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(Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator)


Thanks for looking.

There are too many other pages that do a better job of documenting the work that goes into making one of these.  The best place to start is the BYOAC page.  


I recently sold my MAME machine, however, it was a modified arcade machine that was capable of playing over 1200 arcade games via MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulation) and ARCADEOS. It also is configured to play GAMEBOY games. I loaded SUPERNINTENDO games, but I never finished configuring the controls.

This was originally a Mortal Kombat / JAMMA cabinet that got in trade from a vendor.

  It has a 25 inch monitor which is in PRISTINE condition. We used it as a Mortal Kombat 1 machine for a while, then put in Mortal Kombat 3. I had built a MAME cabinet before and realized that this was the ultimate platform for building a second MAME cabinet. The machine is configured for either Jamma board operation or MAME use with ARCADEOS. I configured a JAMMA fingerboard (as per the PC2Jamma page ). This system is using ARCADEOS as a front end.  Since I built mine, Andy Warne has significantly improved his product offerings.  Look for his link at BYOAC.

Computer Specifications are as follows:

-PIII 500 with 128 meg of RAM...enough to play NEO-GEO games

-ATI RAGE II 8 MEG video card...The ATI are the best for ARCADEOS use

-6.1 Gig hard drive

-SB16 legacy.  The soundblaster makes configuration much easier

-Mini tower .

I did not make many changes to this cabinet itself. For speakers I mounted a set of computer style speakers  inside of the cabinet instead of tapping into the Jamma cabinet speaker. This provides much better fidelity and remains true.  I did add an escape button to the front and a power button to the back (connected to the atx power on on the motherboard).  I also used a 

This cabinet has an extremely convenient pull out controls area. Once the latches are undone from the inside the controls fold forward and to reveal the wiring of the cabinet and the tray pulls out. I connected joystick/button inputs from the cabinet via a fingerboard to a I-PAC encoder. In the pictures below you can see the fingerboard connected on the left and the encoder mounted on the right.

For video, I fabricated a pc2jamma video connection which is hooked up to the fingerboard on one end and a sub-d connector on the other. This connector hooks directly to the video card on your computer. I prefer the ATI rage series cards, check the pc2jamma page for compatibility.

To control turning the monitor on and off I use a xcom switch activated via the parallel port of the computer. You can see the inside of the cabinet from the back in the third picture. There is a small shelf for the speakers and the power supply. The coin mechs are present, however, they will need work if this were to be put in a location to make money. In the MAME configuration they have a microswitch attatched to each so pushing in the coin return activates credits.

Here are a couple of pictures of the machine.










 I can tell you that my kids and I really enjoyed this machine and certainly miss it.  We moved into a much smaller area so it had to go.  I do have a pristine "Omega Race" cocktail table top glass, my next project is going to be a scratch-built cocktail machine.  Don't tell my wife!

Feel Free to email me if you have any questions.