Oscar Wallance (Venkman)

Stepson of Dr. Peter Venkman

"The ponytail is going nowhere, ok? Girls really dig it."

Character created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis; developed by Rosey Collins

Personal Timeline of Oscar Wallance (Venkman)
Dana Barrett, a member of the New York Symphony Orchestra, becomes the first client of the new company Ghostbusters Inc. when a Sumerian demigod named "Zuul" appears in her icebox. She begins a romantic relationship with one of the Ghostbusters, Dr. Peter Venkman

Early in the year, Dana breaks up with Venkman--she's tired of his inability to commit to her. Venkman would try to cover for the deep pain of the loss by chasing many of the women the Ghostbusters encounter (Doris Tibbs, Alice Derleth, Anne Lawson, Anne Johnson, ect...)

Dana married fellow musician Andre Wallance, a violinist she'd seen off and on even before meeting Venkman

March 18. Oscar Wallance is born early in the year. Shortly afterward, Andre recieves a lucrative offer from an orchestra in Europe--this leads to him and Dana divorcing.

Late in the year, Ghostbusters Inc. reactivates. Venkman and Dana are reunited as Oscar is menaced by Vigo the Carpathian.

Dana accepts a lucrative offer to join the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra. She and Venkman try to continue their relatiionship long distance, though by 1991 there are some signs of fraying.

Late 1991
Ghostbusters Inc. is dissolved once more.

Andre Wallance remarries.

Venkman immediately moves to LA to patch thiings up with Dana.

Peter Venkman weds Dana Barrett

April 1. Jessica Margaret Venkman, Oscar's half-sister, is born to Peter and Dana.

Hayden Wallance, Oscar's half-brother, is born to Andre and his wife Kate.

The 1990's
Peter Venkman becomes a high-powered Hollywood agent, and spends most of the 1990's trying to get a third Ghostbusters movie made--it falls through because he can't get either Bill Murray or Brad Pitt to play him.

Lars Wallance, Oscar's second half-brother, is born to Andre and Kate

Late in the year, the original Ghostbusters are reunited by the efforts of Janine Melnitz.

Emilia "Emi" Wallance, the third child of Andre and Kate, is born. She is thus Oscar's younger half-sister

Oscar goes through a Goth phase and insists on being called "Darkvayne". It doesn't last long for him, but sticks for childhood friend Rachel Klien (aka "Rayven")


After the September 11, 2001 attacks, Venkman and his family move back to New York City. Venkman's business interests keep him travelling to California often

Oscar and a group of friends form the rock band "Mood Slime"

The Ghostbusters West Coast forms--Peter Venkman's presence at the first attack of the Ravisher is a catalyst of this event; Dana and Oscar are also present

Mood Slime has it's public bebut; Oscar adopts the stage name Oscar Venkman. Later that same year, he begins dating AJ Jackson, the younger sister of Ghostbuster Roland Jackson.

Oscar is confused by a tape of a banshee (part of an old GBNY case). He visits Los Angeles, and is nearly Embraced by the vampire Teth-Apophis. His friend Rayven, a minion of the vampire, dies in the process.

Mood Slime moves to Memphis. Oscar and AJ break up.

Future Fate
Oscar achieves a level of fame and fortune, but never marries.

Oscar's half-sister Jessica and half-brother Hayden marry.

October. Birth of Thomas Wallance, Oscar's nephew.

Birth of Robert "Robbie" Wallance, Oscar's second nephew.

Known Relatives of Oscar Wallance
Andre Wallance
Relation: Father
Canon: Seen in GB1; his name comes from the GB1 novelization; his relation to Oscar is technically speculative, but it's a speculation shared by Sigourney Weaver and Joe Medjuck.

Dana Barrett Wallance Venkman
Relation: Mother
Canon: GB2

David "Davey" Barrett
Relation: Uncle
Canon: GB1 Novelization
Note: As of 1983, Davey was married

Douglas "Doug" Barrett
Relation: Uncle
Canon: GB1 Novelization
Note: As of 1983, Davey was married

Gerald Barrett
Relation: Grandfather
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Valerie Barrett
Relation: Grandmother
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Jessica Venkman
Relation: Half-sister (Born 1993)
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Dr. Peter Venkman
Relation: Stepfather (married Dana in 1992)
Canon: Movie, though her marriage to Venkman is Fan

Anastasia Wallance
Relation: Cousin(daughter of William Wallance)
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Elizabeth Wallance (Deceased)
Relation: Grandmother
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Emilia "Emi" Wallance
Relation: Half-sister (born 1998)
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Francesca Wallance
Relation: Cousin(daughter of William Wallance)
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Hayden Wallance
Relation: Half-brother (born 1993)
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Jane Wallance (maiden name unrevealed)
Relation: Aunt (by marriage)
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Kate Wallance
Relation: Stepmother (married Andre in 1991)
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Lars Wallance
Relation: Half brother (born 1995)
Canon; Fan (EGBFan)

William Wallance
Relation: Uncle
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Future Relatives
Robert "Robbie" Wallance
Relation: Son (born 2025)
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Thomas Wallance
Relation: Nephew (born 2023)
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

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