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Coruscant Droids

Lots of astros on Coruscant. They say that millions of astromech droids were made, and in a galaxy the size of the Star Wars one, why shouldn't we believe it? There is probably a droid out there somewhere of every possible color combination. How cool is that?


This is a pretty cool little R2. You have to like the interesting counter-painting of the top half of her torso.

In the image above you can see the finished shot from the film of the set that these droids were filmed on. It is the street right outside the Outlander club. On the left I circled the droid that is either the red R2 unit above, or bright yellowish green marked R3-T7, below. What is probably R5-C7 can also be seen passing in the background, but it is hidden by the crowd and I haven't been able to get a clear image. But if you watch the scene carefully you can just glimpse an astromech rolling from right to left. On the right I have circled a headless astromech. A close up is to the right.

R3-T7 & R5-C7

The droid in the forground is trusty R3-T7, and the R5 is R5-C7. The studio reference still of R3-T7 above is from the 2012 book "The Secret Life of Droids," and was discovered and sent in by Daniel F. What's neat about it is that it shows that R3-T7's dome has yellow markings which are different from the more chartreuse body markings, and is the same as the dome on the unnamed R3 droid pictured below that uses R5-D4's body. Cool! Talk about great Build-A-Droid potential!


R5-C7 is pictured in the above two images, as well as the one with R3-T7, above. What is odd is that while the markings on the body seem to be the same on them all, the domes have distinct differences, with the top one being mostly if not all silver, and the other two having different patterns, one with a silver stripe, and one without. This could be due to lighting differences and the reflectivity of the paint, but unless some better quality on-set pics show up, we really can't be sure.

Orange R4 unit and Yellow trimmed R3 unit seen outside Dexter's Diner

Here's a closeup of the yellow R3 unit from the photo above. Notice that its body is that of R5-D4, and its dome is that of R3-T7. UPDATE! The behind-the-scenes image directly above was sent in by our old friend Rick from Spain, who runs The Astromech Collection on Facebook!

Super close-up of dome details:

Here's a close up of the orange R4 unit seen in the Dexter Diner photo, R4-T8(top), along with an image of R4-A22(bottom). Notice that though similar, they are indeed different droids. The bottom one, R4-A22, was produced in the Entertainment Earth exclusive droid pack (well worth picking up), and has mostly orange torso panel markings. The top droid is R4-T8 and has blue & silver markings on the top horizontal ports and other torso panels, legs, and dome, along with larger orange patches on different panels than R4-A22, and has not yet been produced. The blue legs and blue "radiant" markings on the sides of the at the top identify R4-T8 as the droid outside Dexter's Diner.

Above are two hyper-detailed images of the "R4" type droid pictured above.

The first image, as well as the one of the yellow "R3" unit below are pictured on Zazzle, the site where you can order merchandise printed "on demand." There is actually an entire official Star Wars section of the site, where you can not only order products with R2-D2, but also R4-P17, R2-M5, and the two droids pictured above (although sadly misnamed by Lucasfilm as R4-A22 and R3-T7). So go over there and print out a cool astromech T-Shirt or bookbag and have everyone asking where you got such cool stuff!

Visit Zazzle to-day and order your very own astrodroid stamps!


I'm not sure where,exactly, this droid shows up in AOTC. It is often confused with the unnamed R4 unit pictured above, that is seen outside Dexter's Diner in a behind the scenes still, but obviously is a completely different droid.

This next image is a great shot I found at, the site for people who build lifesize astromech unit replicas. It is a behind the scenes shot of Anthony Daniels amongst a group of astromech droids used in the filming of Attack of the Clones. I labeled all the droids I could make out, except for the numerous R2-D2's! Note - I didn't label it, but the body that R4-A22's head is on is that of the red R2 unit pictured at the top of this page. Also the "R3-Y1" dome is really R3-T7's dome, which makes that entire droid probably R3-T7.

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