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Simpsons Comics: #38. Everyone in Springfield is eating donuts and Fat Tony and his assiocates get a small business out of this.

Simpsons Comics: #40. Once Krusty's Sideshows quit, the Simpsons take their places. Fat Tony, Louie and Legs spot trucks moving, going to the Simpsons home. They follow them. They help to make is show crap... in the end he makes Krusty clean out toilets til they are clean.

Simpsons Comics: #47. Bart helped Fat Tony years ago. He was working for Bart! In the end he was one, with many other characters that was willing to donate an organ to Bart.

Bart Simpson Comics #9: Fat Tony sells "Paddleball Buneo" and gets a nice amount of money to put away in his wallet.

Krusty Comics: The Rise and Fall of Krustyland (Parts 1, 2 & 3): Krusty runs into some trouble with Fat Tony and he doesn't want no more of it!

McBain Comics: Dead to the Last Drop. Fat Tony, Louie, Legs and Joey make their first comic appearance in this McBain Comic Script. They end up getting killed by McBain!


- Legs is seen on the back cover of The Simpsons Comics: On Parade

- Fat Tony, Legs and Louie are spotted in having a shot out with the Robot Mafia in Futurama Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis

- Legs is spotted standing next to Superintendent Charmers in Simpsons Comics: #56

- Fat Tony, Legs, Louie and Joey are all dressed like Homer.. standing next to a sigh that says "The D'ohpranos." An obvious con of a famous ganstar series called The Sopranos.

- Fat Tony is spotted attempting to kill Moe in Ralph Wiggum's Trail of Treats!

- Fat Tony, Louie Legs and Joey are spotting in Springfield In Hell Part II.

- Legs spotted in Bart Simpson Comics #4.

- A some fake advertisement about Fat Tony's business selling comics in Bart Simpson Comics #5.

- Fat Tony's plan to steal Scratch-off Lottery Tickets and replace them with Scratch and Sniff's in foiled by Supercat of Springfield (Snowball II) and her mysterious sidekicks (Bart and Lisa) in Bart Simpson Comics #6.

- Fat Tony, Louie and Legs are spotted ina comic strip (2 page spread) named "Wall or Nothing" in the Simpson's Comics Royale. They are towards the top left-hand corner hiding being a rock.

- Legs in a crowd scene in the UK's Simpson Comics #93 for "The Homer Effect".