D&D Ability Score Quiz

Attention: I'm glad you all still enjoy my site so much that you still email me about it! But I've stopped maintaing this site a lloooooonnngg time ago. Also Note: Netscape-esque browsers will not work for the stat test. Sorry! Only one decent test that I could find measured ability scores, and in my opinion, did not measure them well enough. So I have developed an ability score test that is generally of my own creation. In order to make the test take as little time as possible, I have 10-15 questions in most catagories...although I don't really feel that it is enough, it is necessary to keep you from not doing it. Also, the strength section may have questions that you don't know...in that case, you could leave it blank, but I recommend doing it now if possible :) .I made the selections as checkboxes or text instead of radio buttons because they are easier, but just check one option each. I added a second part to the INT section. Some people feel that a quiz isn't fair, so I made some questions like the other sections. At the end, it will give the score of each section, and the average.


1. How many push-ups can you do in one minute?

2. How many sit-ups can you do at the rate of one curl-up every second until you lose rhythm?

3. How much can you bench press? (in pounds)


1. Are you decent at a sport that requires hand-eye coordination (tennis, hockey, baseball, racing, etc.)

2. Can you juggle 4 balls in the air at once for 3 or more cycles?

3. Can you take stairs 4 at a time?

4. Are you good at dodging incoming projectiles?

5. Do you dance well?

6. Can you easily thread a needle?

7. Can you easily stand on one foot without wobbling?

8. Do you play first-person shooter computer games often?

9. Are you considered generally dexterous?

10. Do you typically break something due to clumsiness more frequently than two months?

11. Are you good at games that require dodging? (ex. fencing, dodgeball, wallball, etc.)

12. Are you able to catch a fast moving ball flying in your general direction?

13. Are you fast?

14. Can you type fast (60+ words per minute)?

15. Can you move quickly in a very crowded area?


1. Can you run a mile in under 7 minutes, 30 seconds?

2. Do you get sick more than once a year?

3. Can you hold your breath longer than a minute?

4. Have you ever completed a marathon?

5. Have you had more than one broken bone in your life?

6. Can you take a few swings at you?

7. Do you have allergies or asthma?

8. Can you climb three flights of stairs without being winded?

9. Are you sensitive to pain?

10. Have you ever suffered from a rather severe illness?

11. Have you preformed any other impressive acts of endurance?


Note: All words and letters should be written in LOWERCASE

1. Enter the missing number: 1, 5, 6, 11, 17,

2. Enter the missing figure: 3, 4, 8, 17, 33,

3. What is the square root of 81?

4. Enter the missing figure: D, C, E, D, F,

5. Insert the missing letter to form two seperate words on each side words (for example, FAR_IRROR: the answer would be 'M', to get farM and Mirror)(remember, lowercase!): SLA LOY

6. Mark the word that is not like the others:
Carrots Cucumber Celery Eggplant Cabbage

7. Please mark the word not matching in relation to the others:
Bach Tevinsky Chopin Schubert Mozart

8. Solve this problem (without a calculator of course): Sine(PI/2) [radians]

9. Please find the figure that does not match with the rest:

10. Please find the figure continuing the series:

11-12. In each question you are given two different angles of the same cube. Identify the cube from the above list that matches those two views:



13. Continue the sequence:

14. Today is Wednesday. What will the fourth day from yesterday be:
Sunday Monday Friday Thursday Saturday

15. Who is the shortest? Oliver is as tall as Otto; Bert is shorter than Ben; Ben is taller than Otto; Oliver is shorter than Bert:
Oliver Otto Bert Ben There is a tie for the shortest

16. 87 kg of potatoes are distributed in two boxes. One box weighs 11 kg less than the other one. How many grams of potatoes does the lighter box contain?

Intelligence (part 2)

1. Can you do complex math problems in your head?

2. Do you often think about the creation of the universe, whether time travel is possible, what happens after the speed of light, etc.?

