The black Cadillac Miller Meteor tore down the street, sirens blazing. It was of similar vintage and make to the original ECTO-1, but in addition to it's black paint job it was adorned with a lot of antennae. The Ghostbuster logo on the doors was painted purple, and the license plate read "ECTO-1X"

"They're heading where?!" Bo Holbrook did a double take as he gripped the microphone.

"[REDACTED]..." Ray's voice came back. "We're on our way further down the Avenue to set up the traps...but we need you guys to slow him down, and drain as much power as you can. Seward and the Manhattan guys are on their way with the rest of the Extreme team...they'll meet you at Broome Street"

"Great..." Bo muttered "Like I need them slowing me down..." A chuckle came from one of the two guys in the back seat, causing the other to look at him quizzically.

"Behave". The blonde woman in the passenger seat said to Bo firmly. Which made both men in the back seat chuckle.

The four members of Ghostbusters Nightsquad had just parked and opened their doors when a second Cadillac pulled up. It looked even more like the ECTO-1 driven by Ghostbusters New York than the ECTO-1X did.

In truth, the vehicle was the original ECTO-1, purchased by Ray Stantz in 1983, and retired when the team reunited in late 1988. The original Ghostbusters and their successors had driven the second ECTO-1 (briefly known as the ECTO-1A due to the vagarities of license registration law) for the fifteen years since; in 2000, when Vincent Belmont and Gabriel Martin formed the Ghostbusters Manhattan franchise, Venkman had given them the original car (something it took Ray Stantz a while to forgive him for...the fact that Ray got to help with getting the old girl running again had helped, though)

Bo snorted as the Manhattan guys and three of the "Extreme" Ghostbusters got out of the car. "You ladies ready to go?"

Dr. Harry Seward, acting leader of the Manhattan franchise, regarded Holbrook though his glasses. "I'm sure Miss Griffin is quite are the rest of us."

"Just keep that asshole out of my damn way..." Garrett muttered, arming his proton pack.

After helping Bo don the massive "Super Pack" he'd built (the device that had helped catch the Blair Witch five years before, for one) Tom Morgan leaned in close to "Ecto" Ernie Slaughter. "There something I'm missing here?"

"Bo and the 'Extreme' kids don't get along...I'll tell you the whole story later." Ernie replied.

"A bit like old times, isn't it?" Dr. Gabriel Martin smirked as he armed his thrower. "Other than not having Vincent here to offer some droll comments..."

"The gizmo loaded and ready to go?" Eduardo asked Kylie.

Kylie hefted the proton rail gun. "As ready as I get..."

"Interesting device..." Gabriel remarked.

"You know, we had the black flight suits first..." Bo scowled.

"Bite me." Eduardo retorted.

Jen Spengler coughed loudly. "We're in position, Ray..." she spoke into her cel phone.

"Winston, Roland, and I aren't there yet, Jen. Ray's voice replied. "Give us at least five minutes if possible"

"Will do. Aunt Janine?"

"Get he comes..."

Not that they needed to be told. The vibrations and the booming but squishy impacts of Stay Puft's feet were impossible to ignore.

Scene break

"On three..." Gabriel barked.

"THREE!!!" Eight voices roared in unison. Garrett Miller, Eduardo Rivera, Jen Spengler, Ernie Slaughter, Tom Morgan, Gabriel Martin, Harry Seward, and Victor Hyuga each sent a proton beam into the sky, hitting the beaming Marshmallow Man.

"You ready, Elvira?" Bo said, arming his oversize Super Pack.

"Don't make me hurt you, Holbrook." Kylie replied, wrinkling her nose.

"Promises, promises..." Bo retorted, stomping out his cigarette.

Both took aim.

"Yipee Ki-yah, Motherf..."


The massive oversize beam of the Super Pack and the plasma cartridge from the rail gun hit the giant creature.

The night sky reverberated, as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man howled in pain, and started to fall backward.

"OH SHIT!!!" Ernie screamed.

"TAKE COVER!!!" Jen shouted.

"He's falling over!!! Isn't this good?!" an exasperted Bo cried.

"Not when he hits the ground!!!" Kylie answered.

Scene Break
Several of the other Ghostbusters appeared, still woozy from the shock of Stay Puft's fall.

"Doctor Stantz!!! Mister Zeddemore!!!" Tom Morgan shouted.

"Don't get any closer!!! The suction is..." Ray started to say, before the howling winds picked him up off the ground.

"Oh damn!!!" Winston cursed, as he too was ripped from the ground.

"We gotta do something!!!" Eduardo shouted through the winds.

Jen armed her thrower. "We could invert the flow through the gate like Uncle Egon and the others did in '83...cross the streams."

"But Ray and Winston would be caught in the explosion!" Gabriel pointed out.

"Whoa!!!" Tom cried, as the winds knocked him down.

"Hang on!!!" Eduardo said, grabbing him and grabbing a nearby light post.

Jen spared one last glance as she tried to reach cover...

She saw Stay Puft, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore pulled into the angry purple portal's maw.

And with that, as suddenly as it began, the winds dissipated.

The hole in the sky was gone.

Scene break
Janine looked at the abruptly quiet scene, fighting off the urge to either scream or puke up her lunch.

"Mrs. Spengler? You still there?"

"I'm here, Ernie...go ahead..."

"We've gotten everyone accounted for, no life-threatening injures...Roland took a bad hit, and Dr. Seward says he should probably go to the hospital to make sure he isn't concussed...and the ECTO-1X was knocked on it's side, so you can imagine the filth coming out of Bo's mouth right now."

"Yeah..." she nodded, and smiled joylessly. "I'll...I'll be down there as soon as I can. Make sure everyone knows I'm all right."

"Will do, Ma'am."