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Welcome to, the domain of Fritz Baugh, dabbler in fan fic and obscure trivia regarding cult television shows:

Visit's component sites:

Image Hosted by The Ectozone Message Board
Talk to Fritz and tell him how much his stuff sucks here.

Image Hosted by The Digital Ectozone
Wondering where the "old" went? Here's Fritz's Digimon site, pretty much the same as you remeber it.

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Fritz's first and most important site, dedicated to the Ghostbusters movies and the Real Ghostbusters animation. Fan fics, art, and other stuff you might find interesting

Image Hosted by The Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline
Put Fritz on the map, this was his semi-famous effort to meld the movies, the cartoons, and the comics into one semi-coherent continuity.

Image Hosted by Ghostbusters West Coast
Fritz is the leader of one of those ultimate manifestations of Ghostbuster geekdom, a fictional franchise of like-minded nerds who write stories where they supposedly go out and bust ghosts.

Image Hosted by Ghostbusters Omnibus Fan Fic Center
The Ghostbusters Omnibus Fan Fic Center is run by the mysterious "Guardian", and is where you can read and post fan fics set in the continuity based on the Omnibus Timeline

Image Hosted by Chronicles of Gozer
Home page of the ultimate GBI crossover, as the Ghostbusters first enemy makes it's return, and even six teams of Ghostbusters might not be enought to stop it...

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