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Chuck's Academy of Martial Arts...Wing Chun Gung Fu (Modified)...Kali/Escrima-Stick/Knife Fighting...Kick Boxing-Thai/American...Bakersfield, Ca...




My Training History Before Guro Ted Lucaylucay

Late 1950's informal training with my uncle by marriage, Moses Pacaldo Sr. and Freddy Rumiticata who was Ted Tabura's uncle in Boxing and Kenpo who were from Hawaii. Late 60's was Ralph Kaalikae Oliver/Kung Fu; I met Escrimador Angel Cabales in 1970 thru my uncle, it seemed like all the aspargus and grape pickers all knew each other. Other instructors not in order are Sifu Gamel Selim / Sebekka (Egyptian-for spirit of the Crocodile) which was Wing Chun, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Master Gil Kim / Tae Kwon Do , Sifu Stewart Salamanca/ Kung Fu San Soo, Sensei Dave Dahl / Aikido (my training partner all the time we were with Guro Ted), Sensei Jerry Albitre / Jujitsu, Yamakawa Sensei,(Jimmy) Tai Chi; he was also my wife Mary's Kendo instructor. I had also studied with Tedoro (Lucky) Lucaylucay Ted's father in the Villabrille system of Kali, he even taught us from his wheel chair here in Bakersfield, California. I have also practiced a form of Chi Kung for over twenty five years. With Ted's training I have been able to incorporate what I had previously studied.

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