The Written Realm: Stories By Zulu

House, M.D.

December 21, 2006: Created a House-centric index, separating all House stories from the Panfandom index.

Stargate Atlantis

June 3, 2006: Added The Forgotten. Sora lives with the Athosians after her capture during the storm.


December 14, 2005: Added two ficlets, Deserted (Tara/Buffy) and Miraculous (Faith/Buffy).


November 24, 2006: Added several stories. Four Times Cuddy Didn't Sleep with House, Cuddy/House, PG; Five Times Geoffrey Tennant Was A Whore For The Theatre, Geoffrey/Oliver and Geoffrey/Ellen, R; Five Times The Elevator Doors Shouldn't Have Opened, Grey's Anatomy, PG; and Five Times The Big Game Hunters Were Gay, Boa vs. Python, NC-17; and two House drabbles, House/Wilson and House/Wilson/Cuddy.


January 12, 2006: Added an untitled Wrong Turn fic (Jessie/Carly, PG) that I found floating among my archived emails.


February 17, 2006: Added two drabbles, one Buffy/Faith and one Zoe/Inara.

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