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Mos Eisley & Jabba's Palace Astrodroids

This intergalactic trading port is a very popular place for astromech droids. Also pictured are those that are owned by Jabba in the original trilogy.


This droid is seen in the street as Luke and Ben arrive in Mos Eisley. Some more shots are below. No action figure. Notice that the top rearmost wedge-shaped panel on the dome with the projector is green colored, as is the small square on the side of the dome.

Check this pic of Kenny Baker eating a sandwich! Also a great shot of the detail on the Power droid that is seen at the Lars farm and briefly in Mos Eisley outside the cantina.

But more importantly, we can *just* see a glimpse of R2-A5's leg in good color resolution, which reveals that only the shoulder "V" marking is in green, while the center leg panel is in the same blue as R2-D2's. Another side view and a rear view are below.

Here's some highly sought after images of the front of R2-A5. Sure, he's missing his dome in one, and you can't make out the colors in it either, but at least you know which of his torso panels were painted, and the other is a pretty nice look!



In A New Hope when Ben and Luke enter Mos Eisley. An action figure was released in 2009 as part of the popular Hasbro Droid Factory "Build-A-Droid" line.

These images above are great as they show R5-A2's blue back & leg panels, and R2-A5's green back panels. Thanks to jawanana for sending in the great frontal view of R5-A2!

The second image is the reverse angle of the first. What's great about it is that you can see R5-A2 on the right side next to R1-G4, while on the left, you can see R2-A5 without his head(!), and the dome of R3-T2 (who is discussed below) lying on the ground next to the blue & black astromech dome that belongs to the R2 unit featured further down the page.

Check out this cap from an alternate take that had R2-A5 and R5-A2 rolling past the camera at the same time!


This droid can be seen fleetingly as Luke sells his landspeeder to an alien for republic credits to use to pay Han for passage to Alderaan. His very nice figure was released in the Entertainment Earth astromech set.


Above you can see images of R5-D4, perhaps the most well known of astrodroids besides R2-D2. His moment of glory came when, after being selected for purchase by Owen Lars alongside C-3PO, he blew his top, causing Luke to exclaim "Uncle Owen, this R2 unit has a bad motivator." Thus, Owen bought R2-D2 instead, ensuring that the valuable plans tucked inside were delivered to the rebellion, and the galaxy was saved. As to R5-D4's ultimate fate, he was presumably taken by the stormtroopers after they attacked the Jawa's transport looking for the unknown droids that escaped from Princess Leia's star cruiser.


You can just see this R5 unit in the center background of the image above. Another view of the R5 unit is below. In the same image you can also see R3-T2, who is discussed further down.

Some more images of this cool droid. It has a black head, with white top with black wedge markings, white & silver vertical markings on each side of its dome, white & silver "neck," with a black stripe around the base of the head. You can just make out a gray or silver panel on its back. It has black "shoulders," and coloring on the front and back parts of its legs, while the lower sides are silver/gray colored. Its feet are white.

Notice how similar the body and leg markings of this droid are to those of the R2 unit with a blue & black dome below.


You can just see the lower portion of this droid as Luke and Obi-Wan are stopped and question by the Sandtroopers. Pretty plain deco, but that doesn't mean we want him any less! The tiny distance photo shows his leg deco. Note the grey R1 unit just visible in the upper right portion of the image. More photos of this droid are at the bottom of the page.


This guy is visible rolling by C-3PO & R2-D2 while Luke and Obi-Wan are in the cantina. No action figure. Very interesting dome color scheme with black panels (including raised "eye" panel) on a blue dome. Look carefully and you can make out that its pattern is almost the same as R2-D2, but with black for the blue, and blue for the silver. Legs and torso panels are predominantly black. This droid's body and legs may be identical to that of the R5 unit pictured above. In particular, notice the similar grayish back panel and leg colors. The last picture above shows his dome lying loose on the ground next to that of R3-T2, discussed below.


The above image was taken from the Blu Ray DVD by contributor Sean L. Note the R5 droid discussed above in the background.

