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Topics of Interest in Iceman's World to Classic Wrestling:

WOMAN OF WRESTLING. Elizabeth, Lita, Francine, Beulah, Gorgeous George, Midajah, Woman, Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Major Gunns, Torrie Wilson.

Iceman's Classic Wrestling Chat Forum

I also made a Wrestling Chat Forum, it has: "Current" WWE, TNA, British, Independent (Ring of Honor), "Classic" WWF, WCW, ECW, NWA, AWA, WCCW, ELW "Extreme Levittown Wrestling", and more. Plenty of Wrestling Trivia Games to play with other members too. Even has some other Topics like: Random Talk, Love & Relationships, Entertainment, Comedy, Music, Sports, Big Dick Black's Word of the Day, and more. Everybody is very friendly on the chat forum and we have some good chats. It's simply fun and a nice relaxing place, or World, lol. Check it out and make a user name today!!! Thanks.

To Enter Click On This Link: Iceman's Classic Wrestling Chat Forum

Hollywood Interview with Iceman

Hollywood was in G.L.O.W. "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling". Hollywood was known for her cocky attitude and bad girl image in the ring. "Hollywood and Vine" together were GLOW's Tag-Team Champions. Hollywood is also an actress, stunt woman, model, and just a sweet and pleasant girl. The interview came out really well and Hollywood answered several questions about her life past and present, including: GLOW, David McLane, working with "Vine", TV Shows she was on, her current status in Wrestling, and more!!!

Hollywood Interview with Iceman

J. J. Dillon Interview with Iceman

James J. Dillon is one of the greatest Managers in the History of Wrestling. He was the World Famous Manager of the Legendary 4 Horseman. He has managed: Ric the "Nature Boy" Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Lex Lugar, Abdullah the Butcher and others. I asked him some good questions about his past, Ric Flair, Abdullah the Butcher, Elizabeth, the 4 Horseman, and more. It's a nice size interview and he answered the questions in great detail. It came out really good and is quite interesting.

JJ Dillon Interview with Iceman

Paul Bearer Interview with Insane Johnny

Paul Bearer was a great Manager in his day and really added a lot to the WWF. He was most famous for carrying around an Ern while being the Manager of the Undertaker. Here is an Interview my friend Insane Johnny did with him.

Paul Bearer Interview with Insane Johnny

Wrestler "Brief Bios"
Biographies and rare facts featuring Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Rob Van Dam "RVD", and other Wrestlers. There's also individual Wrestler Polls to vote on.

Wrestler Brief Bios

E.L.W. "Extreme Levittown Wrestling" News and Updates:

11-10-2016. This Friday night "Rock N Wrestling" is back! The musical band Paintbox will be playing at McStews Irish Pub in Levittown, Pennsylvania while ELW Wrestlers "Italian Ice" Damien Colletti, Teddy "Nacho Man" Savage, "Lost Girl" Nicole Ebinger, "Kid Watts" (Eric Watkins), The "Activator" Augusto Roderick and more will be signing autographs! Let's "Rock N Roll" ladies and gentlemen!

11-5-2016. ELW has signed Fairless Hills veteran Dave "Double Dibble" Griffiths and the Pied Piper of Fallsington Greg Pringle going into the weekend! Dave brings his finishing moves the "Statue of Liberty" and "Alley OopZ" along with him! Dave said he signed because he is after the vacant ELW Extreme Belt! It is believed that the Pied Piper of Fallsington has magical powers when he plays his instrument so beware or possibly became enchanted folks! Greg said he is after one thing and one thing only! The "Living Legend" Brian Lessman! Greg said he will find Lessman, make him come forth, and pay his dues to the great people of the United States!

6-6-2011. More breaking news over the weekend! ELW has signed Screen Queen "Screaming" Suzi Lorraine who also became ELW's Womens Champion in the same night! Talk about making an Impact! Wooooooo! Also Monique the "Original Gata" Dupree was signed to a contract! Gata Gata Gata fever is now here ladies and gentlemen! ELW's Womens Division just got a major boost!

