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My name is Lee Carr and I am from Suffolk, Virginia. I have been a Big Boxing Fan since I was 7 years old. Marciano's first love was baseball, my first love was boxing. When all the other kids were outside playing, I was in the house on the weekends watching the big fights, on Wide World of Sports and NBC. I loved it, and I have been hooked ever since. When I was 7 years old I couldn't get enough boxing and Bruce Lee, and loved any kind of fighting, I use to go to the movies and watch a Bruce Lee movie, my cousin and I would come home and fill milk jugs up with sand and hang them up and beat them to my knuckles bled, that was my heavy bag back then. I would make a heavy bag out of anything, I have been throwing fist all my life. I have studied some of the best fighters in the world and learned a little from all of them, I have always been a Big Big Bruce Lee fan, He weighed 128 pounds and punched as hard as most heavyweights, because he knew exactly how to throw it... He was a natural... I have a natural boxing ability and can teach any fighter punching power. I know my stuff when it comes to leverage and power punching. Take a look at the watermelon punch video clip, the punch is a lot like Rocky Marciano's Susie-Q punch, it is a devastating right hand, a man's chin can't take much of that, I only did the watermelon thing just to show the impact of the punch, crank up the volume and listen to the punch, the sound say's it all, its not perfect, it took me a minute just to sit it on the pipe, it wouldn't sit, I knew I couldn't touch it or it would fall on the ground, and I touched it and it almost fell and I had to nail it right that second or it would have fell, so I nailed it, some of the pieces went 20 feet, you just can't hit a man on the chin with a shot like that, to show your punching power, get real, some people say I beat up a fruit, they miss the whole point of the punch, and a lot of keyboard warriors talk a lot of crap, but they don't show up, a lot of people laughed at Rocky Marciano even though he could take their heads off, some people say I was totally off balance, people said the same thing about Rocky Marciano and said he would never make it, YEAH RIGHT, Marciano always said one who worries about a counter punch will not put as much into the punch, please keep in mind that these clips are just a couple power shots, these type of punches is only thrown, when you have your opponent hurt and you are going for the KO, you have to be a smart boxer and set up for punches like that. keep in mind this is just one punch, you have not seen my footwork, jab, hooks, don't judge me unless you have seen everything I have, I am not a competing fighter, coaching is a long time dream of mine, people say if you want something you have to go for it, and that's what I am doing, going for it... If you don't like what I have to offer, go somewhere else, if you want to make a serious statement in your next fight, Look Me Up...

I have DEVELOPED and PERFECTED a style to get very serious leverage, I am talking serious punching power, if your stance is not right, you can't deliver the punch correctly. There is no such thing as a bad decision if you knock the person out, boxing needs me right now, judges are pretty blind these days.

I am not a trainer yet, right now I am a power coach, I don't claim to know everything about boxing, but stance and footwork and punching I know very well... So if any teams just want to add more punching power to their team, I'm your man. I have a very good eye for spotting weaknesses in fighters. I feel like I can help any fighter. whether you are in Boxing, Karate, Ultimate Fighting, K1, any punching sport and want to improve your boxing ability and punching power. I can help make any fighter very powerful, I have a unique talent and I am ready to show it off.

I have wrote some fighters in the past before, and got no replies. boxing has not changed much in 100 years, a lot of trainers teach this same old basic style, with no disrespect to nobody, I want to take boxing beyond basic. I know in my heart I have what is takes to become successful, nobody would give my idol Bruce Lee a chance for a long time, just look at what he accomplished, once he got the opportunity. He was a world known Superstar...

So any Trainers or Managers or Fighters ( professional or amateur ) that need an assistant that can teach a unique crowd pleasing style, I can help no doubt in my mind, size and weight has nothing to do with punching power, it is all in how you bring it, I don't think there is a man on this planet that can teach anymore punching power than I can, there is a big difference between punching at your opponent than punching through your opponent. So if you want to get serious, Just look me up... I will become one of the greatest Trainers in the WORLD one day...hopefully

Due to a back injury I had to have spine fusion. ( yep 4 long screws and a steak bone to replace my disk ) I had complications and had to have two incisionial hernia operations, which prevents me from being able to physically getting into the ring myself, but I am able to transfer knowledge to others effectively. I can still get my point across. I am 48 years old and I weigh about 270 pounds, with a bad back, please take care of your backs, I don't want to see anyone go through what I went through...

I can't say that Ali is the greatest because Ali and Ray Leonard both, copied Sugar Ray Robinson, I think Ray Robinson was the best boxer, and Rocky Marciano was the best Power-Puncher, my opinion, I still think Rocky Marciano was the baddest man to ever step into the ring, nobody trained as hard and put as much into their punches like Rocky Marciano did, He never stopped punching, you had to shoot him to stop him, and he had the shortest arms in heavyweight boxing history, Marciano put Ali on his knees filming that computer fight, with a body shot, Ali kept knocking Marciano's hair piece off his head trying to be funny, Rocky told him if he did it again they would be fighting for-real and he did it again and Rocky dropped him, about broke his ribs, even Ali said he could not believe how strong Marciano was, and couldn't imagine him in his prime, Rocky trained for that fight like he was fighting for championship fight, nobody trained like Rocky did, and loss 50 pounds, for a computer fight, that's how serious Marciano took boxing, I think Marciano would have beat Ali that day if they would have let him, Ali was the greatest at running his mouth. I am not saying Ali was not a good fighter, because he was a great fighter, I learned a lot from Ali and Marciano.

My idol Bruce Lee made it clear that he would teach his skill and techniques to anyone, white, black, purple or green, and I will do the same...

Me and Ken Norton

My Wife and I with Hector Camacho

My Youngest Son Brian ( age 14 )
This kid is very powerful, He Rocks this Heavybag

Check Out His Side Muscles
And He Is Only 14
160 Pounds

Brian at 17
165 Pounds
Fast and Hits Hard

Brian Decks Older Brother
Brother Is 80 Pounds Heavier
And Brian Takes It Easy On His Brother
14 Second Video Clip
Click Here

A powerful right hand
15 pound watermelon punch
I touched it with my jab and nailed it with my right, It would have been better if I could have hung it up and the pipe wouldn't have been in the way, I did a dry run and knew my back foot was going to land and the bottom of the pipe

Watermelon Punch Video Clip
Crank up the Volume and Listen to the Power
18 Second Clip
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Hitting the Mitts Video Clip
My Oldest Son and Myself in the Kitchen at Home
41 Second Clip
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My Beautiful Wife ( Karen )
The Mother of our Two Son's

Rocky Marciano
Real Power Puncher
Must Read This
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The Coach
Lee Carr
e-mail me and I will be glad to help anyway I can


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Southern Thunder

My Best Friend Buddy Chapman
Christian Rock-Great Guitarist
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