Eric Stantz

Son of Dr. Ray Stantz.

"Magic, I bet, JC...It's cool stuff...when used for good instead of evil.

Character created by "Jim Harley" (Al/OgreBBQ) and Fritz Baugh

Personal Timeline of Eric Stantz
1959 October 13 Raymond Francis Stantz is born in the Bronx.

Sometime before 1970, the Stantzes move to Morrisville, but the timing and reasons of this move have not been established. It is believed that an unnamed brother of David's lives in or near Morrisville. Ray meets Elaine Fuhrman, and has his first crush on her.

Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Ray Stantz, and Dr. Egon Spengler are fired from Columbia, and form Ghostbusters Inc.

The Ghostbusters encounter their counterparts from the year 2023; Eric Stantz is among the "future" Ghostbusters. 1991
Ray Stantz meets Elizabeth Hawthorne, the Hermetic maga known as "Lady Enlightenment"

Late 1991
Ghostbusters Inc. is dissolved once more, at Egon's instigation, leading to a major rift with the other Ghostbusters as well.

Ray accepts a job as a reasearcher at Stanford. This ends when an accident destroys his lab--he is fired from Stanford and forced to work a series of demeaning odd jobs--by the end of 1997, he's a used car salesman in Colorado.

Ray Stantz marries
The exact timing of Ray's marriage and the identity of his wife have not been established. Elaine Fuhrman ("Look Homeward Ray" is one possibility. Liz Hawthorne ("Shadow of the Inquisitors", "The Zodiac Imperative") is also a very strong possibility, especially with Eric's future as a wizard himself.

July 26. Birth of Eric Stantz

Late in the year, the original Ghostbusters are reunited by the efforts of Janine Melnitz. Ray and his family return to New York in early 1998, and resume activities with the company.

The present-day Ghostbusters are once again aided by the 2023 version of Eric and the other Ghostbusters.

During the battle between the Ghostbusters and the Herald of Gozer, Eric manifests the "Gift" for mystic power for the first time.

Future Fate:
Eric Stantz becomes a member of his father's company, but follows a different approach: Eric is trained by the Order of Hermes as a wizard, specifically by Vincent Belmont, and by 2023 is using that power as a member of Ghostbusters New York
Known Relatives of Eric Stantz
Dr. Ray Stantz
Relation: Father
Canon: Core character, though their relation is Fan

Mother--Identity unrevealed as of this writing (1/06) Elaine Fuhrman's father was a policeman in Morrisville; Liz Hawthorne has a sister and a nephew in Nova Scotia.
Elaine Furhman is RGB canon; Liz Hawthorne is Fan (Fritz Baugh and Jim Harley)

Andrew MacMillan (deceased)
Relation: Great Uncle
Canon: RGB

Major Carl Stantz, USAF
Relation: Uncle
Canon: GB1 novelization. Carl has a wife and two sons (Eric's cousins), but their names have not been revealed.

Carolyn MacMillan Stantz (deceased)
Relation: Grandmother
Canon: Combines GB1 novelization and Fan (Shiela Paulson) Maiden name is RGB.

Dr. David Stantz (deceased)
Relation: Grandfather
Canon: combines GB1 novelization and Fan (Shiela Paulson)

Gaylord Stantz (deceased)
Relation: Great Uncle
Canon: RGB

Jean Stantz
Relation: Aunt
Canon: GB1 novelization. By 1983 she has married and divorced, and has a daughter (Eric's cousin)--Jean's married name and the name of her child are unrevealed.

Lois Stantz
Relation: Great Aunt
Canon: RGB

Samantha Stantz
Relation: Third cousin
Canon: RGB; exact relation is Fan (Matthew Riddle)

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