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"Oh, God, he draws too..." A gallery of profile pictures of the Ghostbusters of two coasts...

Dr. Peter Venkman

Dr. Ray Stantz

Dr. Egon Spengler

Janine Melnitz

Winston Zeddemore

Louis Tully

Dana Barrett


Ghostbusters 2 Team Picture previously on the Ectozone index page

Ghostbusters 2004
A larger version of the concept picture seen in the main page

Ghostbusters 2004 Model Sheets

Little note---they're meant to be the XGB's as seen in "Revenge of the Jersey Turnpike Terror", so if they look a little different from the model sheets, that's why. Also, Garrett is drawing sitting but no wheel chair is seen (after trying to draw one about three times I gave up)

Kylie Griffin

Roland Jackson

Garrett Miller

Eduardo Rivera

Dr. Joey Williams

Dr. Kyle Stevens

Dr. Andy Harness

Dr. Fritz Baugh

Micheal Chad

Dr. Jeff Chrismer

Dr. Robert Griffiths

Jeremy Hicks

John Lipsyte

Dr. Ron Daniels

Chelsea Aberdeen



Dr. Tommy Simpson

Iain Bennett

Ben King Sr.

Dr. Vincent Belmont

Dr. Ron Daniels

Father Vincent Crapello

Dan Evans

Tom Sanford

Chris Spade


Dr. CJ London

Salina Duran

Brian Roig

Rob Statler

Andrew Williams


Dr. Peter Venkman (tan Ghostbuster flight suit)

Dr. Ray Stantz (tan ghostbuster flight suit)

Dr. Egon Spengler (tan Ghostbuster flight suit)

Janine Melnitz (Ghostbuster flight suit)

Winston Zeddemore (tan Ghostbuster flight suit)

Louis Tully (Ghostbuster flight suit)

Dr. Fritz Baugh (blue Ghostbuster flight suit)

Chelsea Aberdeen (Ghostbuster flight suit)

Dr. Jeff Chrismer (black Ghostbuster flight suit and neutrona saber)

Iain Bennett (NOMAD flight suit)

Assorted Nuisances

Walter Peck

Dr. Norman Draverhaven (aka "Professor Dweeb")

Dr. Harlan Herbert Loone

Mary Sue Gladstone

Spoiler Pictures

If you haven't read the stories yet, be warned: these pictures spoil some of the surprises. You have been warned.

"Opening Night Part Three" and "Revenge of the Jersey Turnpike Terror" spoiler

The Twins

"Future Shocks" spoilers

John (Updated 10-24-04!)

Eden (Updated 10-24-04!)

Eric (Updated 10-24-04!)

TJ (Updated 10-24-04!)

Marie (Updated 10-24-04!)

Lady Delphia

"Shadow of the Inquisitors"

Lady Enlightenment/Liz Hawthorne

Barney Lupin

Father Portenza (Not Yet Online)

Lilly Peacecraft

Anatole Vashnivski


Baron Igor Vashnivski (Not Yet Online)

"The Zodiac Imperative"

Archmage Zandrik Fallagar

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