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Dragon's Tear - Pictures

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This is a showcase of all the pictures I have ever drawn. You may notice that some of the older ones (from about '03 to '04) are really... really... bad. However, the newer ones ('05 onwards) are looking great, and I am really proud of them! They are seperated into categories by the year that I drew them. Within those categories, they are organised in order of how recent they are. The ones near the top of the list are my most recent ones. Thanks to Rikku for her help with this page.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT steal my material, or try to pass it off as your own. I do NOT appreciate it, as alot of time and effort went into these pictures. If you want to display my pictures anywhere, you MUST contact me first. Thanks for appreciating this request. If I have done an art request for you, all I ask is that you leave my signature on the picture. A link back would be nice, but not essential ^^

Disclaimer All of my works here are fanart, and I do not own any of the original characters used here - I've merely used them to create my own pictures. Any made-up characters that are here are copyright of me, unless it says otherwise (e.g. pictures that I have drawn for others - the characters featured there belong to them, and them alone). So, as you can probably guess, the only people authorised to use the pics are those they are copyrighted to.

Cool Crime Syndicate - for Sam
Happy Birthday, Al! - for Al
Todd's Shaman - (c) Todd. I didn't draw this, only painted it!
Jouralto v.2 - (c) Jouralto
SasukexSakura - for 'Kku
Link with Wings - for Steph
Jouralto v. 1 - (c) Jouralto

Hao's World - For Todd
Me, Ad and Steph as Team the Ren! - For Ad and Steph.
Kick the Queer! - For Steph.
Ren in Horo's Clothes
Horo in Ren's clothes
Ren Loves his Furyokos!
The Chosen One - Karma pic 2 - For Ad.
The Chosen One - karma pic 1 - For Ad.
Lyserg and Aurora - Aurora (c) Suzie.
Chibi Zelos - For Ad.
'I'll Always Watch Over You'
Tsukasa and Shugo
Falcon and Arrin chibi - Arrin (c) 'Kku.
Chi and the Chobits logo
Falcon and Arrin original - Arrin (c) 'Kku
Akina - Akina (c) 'Kku
Arianne Fable

Teraka - Teraka (c) 'Kku.
Ember 2 - Ember (c) 'Kku
Kayzie and Niko
Gemini 2
Kaiba Corp Gemini
Lysha - The Pharoah's Sorceress
Chibi Gemini and Ember - Ember (c) 'Kku.
Change of Heart
Rocket Warrior
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Ember in the Domino School Uniform - Ember (c) 'Kku
Gemini in a Rare Hunter's cloak
Gemini in the Domino School Uniform
Gemini and Ember - Ember (c) 'Kku.
Yugi and Kuriboh
The Shaman King logo
Ember and Tristan - Ember (c) 'Kku
Yugi and Yami

Ember 1 - Ember (c) 'Kku.
Gemini 1
The Dark Chronicle Logo

Rare Truffle
Power Wild
End of the World
Destiny Islands

Here, I will showcase some pictures that have been done for me by other artists! I am by no means taking any credit for these creations, and the same rules apply to these pics as they do to my own - no stealing! If you want to get in contact with any of the artists who drew these for me, then drop me an email. Thanks alot ^_~
Got milk? Sora has! - by Steph. Dude, I love this pic so much! Bishie X3
Len - by Steph. A brilliant pic of Len! Thanks so much!
Sora with a Len plushie - by Steph. ZOMG!!! Have you ever seen a cuter pic~
Me n' Ren - by Todd. DUDE! I totally love your drawing style! This looks like something I would do too XD
Ren and Horo comic strip - by Todd. How sweet~! I just didn't like the last few frames Apart from that, this pic rocks! *has hung it on wall*
Me~ - by Tanookie. I totally love Tanookie's style of drawing. This is possibly one of the best pics of me yet!
Selph as a Dragon - by Tanookie. This is my fluffy form: a dragon! I love the lil' pics of me and Tannie at the bottom ^^
Thanks Selph - by Todd. Apparently, I've done something that Todd likes, so he drew me this! How kewl does my face look on here? =D