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Dragon Warrior Online 1.52 Review

What are YOU playing? With the new set of games that have come out, including the new hit, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, people have been whisked away from their computers to play their console games. Me, I sit here on my computer, playing Dragon Warrior Online, awaiting the new version of 1.90.


Ben Mallahan is the creator of Dragon Warrior Online. He was the first person to make a Dragon Warrior game on the BYOND gaming platform. With him making this game, he sparked an uproar among the community of BYOND, making people everywhere want to make a Dragon Warrior game as successful as his. Because of this, the BYOND community became plagued with Dragon Warrior games. These games are getting somewhat out of hand, and almost as bad as the many Dragon Ball Z games.


This game doesn't have much of a story, yet it is still gripping and exciting to play. The story for this basically starts you off in the local town of Shrenwold. This is the town where once you beat the game, you hang around in and chat with other people. Once you've discovered how the game works (it isn't too incredibly hard if you read the pop ups that show up at the start of the game........ which no one does) you can go out into the strange and confusing... overworld! Yes, the overworld (or as some may say, world map) is riddled with monsters of many sorts, castles, caves, towers, and of course, other towns. Your adventure will next lead you to a castle. You will be dragged into the depths on the dungeon (which to some...*cough*peoplewithanIQlessthan80*cough* is a living hell) where you must escape so you can pursue your quest which for no reason what-so-ever are doing. After you escape, you are faced with the task of getting the elusive TRAVEL PASS! You need to get this because, uh... you want it. Yeah, you WANT to travel through the murky cave encased with monsters. Hell, who wouldn't want to do that? I'd do it in a heartbeat! (note sarcasm) Anyways... as I said, once you get the pass, you travel through the cave and into... A BOSS BATTLE! (note the funky music) But the boss is a pushover, unless you're a newbishly low level, then it can be pretty damn hard. Once you beat you him... or her, whatever it is, you get to go out into the overworld again and travel to the town of Irmit! The story continues, but I'm only supposed to do up to here, and we all know how lazy I am, so let's just end this (pulls a Greg) right... wait for it... here it comes.... AH! Did you miss it? You did? Damn...


Fighter- The Fighter is basically the 'Speedy Gonzales' of Dragon Warrior. He's super fast and packs quite a punch. He can't equip very good armor because that would weigh him down making him slow. He can't equip very good weapons, either, but his natural strength makes up for that.

Goofoff- The Goofoff is basically the 'let's piss around and have a bit of fun' class. They're weak, not the fastest, and just plain suck. The thing that makes Goofoff's stand out from the rest is their high critical ratio. They get critical hits very often. They also will get random messages saying what they did. For instance, "Xavier trips over a rock. At that exact instant, Xavier's weapon hits the opponent! Critical hit!" But besides the amazingly high critical ratio, Goofoff's suck.

Hero- The Hero is the over powered class. They have high defense, high attack, high speed, and can use both defensive and offensive magic. This is probably the most popular class seeing how it is incredibly superior to all other classes. I personally don't use this class, seeing how it's just too easy. It doesn't take all that much to level up, and you can solo pretty much the whole game with one of these guys.

Pilgrim- The Pilgrim is the oh-so-welcome healer. They get a vast array of defensive spells to protect the party, and heal them when they get hurt. Besides that, they can also equip some pretty damn good armor and weapons. They're not the fastest, though, when it comes to battle, and because of that, you'll find yourself needed all those healing spells you've got.

Soldier- The Soldier, as some may call it, "the n00b class." Like the Hero, this class is very popular and is infesting the DWO community. It's immense strength makes it almost unstoppable (except when it attacks a level 17 wizard. :P) The Soldier also has very good defense which will protect him in the heat of battle. Once you get the best equipment, you should be set for almost any challenge that awaits you in this game.

Wizard- The Wizard. The PVP expert. Once this class gets Blazemore, say good-bye to any other player who attacks you. This class has some serious defense and strength issues, though. They're very weak, but have not too shabby speed, and some Albert Einstein-ish intelligence. These bad boys are by far the hardest hitters in the game. Their attack magic will blow up anything in it's path. Although, you will be constantly running back to the inn to heal you quickly depleted MP. But, be careful, because if you get hit, you might just be sent to the priest with a broken hip.


The menus in this game are identical to the original Dragon Warrior ones, which gives it a real Dragon Warrior-ish feeling. Although in the Balzackian dungeon, having to get to the 'Door' command in time can be a bit tricky. The 'hotkeys' are also a great addition to the menu system (I still think there should be one for the 'Door' command.) Although, some people do have difficulty figuring out these controls (because of the fact that they're too stupid to read the popups at the beginning of the game.)


