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Spirit of Ethra

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Main Page
Attention ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Ethra.
Ethra is a free dragon based RP. In Ethra, you can choose from a multitude of dragon species as well as several different elemental alignments for custimization of your character.
there are generally only a few rules to abide by.
Rule number 1. NO GOD-MODE-ING.,
doing so will result in characer delettion.
the panzer dragons( myself and the other moderators) are the most powerful species of their elemental alignment. you may fight them, however, do not expect to win so easily.
2. using techniques of an elemental alignment that have not been bestowed upon the character by a panzer is forbidden. doing so will result in character deletion. these techniques can be bestowed apon the character by performing certain tasks, such as winning so many fights, posting so many times, etc etc.
3.No PK unless both fighters agree apon it. there is a catch however. you must see a holy dragon to have your wounds healed apon a pk( if you were the one killed) or your char' will be considered dead and deleted. this is only to keep people constantly posting. it is nothing personal against the player.
4. you must remain in character at all times, unless you post OCC( Out Of Character), failing to do so will result in a warning. several warning equal deletion.
5. No Bashing, no shit talking, and no sexist, racist, or any of the sort in the regards to remarks.
6. no sexual RP'ing uness it is in a private message, thus untill a private message system is incorperated, follow this as you would the word of GOD.
and 7. the most important rule aside from rule 1, inactivity for more then a month unless a moderator is informed, will result in character deletion. remember, every character takes up space. so you are welcome to join us, as long as you are a committed RP'er, not a god moder or power player. so please enjoy your time in Ethra.

Scincerely: The Panzer of the Energy Alignment, Xero

Posted by dragon3/spirit_of_ethra at 1:54 PM PDT
Updated: Thursday, 14 April 2005 9:23 AM PDT
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