6-5-2011. Well a new Belt was created last night folks. A "6 Man Tag-Team Belt" which was defended successfully by "Italian Ice" Damien Colletti, Brad "Artistic Velocity" Mickles, and Greg the "Polish Hammer" Przchowski. Brad's now famous chant of "we're 50 men deep" could be heard from all around the arena last night!

1-26-2010. The band "Paintbox" has joined forces with ELW Wrestling! This could have a huge impact like when Cyndi Lauper joined the WWF back in the 80s! Music and Wrestling finally together again!

10-1-2007. "Mr. Hollywood", the Actor and Model known in ELW as "Italian Ice" Damien Colletti has a new cologne out which is now available in stores called, "Arrogance"! Just like the label on the box reads, "Ahh, feel the refreshing and vibrant aroma of Arrogance!" Pick some up today!!!

For More ELW Wrestling Information, News, and Updates

Photos of the Iceman himself, Damien Colletti, who is also an actor and wrestling ring announcer.

Bio: Damien is an Actor, Wrestling Ring Announcer, and Manager for UWF - ECPW Wrestling which stars: Justin Credible, Little Guido, Balls Mahoney, Jim the "Anvil" Neidhart, Andrew Anderson, "Outlaw" Ron Price, and Prince Akkanatan. Damien’s film credits include: Law Abiding Citizen as Officer Bruno, No Strings 2: Playtime in Hell as Kevin, Elektra: The Hand & The Devil as the unstoppable Bullseye,The Angel’s Fountain as pimp Charles “Hurricane” Palantine, and in the Award Winning film Mortal Kombat: Fates Beginning as Australian mercenary Kano. In a nationwide talent search Damien was chosen out of 460 actors by two-time Emmy Award winning casting director Mary Clay Boland to play Officer Daniel Devito on As the World Turns. Damien's biggest Commercial came when he had a speaking role playing Vince in a Commercial for the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) which starred Julia Louis-Dreyfus. He has been a Wrestling fan since he was born with Randy "Macho Man" Savage being his favorite Wrestler ever! Ohh Yeahhh! Dig It!!!

Here's a match Damien Colletti announced between "Outlaw" Ron Price and Tiberias vs Prince Akkanatan and Flesheater for the UWF Tag-Team Belts! If you need a ring announcer for your event in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or New York area contact Damien at: E-mail:

Special respect to the Rassler and Promoter who for over 30 years traveled 5 million miles in 33 countries on 5 continents and has taken part in over 6,000 Pro Matches. He is, "Butcher" Vachon and he is the first Pro Wrestler to sign in at Iceman's World to Classic Wrestling. He has held several titles in the NWA and AWA Wrestling Leagues in the late 50s to late 70s. Some of those titles were with his brother "Mad Dog" Vachon. He also held NWA's Tag-Team Belt with Chavo Guerrero in 1976. Butcher's finishing move was the "The Hangmans Noose".

Special respect to "Hollywood" for being the first Pro Female Wrestler to sign in at Iceman's World to Classic Wrestling. You remember "Hollywood" from GLOW Wrestling and the tag-team, "Hollywood & Vine". Yes, she still wrestles, is in great shape, and is still one of the best in the biz!

Special respect goes to other Pro Wrestlers and Managers who have signed in at Iceman's World to Classic Wrestling: The "Angry Amish" "Roadkill" (ECW), J.J. Dillon (manager of the 4 Horseman), and Scotty Riggs.

Also much respect is given to Wrestlers and Managers who have took the time to view my site and send me a personal e-mail. This includes: Paul "Butcher" Vachon, Hollywood, Paul Bearer (manager of the Undertaker), Nikita Koloff, Jerry the "King" Lawyer, J.J. Dillon (manager of the 4 Horseman), Sherri Martel, Tatanka, Bob Holly, Spike Dudley, Kamala, and Scotty Riggs. Thanks so much for the love and support!

Special respect to ELW "Extreme Levittown Wrestling's" "4 Horsemen": The Man with "Hans of Stone", Hans "Dr.Death" Deppenschmidt, the "Levittown Slugger", "Big Marty" (Mark Kutalek), the "Human Suplex Machine", Matt the "Animal" Ott, and the "Rugged One" himself, "Cowboy" John Ohler, for being the first four to sign in at Iceman's World to Classic Wrestling.

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