the plans of Schwanz. After BJ captured the Spear of Destiny, a small container with some strange remains was sent to castle Schwanz for safekeeping. Somehow, remains of the Angel of Death had been recovered and entrusted to Schwanz, and these he took with him when he left castle Schwanz.

Many years after the war, at the abandoned Deedend Penitentiary in Mississippi, not far from the farm of BJ Blazkowicz, a sinister plot was unfolding. Years after the height of World War II, under the cover of darkness, Schwanz had finally built his army. Aside from a shabby lot of "troops" composed of post-war Nazi activists, Schwanz had several other cards up his sleeve. His pride and joy were his hounds, German attack dogs, genetically and surgically modified to stand upright like men, handle weapons, and attack with deadly accuracy. With their naturally heightened senses and thirst for blood, Schwanz planned to launch an attack on the countryside, dubbed "Operation: HundScheisse". Also roaming the halls of Deedend were "death angels", deadly but less powerful clones of the Angel of Death, "Rippers", mutant abominations composed of reptile, human, and mammal DNA, and a host of other loyal and unpleasant dedicated minions. Rumor had it that Schwanz himself, who had apparantly barely aged since the height of the war, had tapped into either supernatural or scientific powers of near immortality for himself. He had considered everything...except for the strength and determination of BJ Blazkowicz, even as an old geezer.

It was on a starry night while BJ was out tending his herds of animals that he heard a strange noise in some nearby shrubbery. Having long ago shunned the violent weapons of war, BJ carried only a high power slingshot he used to fend off wild animals who threatened his livestock. BJ heard a low growl from where the intruder was apparantly located, followed by a strange and ominous clicking sound. Wasting no time, BJ loaded a shot into his slingshot, and let it rip through the shrub. Moments later, something that looked like a cross between a dog and a man fell out of the bushes with a neat hole in it's forhead. BJ was stunned, but kept his cool. Something strange was going on.

Moments later, a commotion arose, and his farmhouse burst into flames amid a sudden hail of gunfire. Man-dogs had surrounded his home and launched a brutal attack, unaware that BJ was not inside. Fearing for his life, BJ ran away as fast as he could without breaking a hip, fleeing his beloved ranch and everything he'd worked so hard for. All that mattered now was that he not lose his life as well.

Several minutes later, after what seemed like an eternity, BJ noticed lights in the distance. At first he thought it was a house, but then he realized it wasn't a house at was the abandoned Deeden Penitentiary. Who would be inside an abandoned prison in the middle of the night? With no other immediate options for safety, BJ slipped through the tattered gate, and searched the perimeter of the prison. He found what he was looking for shortly after: an unguarded entrance.

Quietly, BJ slipped into the "deserted" prison. It didn't take long for him to realize that it was, in fact, quite occupied. Voices of Germans speaking butchered American could be heard coming from halls not far away. BJ noticed a peculiar So this is where the dog soldiers had come from. BJ felt a burning anger. They had taken everything away from him, and at his age, he had no hope of getting it back. After all, he'd never believed in insurance much, and his social security wasn't going to cover his losses. Clutching his slingshot and his bag of small but deadly shot, BJ gritted his teeth and strode down Deedends halls. He'd take it out of their hides. He'd teach these new dog soldiers an old to play dead...

The Enemies

You're probably wondering what you're up against in "Operation: Hundscheisse". Well, wonder no more! Below, you will find brief descriptions of each enemy type you will meet in OHS. Oh, yeah...there are ordinary dogs in this game too, but we've all seen those, right? Trust me...they're there. There is a secret final boss as well, but you don't get to see it here. You'll just have to play it!

The Weapons

There are four different weapons in OHS, pictured below. BJ has retired from using guns, and now uses a high power slingshot instead. The weapon upgrades are different types of slingshot that he rigs up, using parts from fallen enemies weapons (in other words, you take their gun, but get a better slingshot instead). If you run out of ammo, you're probably toast, but you can have fun getting wasted while you fight back with BJ's trusty pitchfork (a left over from his adventure in Stonehenge?? You never know!).

PITCHFORK: Yep...BJ carries a pitchfork for when he runs out of ammo instead of a knife. Not a bad tool when you consider that without it you'd be toast, but you might still want to find yourself some ammo.

SLINGSHOT: This is BJ's sidearm of choice since he became a senior citizen. Less noisy and likely to go off in your pocket than a pistol, but still deadly in the right hands. You'll find yourself using it quite often in the beginning of the adventure.

RAPID SLINGSHOT: This is an improvement on the standard slingshot BJ begins with. It is capable of flinging several shots per second, and is a must for when you start taking on more than one enemy at a time. BJ upgrades to this when he captures a machine gun from an enemy.

