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Alrighty!! Well I figured that there should be some date record thingy to keep track of the sites growth!! >>>>>>>> 7/23/2004 WAhoo!! I colored The Kiss O Fanart! So go check it out! Dude I have becomed addicted to the Paradigm-City forums! Dude! Go check it out! Theres lots of fun stuff there! ^_~" Oh and I posted up the newer background for the site and two other sketches I had! ^_^" >>>>>>>> 7/20/2004 GOD,, damn job but hey it pays for me to have the internet and stuff anywho... sorry again... alot of garbage *not to be confussed with the band ^-~* has been going on stuff oh yeah fun stuff at camp. Anyways well I am here and have posted up a few more new "Found Fan Arts" So go check them out, they can be found at the Found / Gift Art. I have anotehr idea for expansion of the site, I mgiht be able to pull off a interview.. Hhehe! ^_^ More soon! Feel free to email me of talk whatever!! Much thanks to Pennington again for being so supportive!! ^-~" Oh yes decdied to change the background so that it might actually be read.... >>>>>>>> 7/13/2004 Ahh.. again the delays are evil!! I am so osrry.. this time it was the scanner!! I tried for like 2 days.. then blahh... but its up another fanart again sorry.... >>>>>>>> 7/9/2004 So sorry guys god work has been such an @$$ lately and grr.. but luckily Pennington has saved me once again!! She mailed me another found fan art this time of Dorothy!! Aww!! So cute so I posted that up in the found fan art section. Check it out! I plan to post more but not only work has been a problem, sadly I have been sick lately and completely out of it.. sorry! I'll be here soon! >>>>>>>> 7/5/2004 A BRAND NEW BACK GROUND FOR THE SITE!! I hope its eaiser to read now! ^-~" Made by me! >>>>>>>> 7/4/2004 Wahaoa!1 Happy 4 th of July!! YEAH!! I put some new fan arts!! make sure to checkl out "Buh-Bye PINK-NESS" i am sure you'll laugh!! Whaah!! ^_^"" >>>>>>>> 7/3/04 Whaah1!! I have now made a official logo for my web site!! YESSS!! Whaahoooooo!! yeah that took like 3 hrs to make... and I am still working on some more 4th of July fanarts. I have posted *TONS*more on the found / gifts page too. I plan to work more on the site soon! ^_^: >>>>>>>> 7/2/2004 Its been a little while sorry I was bust with working at camp, alrighty heres the low down I got a letter *snail mail letter from Pennington* And in it was a hot @$$ sexy pic of Rodger and well she has once again inspired me to post that on my site so much too, any ways I have a created a FOUND / GIFT ART section on the site with the first pic with much thanks to Pennington!! I LOVE YOU!! *HUG* More soon! ~Expect some fan art for the 4th of July!!~ >>>>>>>> 6/27/2004 11:30 am GOD!Wow! Another Photo Art up date! Whaha! 2 more just added! I got run! Campers are coming in and well I got to do orientation! Maybe more later tongiht! >>>>>>>> 6/27/2004 10:00 am Well after the updated exciment with the 'photo arts' gosh poor Pennington!! Whaah! I had to cal her and tell her what I did I was just too excited to type it on im, thanks for putting up with me! ^_^"" I decided to let the cat out of the bag, MERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOWWWWWW!!! *cat runs away* Alright I have made a MEET BETH MCBETH page! thats right! You can read a bit about me and see some other random pics! There ya go, you can get to know me just a wee bit! ^_^"" Enjoy!! >>>>>>>> 6/26/2004 Alrighty! Had way too much time on my hands and well I got a hold of some photo shop, and well I created three 'photo arts' much thanks to Pennington for taking those three pics of me! And well yeah Rodger just poped in there some how!! Much thanks again Pennington!! ^_^"" *HUG* >>>>>>>> 6/24/2004 Added the Go-Gaia Link its my life besides this site, its a awsome ANIME RP game I am posing as Dorothy so if anyone gets a accout there tell them that BethMcBeth (me} Sent ya!! ^_^"" More soon! >>>>>>>> 6/23/2004 **ADDED THE GUEST BOOK!!!** More basic clean up more ideas for future fanart! ^_^" MORE 2 B POSTED SOON!!! ^_^"" >>>>>>>> 6/22/2004 More Up Dates and clean ups! (Created this Page!) >>>>>>>> 6/21/2004 My 18 th B-DAY!!! Wahohaho!!! I made some B-Day fanart for myself!! ^_^"" >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> 6/4/2004 Basic clean up of site >>>>>>>> ~~~~I'll add in this part later~~~ 6/3/2004 Put Fanart up >>>>>>>> 6/2/2004 Got a account here at Angelfire and laid out the basic plan for the site >>>>>>>> 6/1/2004 Actually made plans to start a Big O Site!