Mascot of Ghostbusters New York; Class Five Full Roaming Vapor

(Indistinct Babbling and Loud Chewing Noised, Followed by a Huge Belch)

Personal Timeline of Slimer
Cult rituals held in the basement of the Sedgwick Hotel in New York City (described as "these gnarly dudes in, like, the tackiest goatskin pants and they were, like, burning candles and having sex parties in the Hotel Basement...") unintentionally create an amalgamated spirit consumed with vast hunger. It manifests occassionally, eats, and disappears.

Canon Note: Some other theories about Slimer's origin exist, but the one offered by Marvel UK, that he was a king named Remils, is considered by the GBOT staff to be too stupid to take seriously. The above origin, introduced in the GBI role playing game, is considered the best one

The entity of the Sedgewick Hotel is the first capture of the newly formed Ghostbusters Inc. The entity slimes Peter Venkman in the process.

The entity escapes the Ecto Containment Unit when Walter Peck has it shut down. It eventually starts lurking around the Ghostbusters' firehouse...over Venkman's strenuous objection, the Ghostbusters adopt the entity as a pet and mascot. Ray Stantz gives it the name "Slimer"

Walter Peck, now working for the Bureau of Unidentified Flying Organisms, attempts to destroy Slimer

Ghostbusters Inc. is forced to close by court order. Slimer continues to lurk around the firehouse

Late in the year, Ghostbusters Inc. reactivates. Venkman tries to trick GBNY's newly-hired accountant, Louis Tully, into capturing Slimer

The fallout from the appearance of the Zodiac Lords creates a drought of paranormal energy. Slimer benefits from his emotional focus on the firehouse, but is still weak and lethargic for the next few years.

Ghostbusters Inc. is dissolved once more. Slimer stays at the firehouse with Egon Spengler.

The Extreme Ghostbusters form. Slimer latches somewhat onto Eduardo Rivera as a surrogate of Venkman

Late in the year, the original Ghostbusters are reunited by the efforts of Janine Melnitz. Venkman divides his time between GBNY and his interests in LA. Slimer understandably thrilled, and even more so when he meets Venkman's daughter Jessica (born 1993)

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