Professor Egon Spengler

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Director of Research for Ghostbusters International; Co-Founder of Ghostbusters Inc.

""Harm one follicle on my offspring's head, and every particle of your body will be taking seperate vacations. You have my word on that."

The Personal Timeline of Professor Egon Spengler
Late 1940's or Early 1950's
Edison Spengler, son of Polish immigrants, marries. His wife dies either during or shortly after the birth of their first child, Ellis Spengler. Edison sends Ellis to the child's maternal family to raise.

Edison meets Katharine Melton, a very distant cousin. Katharine pursues him and they marry.

November 21 Egon Spengler is born in Cleveland Ohio

1961 (approx)
A supernatural entity known as the Boogeyman begins terrorizing young Egon. It inspires the young prodigy to begin to study the paranormal

Twelve year old Egon gets his first degree in Physics from MIT

Fifteen year old Egon begins taking parapsychology courses at Columbia University. Due to an administration mix-up, he is dormed with a jock freshman named Peter Venkman

Egon becomes a protege of dimensional physics researcher Ian Epimetheus

Egon and Venkman meet and befriend Columbia student Ray Stantz. By 1983, the three all have PhDs and work as parapsychology researchers at Columbia's Weaver Hall

Egon's first experiment in dimensional breaching ends in disaster, and the insanity of Micheal Draverhaven

Sept. 28. Jennifer "Jen" Spengler is born to Egon's half brother Ellis.

Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Ray Stantz, and Dr. Egon Spengler are fired from Columbia, and form Ghostbusters Inc. Janine Melnitz is hired as the Ghostbusters' secretary. She begins pursuing him, but he finds it annoying at first.

Battling the demons of Ragnarok, Egon begins to realize that he's love with Janine...

Ghostbusters Inc. is forced from business, and Egon returns to academic work. Ironically enough, he is rehired by Columbia University

Late in the year, Ghostbusters Inc. reactivates.

After Janine ends her brief fling with accountant Louis Tully, she and Egon begin to slowly rebuild their relationship

Egon declares his love for Janine, and frees her from the power of the makeoverus lotsabucks. After this, their relationship begins to become more serious.

Late 1991
Janine and Egon break up. Ghostbusters Inc. is dissolved once more, at Egon's instigation, leading to a major rift with the other Ghostbusters as well.

Egon assumes sole control over Ghostbusters Central and sentry over the Ecto Containment Unit.

Egon returns to academia once more, this time becoming a professor at New York City Community College.

Egon is tested by the "Voice of Knowledge", Sarim-Lar.

The appearance of the disease spirit Achira forces Egon to recruit his four latest students to become a new team of Ghostbusters (the so-called "Extreme" Ghostbusters). Simultaneously, Janine Melnitz reenters his life, and she later helps restore his severed relationships with Venkman, Ray, and Winston

Egon's niece Jen joins GBI as a member of the new Ghostbusters Nightsquad team.

In December, Egon finally proposes to Janine, and the two are engaged.

At long last, after fifteen years of confusion, denial, and reversals, the wedding of Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz occurs.

June 13 Birth of Eden Marie and Johnathan Christopher Spengler.

Egon is present at the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks. He survives, though he and other attendees of a paranormal conference are stranded for a few days.

Future Fate
Egon and Janine live essentially "happily ever after", and are still alive and together until at least 2023 ("Future Shocks")
Known Relatives of Professor Egon Spengler
Janine Melnitz Spengler
Relation: Wife (married 1998)
Canon: Janine is Core Canon, though their marriage is Fan

Eden Marie Spengler
Relation: Daughter (born 1999)
Canon: Fan (created by Fritz Baugh)

Johnathan Christopher Spengler
Relation: Son (born 1999)
Canon: Fan (created by Fritz Baugh)

Dr. Edison Spengler (deceased)
Relation: Father
Canon: Fan (name by Fritz Baugh)

Katharine Melton Spengler
Relation: Mother
Canon: RGB. Name from Sheila Paulson and Fritz Baugh

Deann Melnitz Irwin
Relation: Sister-in-law
Canon: Seen in RGB; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Joshua Irwin
Relation: Brother In Law
Canon: Seen in RGB; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Victor Irwin
Relation: Nephew (by marriage)
Canon: RGB; last name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Denise Melnitz
Relation: Mother-In-Law
Canon: Seen in RGB; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Fritz Melnitz
Relation: Father-In-Law
Canon: Seen in RGB; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Christopher Melton (deceased)
Relation: Great Grandfather
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Dr. Frederick Melton (deceased)
Relation: Grandfather
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

"Romulus" (full name unrevealed)
Relation: Descendant (24th Century)
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Dr. Cyrus Spengler
Relation: Uncle
Canon: RGB

Dr. Ellis Spengler
Relation: Half brother
Canon: Fan (Jen Spengler and Fritz Baugh)

Eli Spengler (deceased)
Relation: Ancestor (17th century)
Canon: RGB

Ezekiel Spengler (deceased)
Relation: Ancestor (17th century)
Canon: Fan (name by Matthew Riddle)

Jennifer "Jen" Spengler
Relation: Niece
Canon: Fan (Jen Spengler)

Zedikiah Spengler (deceased)
Relation: Ancestor (18th century)
Canon: RGB

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