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The World of Vinifera

Welcome to the world of Vinifera! It is the setting for some of my writing endeavors and my games. Below you will find links taking you to the rest of the site, with pages containing information such as history, geography, and game rules such as prestige classes and new magical items. Browse through, read some stories, and if you can find anything you want to use in a game or other fantasy material, feel free (just don't make money from it...that would be illegal). Write in the blog, sign the guestbook, send me an email, let me know what you think or if there are any questions I can answer for you. There are also links below that take you to other sites not owned by me that are cool and very useful in their own right. Thanks for coming!


New Races of Vinifera


A Timeline of Klondathera

Notable Personalities

Tales Of Vinifera


The World of Vinifera: Notes and Miscellaneous

The Baronies

Prestige Classes

Artifacts and Magical Items

Organizations and Power Groups

Vinifera's Blog

Downloads: Character Sheets and More

The Viniferan Academy Awards

Links to Cool Stuff

RPG Gateway

AutoRealm Mapping Program

Red Dragon Inn

Hero Machine Portrait Utility

Jacmus Prime

Dungeons and Dragons Tools

Fayde's Deviant Art Page

My Deviant Art Page

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