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All Things Hidden
A Post-Nuclear RPG


At this moment...
At this moment this page is crap :)  As time goes on and things progress, this page will take a more professional look.
  As a basic update I have uploaded 2 (one more added 6-15-08) of the games music files as MP3's.  These are created by me.

Get the music demo 1 track from the game. (Tell Me Why)
Get the music demo 2 track from the game. (Dark Cave)
Get the music demo 3 track from the game. (Slow Doom)

  I think they add a lot of mood to the game, and help one feel the ambiance of the game even with its dated graphics.  This music is able to be played in the ACK engine due to the hard work of Chris H to add support for the RAW sound file format.  The quality in-game is a bit lower than these MP3's but I feel the ambiance is intact.-


In the beginning...
  This is a WIP (Work In Progress) site for a Post-Apocalyptic game I am crating using the game-design system ACK (Adventure Creation Kit).  At this point there is quite a bit of work done on it but many details are still being fleshed out.  As development progresses there will be updates both here and on the Jolt forum ( .

Here are some basic screenshots - things are not in their intended places, but are thrown out there just to test them.

Screen 1