Let us return...

Chandra: She's been my best bud since 5th grade, she's awesome and a Harry Potter nut (not that there's anything wrong with that :) )thanks for bein there for me! Love ya girl!

Lauren: She's been my other best bud since 8th grade, she's a ballerina! she used to play flute, but she's a band drop out! lol, just messin' with ya! :P Thanks for being there for me! love ya girl!

Daniel: He's pretty crazy, he's the "Malletman" of the band, he's been one of my really good friends that I've made at Pace, since Band camp of my 9th grade year.thanks for being there! Love ya!

Robert: He's also pretty crazy, he's a drummer and he thinks I'm a crackhead, but we all know that can't be true! lol, you're a great friend Robert, just don't do anything too stupid once out of high-school :) love ya!

Regina:Hey girlie! You're a great friend and one of the sweetest girls at Pace, you're one of my few friends out of band, still wish you hadn't quit tho. I'll see ya later!

Cindy:She is gonna be one "kick butt" drum Major this year! She's pretty crazy too(isnt it weird that all my band friends are crazy?!?!) Love ya girl

Bryan:He's a sweetie...most of the time. He's all computer smart and junk.I met him in Chemistry, where me Him and Allie made fun of Mrs.Stout, good times:)

Allie:She's rock on crazy! Her car's name is Roxanne. She is legal now, uh oh better watch out. She's got a rock out cool boyfriend too. I met her in Chemsitry also, that's where me, her and Bryan made fun of Mrs.Stout and her and I got out 45 min early every day to hang out in the drum room. pretty crazy!She claims she's gonna take Murray from me but he's mine!she can have Guybrush and Harry Potter :) luv ya girl!

Chris a.k.a Ozzy: He's a rocker!He's a pretty awesome guy and goin out with my bud Allie! Be good to her or I'll kick ya in the teeth! j/k :) He loves Van Halen, and rocks out to 80's rock!

Hannah: She's a swimmer. Her and I work on Spanish together in Mrs. Psycho Pagan's class. We talk about *someone* else in the class too *blushes* lol she's awesome! keep it that way chick!

Jessi: She's so awesome!She's a way cool out there trombonist and she's really good at it!She's really sweet also, stay that way girl!

Erin: She's a cool freshman, but why does she always wear my shirt the same day I do?Stick with band so I'll have someone to joke around with next year! You know you want to see it!

Laura:She's a pretty weird one, just to say it truthfully. Don't let a soccer ball hit you in the face and don't drop any weights on you during weightlifting!

Ladd: He's all cool and stuff.He graduated last year, and he also works at Chuck-E-Cheese HEHE! GO LADD!He plays trumpet and bass guitar, pretty awesome. Stay sweet Ladd, luv ya!

Vinnie:He's really awesome and one of the sweetest guys I know.He either wants to be a Priest or a pharmacist (I'm not sure which) but go wherever your heart leads you!Don't ever change and God Bless you Vinnie.Love ya!

Ryan Lay: He's a nifty guy! He's also pretty crazy. I don't know him very well but I hope I get to know him better, he's really sweet.

Chris: He's a freshman drummer. He's creepy sometimes, he likes to come up and just follow me REALLY closely. LOL, he's nice tho. He might play tenors next year, that'd be neat. Be careful of the older drummers!...

Joe: He used to look like Frodo, 'till he cut his hair. Now he just works at Chic' Fil A. He's a yearbook nerd like alot of my other friends. Don't do anything tooooo crazy!

Willie: ok, you're just crazy. and what's with the hair? you could go back to like the 70's or something. stop stealing my Dasher answers!

Rachel:She's nice, kind of weird sometimes. thanks for teaching me all those card games. maybe one day I'll make a living off of them ;)

Daphnie: MY DAFFY! hehe, she's awesome. But she'll never beat me at flute mwhahah. LUV YA! We sit there in class and make fun of people, fun stuff. Thanks for bein there chickie!

Ryan: This is Lauren's brother. He has a bird. Her name is CandieHe's a pretty crazy guy. He's also in the Air Force. Don't do anything dumb....

Logan: you are crazy, as is everyone on this list it appears :\ . He plays trumpet and french horn. Be good now, oh and by the way, Lord of the Rings rules, but so does Monty Python, NI!

Hillary: wow, she is one crazy chick. I don't know what to say about her other than that. I went and saw The X-Files with her and Chandra when it came out but I didn't know her then. I hope we'll still be friends and tell Derek to leave me alone! lol, luv ya girl!

Disclaimer: I only put my friends that I thought would look at my page on here. If you would like your name on here please e-mail me and I will gladly put your name on here. thanks!