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Hayden Wallance spends a year studying in the United States. He and Jessica Venkman carry on a clandestine sexual relationship. [GBOT]
Jessica Venkman and Hayden Wallance take their relationship "public". Hayden's brother Lars comes out of the closet as a homosexual. [GBOT]
Founding of the latest know incarnation of Ghostbusters New York; second generation Ghostbusters Dr. Johnathan Christopher Spengler and Hermetic Wizard Eric Stantz are joined by Marie Lupin (daughter of original Ghostbuster ally Barney Lupin) and English policewoman Tessa Jane (T.J.) Anderson. Johnathan's twin sister, Dr. Eden Marie Spengler, becomes a part-time member of the team. [GBOT]

Marriage of Jessica Venkman and Hayden Wallance [GBOT]

The Ghostbusters of this era--Dr. Johnathan Christopher Spengler, Dr. Eden Marie Spengler, Eric Stantz, and Tessa Jane (T.J.) Anderson journey to 1986 at the behest of Lady Delphia, to prevent Dr. Norman Draverhaven and Dr. Herbert Harlan Loone from murdering the Ghostbusters. [GBOT]

The accounts from this adventure confirm that Professor Egon Spengler, his wife Janine, and Dr. Ray Stantz are alive and healthy at least until this date. [GBOT]

At some point after this, the "future" Ghostbusters journey to 2003 to aid their forbears against the "Anti-Ghostbusters" [GBOT]

October. Thomas Wallance born to Hayden Wallance and Jessica Venkman. At this writing, this is the first (and only) known grandchild of the original Ghostbusters. Accounts confirm that Peter and Dana Venkman are alive and well until at least this date. [GBOT]

June 13. On their twenty-fifth birthday, John and Eden are contacted by Lady Delphia and Professor Ulforce. Delphia and Ulforce have detected a massive temporal distortion centered around the date of their birth, June 13, 1999. Taking the code names "Romulus" and "Pollux", they are sent back in time to investigate the problem. They are returned to 2024 after solving it, but are troubled by Josiah Nodus's claim that Johnathan is "Lord Gemini", a figure from Atlantean prophesy. [GBOT]

Eden Spengler begins dating Pediatric Oncologist Edward Sanders. [GBOT]

Robert Wallance born, the second child of Jessica Venkman and Hayden Wallance [GBOT]
Earth makes first contact with alien life forms [Now]

Twenty Fourth Century
Another Romulus, a (presumed) descendant of the Spenglers, is the leader of "Ghostbusters Intergalactic", and with Delphia's help prevents a convoluted scheme to murder the Ghostbusters in 1986 [GBOT]
Sl'g, an alien of an unidentified species, is murdered by his four proteges, Turek, Cowan, Gard, and Bethany, who steal his technology and go back to 1988 to try and destroy history [Now]
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