The graphics in this game are from the original Dragon Warrior games. Just like the menu, this gives it another great Dragon Warrior-ish feeling. The graphics aren't well, the greatest, but hey, for BYOND, they're pretty good. Here's a few quotes about how people feel about these graphics.

Heavensknight says: Sexy

Heavensknight says: makes you think about youre early childhood and the joy that brought you

Crono says: older then yer momma


This game is incredibly easy, though, at later parts in the game, it gets pretty damn hard. There's not much to say here, the most difficult part is probably getting to the max level of 26. After that (depending on your class) the game is pretty much a pushover. Go find a partner, rampage through the game, and beat it. The hardest actual plot is defeating the Dragon Lord. The only way you'll beat it is with a level 26 Hero and Soldier with max equipment, and if you're lucky enough that the battle doesn't get bugged whilst fighting him.


Like the menus, graphics, etc... the music is composed of various songs from the original NES Dragon Warrior games (sure almost everything is from the original Dragon Warrior games, but why the hell not? It is after all based off of it.) The music is very cheerful, but can become very irritating when you're sitting in the Shrenwold pub for hours at a time, and the music keeps constantly repeating itself.


This game is very short, yet it has an amazing lifespan. People will constantly play this game even after they beat it. All they do is simply come on and chat with other players. I've been playing this game for two years next month, and I have yet to get tired of it. Another thing that will drive people to play this game is the constant updates....... well, not lately, anyways. But back in the day, it used to be updating all the time.... well, at least more regularly than now.


This game is highly replayable. Most people infact create two or three or even six characters, just so that they can master each and every class.


This game has a PVP (Player VS Player) combat system, which allows you to fight other people playing the game. It's a great way to have fun. Also, to prevent low-level-PKers (Player Killers) Ben has included a system which allows anyone under level 4 to not be attacked. Although Wizards dominate the PVP world, it's still worth trying out (but stay away from random PKing.)


Dragon Warrior Online is a great game, and it's also free. Lots of the BYOND games these days are resorting you P2P (Play2Play) methods of use. Dragon Warrior Online has kept it's status in the BYOND Top 100 for many reason, one of which is because it's free.


No, I'm not talking about going out to a friends house, I'm talking about joining up with other people playing the game and going to kick some serious monster ass. Partying is a great way to beat up those hard bosses and take control over the monster kingdom! Well, you can't really take control over it, but you can kick it's ass! It's also a good way to train your friends, although it is commonly exploited by taking a level one character to another town and "Super-Levelling" them quickly because of the high EXP the monsters give.


Thanks to the great server host that we have, (CableMonkey) there is usually no lag. But, seeing how sometimes the game can become crowded with people, it can get a bit laggy at times. But usually, there is no lag.


There are many flaws and bugs in this game. One of the first flaws happens right away when you login for the first time. Those pesky little popup screen appear explaining how the menus work. Sure there's nothing wrong with instructions, but it's what people do that is wrong. People don't even bother reading most popups, so they simply click them, leaving them not knowing how to work the game. Another bug that was constantly abused when it was first discovered (like all bugs are) was the flying bug. This bug allowed you to walk over all dense objects except the water in the overworld. This bug at first seems harmless, but if you get into a battle while "flying" it was cause havoc among the server making the server need a restart to correct these problems. This bug also was used to use the Mayor flaw (along with some other methods.) This flaw allows people to get incredible ammounts of money, and extra items that you should only have one of. Another bug in the game is the item bug. Seeing how some people don't like the 12 items limit set in the game, they use this bug to have as many items as they want. Thanks to our awesome administrators, most culprits are caught quickly and have their items, or character deleted. One other bug that I know of is the Dragon Lord bug. If you decide to fight the Dragon Lord, for some crazy reason, the battle _MIGHT_ get messed up, leaving you stranded there, not able to do anything.


Overall, this game is an addicting, fun to play, _FREE_ game. It's the one of the best BYOND games and will keep you coming back for more... well, not necessarily more, just to chat with people.

So if you haven't already tried out this game, or have played it before, but stopped for some reason, I suggest you take another look at it, because hey, it'll be here tomorrow, and the day after that... hell, I doubt DWO will be going anywhere soon (rather than back to #1 on the BYOND top 100!)

Playability & Enjoyment* Excellent - Very playable game

Addictiveness* Very hard to stop playing

Originality* Poor to Excellent- It's poor seeing how it's copied everything except the "storyline" from the original Dragon Warriors game, but it's excellent seeing how it was the first BYOND Dragon Warrior game

Graphics* Mediocre

Sound* Mediocre- Can get annoying, though

Difficulty & Complexity* Not very good- Too easy, and not a very in-depth game, but hey, it's still worth playing

Longevity/Expected Longevity* Ongoing

Overall rating:* 4/5