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Tales of EvenFall


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Tales of Evenfall is a basic fantasy roleplaying game (frpg) for 2 to 7 players. At least one person must be the Game Master (GM). The rules are brief compared to other frgps, which average hundreds of pages to get started. Tales of Evenfall was designed to be easy to learn for the casual gamer, curious friend or family member. The game can be played easily in the living room or at the table because it does not require battle mats, rulers and figurines, or other books.

The Tales of Evenfall rules require the use of a 20-sided die and a 6-sided dice.  The 20-sided die is used to resolve combat situations.  The 6-sided die is used in this game to make ability checks, determine damage/healing points and new level health points.

Players will find familiar hero types and races in the game. The Tales of Evenfall rules make character creation fast and simple by using the Archetype method. Players can create a character, which is called a Persona in this game, based on most heroic types found in fantasy literature: Bard, Fighter, Priest, Ranger, Thief and Wizard. 

The Archetype’s race can be a Brownie, Dwarf, Elf or Human. Some abilities are assigned to each Archetype and Race to make them distinct. The Persona Stats are provided to help resolve combat encounters easily. 

The intent of the abilities and stats is not to develop a detailed character personality. The personality of a Persona is not defined by the abilities or stats. It is up to the player to decide what his Persona’s attitude, goals and preferences are. Players can make their Personas more lifelike by developing a character background.

Tales of Evenfall presents a new unique magic system that is flexible and spontaneous. The magic system is manna based with costs assigned to spell parameter templates. Players control all aspects of each spell based on choices for area of effect and duration.

-Robert Halowell




Discussions about this game and other fantasy role playing games at EZ Board.  Just log in and search of Tales of Evenfall.


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