3. Are you good at spelling?

4. Do you enjoy writing?

5. Do you like to doodle?

6. Can you interpret graphs, charts and tables easily?

7. Do you fidget a lot?

8. Do you enjoy physical activities?

9. Do you play a musical instrument?

10. Do you sing to yourself?

11. Are you an independant person?

12. Do you like working alone?

13. Do you like working in groups?

14. Do you get invloved in activities?

15. Do you play chess, checkers, go, similar games?

16. Do you enjoy computers?

17. Can you visualize objects in three dimentions?

18. Do you read books in your spare time?

19. Do you enjoy crossword puzzles, Scrabble, or something similar?

20. Do you daydream often?

21. Do you like to craft items out of wood, or other materials?

22. Can you tell if a note is off-key?

23. Do you typically have strong opinions?

24. Do you have many friends?

1. Without going back and looking, what was the first question of the entire quiz about?
Curl-ups Push-ups Sit and reach Bench Press Pull-ups

2. __________ Quebec has legalized acorn farming, we can expect to see juice and sap produced from flowers very soon.
Therefore Due to So As When

3. Choose the most logical conclusion: During the Christmas period toy shops increase their sales:
During winter children like playing at home
Half the Christmas presents are toys
At Christmas many toys are given as presents
During winter more toys are produced
Toys for adults are becoming more and more popular

4. She also hopes her fiancÚ will be prepared _____ the ceremony.
By With For Of Not

5. If terrakin was a word, what would it most likely mean?
A puppet Alien Sister Earth Clay figure Distant relatives

6. How many monthes have 30 days?

7. Which line(s) is longer?

Right Middle Left Right, Middle Right, Left Left, Middle All the same

Capital letters represent entire words that begin with that letter. Write the word(s) in lower case, spelled correctly in the blanks below: (ex. 7 D in a W, write 'days' in the first blank and 'week' in the second, to get 7 days in a week)

8. 24 H in a D...

9. 54 C in a D (with J)...

10. What phrase is represented by this picture? Spell it with no capitals, and no puncuation:

11. What phrase is represented by this picture? Spell it with no capitals, and no puncuation:

Each question will have two parts, one labeled 'A', the other labeled 'B'...then there will be four checkmarks. Selecting the leftmost checkbox means that the statement in 'A' strongly describes you. The second from the left means that statement 'A' is a little more like you than 'B'. The third box means that statement 'B' is a little more like you than 'A'. And the last box means that statement 'B' strongly describes you.

1. A -People comment that, for my age, I look pretty good. And they often comment on my smile, too.
B -People rarely comment on my appearance or smile.

2. A -When I ask a person with less authority (e.g., maid, child, employee, bank teller, grocery bagger) to do something, I almost always say "please" or am otherwise courteous to them.
B -When I ask such a person to do something, I expect him or her to do the job, or fulfill the role, without much coaxing, just as I would do if I were in their shoes.

3. A -I research my audience as well as my topic before giving a presentation.
B -I consider myself a good talker who can often "wing" the subject matter and quickly adapt to almost any audience.

4. A -I know the one main idea I want to present.
B -My speeches are full of ideas, many of equal importance.

5. A -I make a determined effort not to judge people until I've heard all of what they have to say.
B -I'm a good judge of character and I can often get a good "read" on people before the conversation is over.

6. A -I avoid fidgeting, cracking knuckles, stretching, jingling keys, or other mannerisms while someone is talking.
B -I make the talker as comfortable as possible by trying to act naturally, which means adhering to my normal mannerisms.

7. A -I often repeat back to another person the gist of what they've just said so that I'm sure I understand the meaning.
B -Repeating back what's just been said seems unnecessary and time-consuming.

8. A -I make it a point to remember others' names and use them in conversation.
B -I can remember jokes, knots, recipes, and all manner of other minutiae, but I have trouble with names.

9. A -If I'm late, I make it a point to explain why.
B -People are interested in results, not excuses. So I prefer just to get down to work.

10. A -If I visit another's office or even a cubicle, I don't walk in unannounced or uninvited.
B -If good working relationships are in place, there ought to be little concern about who's invited where.

11. A -I frequently will step outside my comfort zone and take a risk--whether physical, social, moral, or financial.
B -I know myself pretty well, am comfortable with my likes and dislikes, and see little reason to take unnecessary chances.

12. A -If I meet a person who's fast-paced, say, compared to my more contemplative approach, I naturally speed up in order to try to bridge the gulf between us.
B -Faced with such a situation, I'd just continue to act as I always do and hope our approaches wouldn't become an obstacle.

13. A -I think I'm pretty good at prioritizing my tasks.
B -I sometimes get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks I've outlined for myself.

14. A -I know what my strengths are, and I strive principally to build upon those.
B -Mainly, I work to reduce or eliminate my weaknesses.

The Chrisma section of this test has been copyed from a chrisma test on another site, permission to publish it is still pending.
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