Rein designed the limiters to have a greater than 20db headroom on the i/p. The 670 units were in part developed for record cutting with a Lateral and Vertical switch. He left Fairchild and the 670 was discontinued shortly after. Rein worked at Rangertone and later moved to the Ampex Service company, later he worked at General Instrument for the next 20 years.

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Recently Rein Narma and Les Paul were reintroduced at the 2007 TEC awards where he accepted an award for inventing this highly regarded compressor. The Fairchild 670 which originally sold for $1,500 is often referred to as the "Holy Grail" of outboard devices for its rarity value (currently about $32,000 on the used market) and usefulness in a wide variety of studio situations. This hand-wired stereo unit is a monster, with 20 vacuum tubes, 11 transformers, including 2 Inductors and another 2 transformers tucked within its 65-pound chassis. All of the wiring in this 1963 working model is hand wired. The unit was re-built, replacing the control i/p, control o/p transformers, capacitors in the power supply section and all of the interstage wiring connected to the matrix switch. The coupling capacitors at the gain reduction stage have also been replaced as have capacitors in the o/p stage including a tube socket.