(Toy photo taken from the excellent photo archive at

Like so many cool astromechs, R3-T2 can be seen wandering the streets of Mos Eisley as Ben & Luke arrive in town. Hasbro made an attempt to produce this character as an action figure in the excellent EntertainmentEarth set of astrodroids, but they got both the color and pattern of the dome wrong. They painted a ugly brown stripe around the dome, instead of painting it in the classic cherry red with white trim look of the real thing. Apparently, neither Hasbro or Lucasfilm could come up with these images. Basic research, people! Hopefully, this site will prevent this tragedy from ever happening again!

Hasbro really needs to redo this figure. The toy itself is an abomination as a R3-T2 replica, as it in no way represents what R3-T2 actually looks like. Though it does work rather nicely as a generic background droid.

Check out this cool image Keith K. found in his ongoing scouring of the internet. At first glance, it just appears to be a basic b&w continuity shot taken of the streets of Mos Eisley. Keith, however, observed that the long vertical panel on the right side (its right, not your right!) of R3-T2 appears to be painted in a dark color! The fact that the shot was taken almost head on, coupled with the fact that the dark area doesn't extend all the way to the dome, indicates that he could very well be right. What do you think?

Here's another really sharp image from the Star Wars Archives.

To see this droid in action along with R5-D4 and R2-D2, click here and check out a great clip of original Star Wars bloopers!

By the way, this dome was reused on Wedge Antilles' X-Wing, the same way R5-D4's dome was reused on Porkin's X-Wing. You can see more images on my Rebel Droids page.


In the biggest droid news this site has seen since it first broke the Wedge Antilles ROTJ astromech riddle back in the early 2000s, site visitor and true astrodroid aficionado Michael M. spotted the unthinkable: A new, unreported, never seen R2 unit rolling through a cut scene in the new Star Wars: A New Hope Blu Ray DVD release!

And boy is it cool!

Check it: sea foam base coat with teal/sea green panels and highlights on the body and legs, coupled with a sea green dome with silver radar "eye" and projectors. The dome possibly has more than one tone of teal, with the panels possible being a darker color than the central portion.

Really, really cool stuff, and I am still pretty amazed that this guy turned up after so long, even though I always hope we'll get something like this everytime I hear the phrase "cut scene." Thanks again, Michael, for being the first to pick out this guy, and thinking of all the rest of us out here by sending it in. If anyone else finds another little lost droid, or gets a better shot or angle of this one, please, send it in to greenalfonzo at!!!! (It also helps to stick the word "droid" or "astromech" in the subject line.)



Here it is, the long sought after frontal view of Jabba's second waiter R2 unit as seen serving on his barge during the climatic battle in Return of the Jedi. As expected, he sports the unique racing stripe running front-to-back over his dome. A huge thanks to Keith K and Ricardo B for sending these in so promptly after it popped up online.

Super-awesome big image thanks to Sean L. & his amazing technicolor Blu-Rays! (needs to be reupped)

You can see the back of this R2 unit on Jabba's sailbarge as it is headed for the Sarlacc pit. No action figure. Very cool looking white/red dome markings in a unique, top to bottom wedge shape pattern. A great opportunity to do a straight repaint of the previously released R2-D2 bartender figure.



Here are three astrodroids you can spot in Jabba's dungeon. Or at least some of their remains. The one in the image on the left is the most complete, and seems to have mostly white body and legs, with greenish-gray markings on a silver dome. The other two seem to be legless, with dislocated heads. No doubt due to getting some drink orders wrong. One of them can be seen to have charcoalish dome markings.


R1-type astromechs were rather large and cumbersome contraptions, originally designed and used at a time when only really big ships like Star Destroyers were capable of hyperdrive. An additional R1 unit is pictured on the next page in Mos Espa.


R1-G4 was first seen as one of the droids the Jawas attempt to sell to Owen Lars. Later, it, or a droid extremely similar in appearance can be seen in the streets of Mos Eisley.


This grey R1 unit can be seen in the streets of Mos Eisley as Obi-Wan and Luke are stopped and questioned by Stormtroopers.

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