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The Theory of Devolution

The Theory of Devolution


The concept of devolution is that, instead of life evolved from a single-celled organism like in evolution, life devolved from a greater, more abundant state. A consequence of this would be that life started out perfect and fully ordered naturally. Devolution applies in this manner also to the origin of the earth and all other masses within the universe.

Devolution should not be taken as the anti-evolution, but rather an entirely seperate theory/hypothesis that agrees with evolution in some areas and contradicts it in others. In accordance with evolution, devolution agrees that creatures build up immunities and (to a certain degree) adapt to different climates and ways of living, though not through distinct appearance changes (evolving into a whole different species), unless the evolutionary process is a--literally--devolving one, not evolving one. This means certain creatures do evolve, but only if they are technically devolving. For instance, let's say lizards evolved (technically, devolved) from crocodiles. Devolution contradicts evolution, however, in that it claims humans did not evolve from apes, for--humans being the most successful creatures--that would be a technically more of an evolving process, not devolving, thus contrary to devolution. There are more similarities and differences between evolution and devolution, but this is just the concept, not a detailed scientific analysis.

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