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Welcome to FTH A Simpsons Fansite Devoted to Fat Tony and his Goons. This is the laurch design, once i do more grabpics I'll get more creative. ;)

One thing on my mind Posted by Lee

Today a new other grabpic of Edna. I've added info of the time Fat Tony met Krusty the Klown and also some edits in the Comics page and a new one. I spotted Legs again!!! [[ 19.5.04 ]]

Right, lets take last one look into the past.. okay that's enough Posted by Lee

Well, today i have grabpics for you, 3 in fact. Once I get some more done, I'll start work on a new design. Also, a new media page Characters Met. Just a list and some info about characters Fat Tony has met in his appearances in The Simpsons.[[ 18.5.04 ]]

What's a Murder? Posted by Lee

Okay, I've had a look through some more comics and found Fat Tony, Louie and Legs, so that has been added to the Comics page under Info. Also, added to Info is, a new page... What He Wears. Basically I'm just giving a little bit of a description of what he wears. And another new page under info, Ever Noticed, some things about Fat Tony and the others that bug me in a small way. That all for now. [[ 17.5.04 ]]

Grabpics, more grabpics, page edited and bios Posted by Lee

Okay today I have some new stuff for you. I've edited some of the Episode Appearances today! Some were okay some were stupid. I've also added a new Grabpic, which now has it's own page due to Other Grabpics. They are just grabpics but of other characters that have nothing to do with Fat Tony or the Mobsters, he's not in every episode you know. Also edited Fat Tony's Bio and added a new one for Don Vittorio! More to come tomorrow.[[ 16.5.04 ]]

My First Update!!! Posted by Emma

Okay, this is my first update and is most certain its not my only! I'm here to work mainly on the Media stuff but today, and the main purpose of this update, a new page!! This new page is under the Info section, Locations Visitied, basically a small collection, for now, that Fat Tony has visited or been. Also I've edited and added some more stuff to the Comics page. More to come soon! [[ 16.5.04 ]]

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