Dr. Roland Jackson

Field Captain of Ghostbusters New York.

"On three..."

Personal Timeline of Dr. Roland Jackson
September 21. Roland Jackson, the first child of Phil and Sharon Jackson, is born.

Tara Jackson is born

Marcus Jackson is born

Ryan Jackson is born

Casey Jackson is born

Amy Jackson is born

Joseph "Joey" Jackson is born, the last of Phil and Sharon's children

Roland graduates high school; he enrolls in New York City Community College, and gets in Parapsychology 101, taught by Professor Egon Spengler. Thusly, he and three other students--Eduardo Rivera, Kylie Griffin, and Garrett Miller--become a new team of Ghostbusters under the supervision of Spengler and Ghostbuster secretary Janine Melnitz

Roland graduates with college, and begins taking courses to earn his PhD

In the spring, Jackson attains a doctorate in Electrical Engineering.

Known Relatives of Dr. Roland Jackson
Phil Jackson
Relation: Father
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Sharon Jackson
Relation: Mother
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Amy Jackson (aka "AJ")
Relation: Sister
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Casey Jackson
Relation: Brother
Canon: XGB

Joey Jackson
Relation: Brother
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Marcus Jackson
Relation: Brother
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Ryan Jackson
Relation: Brother
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Tara Jackson (aka "Tara J")
Relation: Sister
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

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