The Rules
  1. Respect the Administration (me) and any Mods I select. I know that seems a bit obvious, but I come from the Ghostbusters Community, and that can be a zoo sometimes. You don't have to agree with me, but don't come here just to badmouth me or anyone else. Contribute positively or I'll ban your ass so fast you'll be picking your underwear out of your ears.

  2. Show respect for the work it takes to do what I do. It takes some time and skill to write stories and do all that artwork--keep that in mind before you rip anything I (or anybody else) writes a new one. The Management (me and my Mods) reserve the right to toast any unduly negative and non-constructive criticism.

  3. Show respect for other users. I don't really go for flame wars, but I believe in the doctrine of "Power is used best if used least". That being said, if things get out of control, I will act. Argue, but do it judiciously.

  4. Use the bad words sparingly, or that will change: sound like a Quentin Tarantino character and you may face banning.

  5. Egon and Janine Forever. Well, okay, this is more of a guideline than a rule...but it serves notice that The Boss Is A Shipper.

  6. The Netsolo Clause: Don't fill my inbox with complaints about other users. This isn't kindergarten and I'm not the homeroom teacher.

  7. This site will not support links to the following: full book scans of current comic titles, confidence schemes (no links to, folks ), fansubs of licensed anime titles (nonlicensed ones I may permit. May), or porn sites. The management reserves the right to delete any post relating to the above, and to ban the user posting them. (I have nothing against pornography, mind you, but I don't want to get thrown off the server :p)

  8. No spam. You know what Spam is? It's fake meat that some people enjoy but most don't. Don't do it. I know a ninja who will flip and cut your head off if you do it (he's the one who came up with the "fake meat" rant...). Posts consisting of one word or a few smileys are subject to deletion.

  9. Try to stay on topic. A bit of drift is one thing, but don't hijack a thread. And there's a little thing called "search"--use it before starting a topic. (C'mon...the place will probably never be all that big, right?)

  10. All posts must be in English. This isn't my rule, this is Proboards rule.

  11. Have fun. This is a web site, not anything Important. If you're getting physically upset by anything here, it's not worth it.

Thanks for Stopping By
--Fritz V. Baugh

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