MEGA SLINGSHOT: This is the best weapon BJ can get in "Operation: Hundscheisse". The shot will fly fast and furious when BJ starts cranking this baby. It also uses up your ammo like there's no tomorrow, though, so use it sparingly.

Mission Briefings

Mission 1 - Eliminate Hans Scheissekopf

BJ enters Deedend Penitentiary through the basement level, which opens to the outside in a forgotten overgrown area. His mission is to take out the guards of the lower level, and find it's guardian, Hans Scheissekopf. Hans will most likely be in a bad mood when encountered. You would be to if you were kept in a basement, with a room the size of a closet as your "lair". Defeating Hans will allow BJ access to the elevator, and the upper levels of the prison. Look out for dog troopers that will be hunting BJ after his confrontation with Hans.

Mission 2 - Terminate the Mini Mutant brothers

This floor doubles as the lowest prison level, as well as a loading dock for incoming supplies. Fett Schwanz is smuggling stolen US Army weaponry and equipment into his facility, and some of it can be found here, though most is in the upper level storage. You will find the remains of many of Scwhanz's enemies, either imprisoned or scattered about on this floor. The Mini-Mutant brothers guard this floor, waiting to silenty ambush any intruders foolish enough to visit the floor. Eliminate them, and move on to the next area. Beware...they are not the only freaks BJ will encounter on this floor.

Mission 3 - Destroy Esel Gross

The third floor BJ will discover used to be another prison level, but most of the cells are empty or used to store stolen weapons and goods. Most of Schwanz's stash of US equipment is located here, not that it will help BJ any. BJ must keep an eye out for a growing number of nasty creatures on this floor, as well as the usual dog troopers and standard guards. The real threat will come in the form of Esel Gross, the "commander" of the hound troopers, and top dog around these parts. If BJ can open enough "whoopass" on esel, it's on to the final floor...the private quarters of Fett Schwanz himself!

Mission 4 - Die, Schwanz, Die!!

Yes, you read that right...Fett Schwanz lurks somewhere on this floor. Of all the areas in the prison, this is by far the nicest BJ will come across (which isn't saying very much). Once BJ destroys Schwanz, the heart of Operation: Hundscheisse will be shut down, but it's not time to rest yet...heck will surely break loose as BJ tries to escape with his life to the final elevator. But wait...that was the final floor, right?

Mission 5 - The Laboratory

BJ finds something he wasn't expecting...a lab area, accessible only from the elevator in Schwanz's quarters. It is from within this lab that the freakish minions serving Scwhanz are born, and there are sure to be plenty of them still wandering around! BJ lays waste to the creeps guarding the lab, to ensure the minions of Schwanz are stamped out. There doesn't seem to be anymore elevators, but wait a second...who put those remains of Fett Schwanz on the floor? Better grab them and get rid of them before someone tries some crazy reanimation stunt...

"Operation: Mutant Strike" and "Mutant Strike 2"

Mutant Strike is the second project put together by Dumscheissekopf (with some help from a lot of creative people). It breaks away from the traditional Wolfenstein formula a little bit, but still follows the original story. It is a "follow up" to "Operation: Letzterschutz" by Majik Monkee. You play as special agent Jill Hunter on a mission to investigate some hideous mutants and stop a new Nazi threat. Here are some of the features:

- Ten new levels
- New weapons, enemies, and graphics
- Text files to assist story progression between levels
- New music on some levels
- A bunch of other cool features!

Here are some screenshots to wet your appetite. The good news is that the game is already finished (unlike Hundscheisse when this site was first started). A link to download is down below with the Hundscheisse links. I won't say much more here, because the manual enclosed with the game covers the details. Enjoy!

Mutant Strike 2 has been released now as well. It continues the story of OMS1, and brings the saga to it's conclusion. It has the same cool features the first OMS had, along with a boatload of others. Details about the story and what's new in the game can be found in the extensive manual that comes in the zip. Here are some pics from the project if you need more convincing to download it (the link can be found at the bottom of the page). Enjoy!


We've completed a new project that's completely different from any of the mods we've done to date. It's called "medEvil", and it's a fantasy type mod that's sort of a cross between Castlevania and Hexen. You embark on a quest through a monster ridden castle to destroy an evil vampire and his army of darkness. The game has a greater focus on melee combat than previous projects, though it still features a full range of magical shooting weapons as well. The game features ten levels, and coding changes similar to OMS2 (as well as some others). Below are some screenshots from the project while it was in the works, and there is a download link for the full version at the bottom of the page. Happy vampire slaying!

That's all you'll get about these games without playing them yourself! We hope you enjoy playing these mods as much as we did making them, and thanks for visiting!

If you'd like to give feedback to this page or email us your comments, email either Dumscheissekopf at or Majik Monkee at We'd love to hear from you!

OHS - 1 level demo version
OHS - Chapter 1 full version
OMS - Full version
OMS2 - Full version
medEvil - Full version