Charlene Zeddemore

Daughter of Winston Zeddemore and his wife Kaila

“We’re two hot New York babes - we can handle it. It’ll be like a slo-mo deodorant commercial.”

Character created by Fritz Baugh and "OgreBBQ". Development by Brian Reilly and Rosey Collins

Personal Timeline: Charlene Zeddemore
Winston Zeddemore responds to an ad from a bunch of nutjobs calling themselves "Ghostbusters" and is hired by them. He promptly finds himself in a fight for the fate of the world against a hundred foot marshmallow man.

Sometime between 1983 and 1985, Winston is introduced to Kaila McMillan, a former coworker of Ghostbuster secretary Janine Melnitz. Winston and Kaila begin dating.

Ghostbusters Inc. is dissolved

December 20. Winston Zeddemore marries his longtime girlfriend, Kaila MacMillan, a museum curator.

After the break up of Ghostbusters, Winston and his wife move to Montana, and Winston gets a job piloting a small commutor jet.

Charlene Zeddemore is born late in the year.
Though at this point it is being established that Charlene is Winston and Kaila's oldest child, she is not necessarily their only one

Late in the year, the original Ghostbusters are reunited by the efforts of Janine Melnitz. Winston and his family return to New York in early 1998, and resume activities with the company. At some point by 2004, Charlene develops a crush on GBNY employee Roland Jackson.

Peter Venkman's family permanently moves back to New York; Charlene forms a close friendship with his daughter, Jessica.

Future Fate:
By 2023, Charlene is involved with her father's company in some capacity. She at the very least reports to GBI HQ on the status of the Eiffel Tower's containment system
One possibility is that Charlene is a founder, member, or advisor to a GBI franchise based in Paris. This has not been established, however
Known Relatives of Winston Zeddemore
Winston Zeddemore
Relation: Father
Canon: Core character; relationship is Fan

Kaila MacMillan Zeddemore
Relation: Mother
Canon: Mentioned but not named in RGB. Seen in RGB#23 (comic). Name is Fan (Brian Reilly)

Shima-Buku (deceased)
Relation: Ancestor
Canon: RGB

Edward Zeddemore
Relation: Grandfather
Canon: RGB

Lucille Zeddemore
Relation: Grandmother
Canon: GB1 novelization (Richard Mueller); in The Return she is given the name Evangelean; we are treating this as apocryphal. The name Evangelean was moved to Winston's sister.

Evangelean Zeddemore (Married name unrevealed)
Relation: Aunt
Canon: Mentioned in XGB; Name is Fan (Fritz Baugh), but inspired by Winston's mother's name in The Return (iB)

Cousin (name unrevealed)
Canon: Mentioned in GBLegion#1; is presumed, but not necessarily, the son of Winston's sister. Was born probably at least a year before 1984.

Uncle (Name unrevealed)
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh). All established at this moment is that he was a former construction worker for Ed Zeddemore. He is presumably the father of Winston's nephew.

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