Ghostbusters International: The Official History

The Official History

Compiled by Janine Melnitz Spengler, GBNY Client Administrator

With the advise and consent of the following GBI Members:
Dr. Fritz V.Baugh, GBWC (Creator of the original Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline)
Iain Bennett, GBUK
Ben King Sr, GBUK
Roger Johnson, GBUKGS
Dr. Jeff Chrismer, GBWC
Dr. Vincent Belmont, GBAD
Bo Holbrook, GBNS
Jen Spengler, GBNS

And from the original Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline:
Dr. Matthew Riddle
Dr. Brian Reilly, ECTO Canada
Rev. Vincent Crapello, GBNOMAD
Salina Duran, GBDP
Rose Prevost, GBWC Client Administrator
Rosey Collins, GBUKGS
Chris Buchner, NYPD
Doctor Spectrum
Princess Artemis

c.8000 BC

Rise of Atlantis. It is destroyed when a Gozer cult betrays the Royal Family and sparks a war with the followers of Hob Anagarak.

Driano-Noge, the demon known as The Undying One, master of the African nation of Tangalla, is challenged by the wizard one day known as "The Collector". The Collector fails, and is banished to the land of lost objects. The twin keys to the realm are held by the Undying One until his own defeat, where they become heirlooms kept by the descendants of Shima-Buku

c.7000 BC

Hob Anagarak, the demonic creature holding sway over the Arctic, is imprisoned in a block of black ice. It is said in Inuit legend that after this, the land grew cold

c.3500 BC

The Sumerian civilization forms in Mesopotamia. The Sumerians invent writing (cuniform) and the pantheon worshipped by the Sumerians and their successors, the Babylonians and Hittites, include many colorful figures such as Marduk, god of the city; his nemesis, the great dragon Tiamat; Gozer the Gozarian, and it's minions Zuul and Vinscortho; and the elemental spirits Anshar and Khishor.

c.3000 BC

Shima-Buku, cheiftain of the Ibandi people of Tangalla, defeats the Undying One and imprisons him in three stones that were scattered throughout the borders of Tangalla.

Anthal-Noge, the Lord of Gloom, the Undying One's brother and servant, is similarly bound to a giant crystal that is later cut into gems, the "gloom gems" or "hearts in eclipse"

c.2800-2075 BC

Construction of Stonehenge, marker of a powerful sight where "ley lines" of psycho-kinetic energy cross in a nexus. The sight was an astronomical observatory utilized by it's mysterious builders and later by the Druids.

c.2600 BC

The Great Pyramid of Giza is constructed, first and greatest of the pyramids of Egypt. A Necropolis of a deceased pharoah, they also mark a very powerful series of ley line nexi.

c.2000 BC

Height of the civilization of ancient Egypt. Among the main gods of the pantheon is Anpu, the jackal-headed god of death, who's name was translated by the Greeks as "Anubis", as well as the insect god Abshi

c.1600 BC

An Egyptian chronicle mentions a powerful Hyksos diety known as "Zuul, the Gatekeeper, minion of Gozer"

c.500 BC

Rise of the classical Greek civilization, which included a colorful pantheon of gods that were later co-opted by the Roman Empire. In 1984, one powerful entity would claim to in fact be the Greek shapeshifting god Proteus.

4 BC

The first year of the Age of Pisces; the appearance of the Zodiac Lords is foiled when the flow of PKE to their intended arrival spot is stunted by mystics of the Cult of Mercury.


The historical events related to the legendary rise and fall of Camelot occur. Lost among the rush of more colorful figures is thuggish lord Sir Bruce Sans Pite', who is punished for his many crimes by being bound--reportedly by none other than Merlin himself--into a tapestry. King Arthur's sword Excalibur would later be given to GBUK member Iain Bennett


Death of Arab madman Abdul Al-Hazred (more accurately rendered as "Abd Al-Azrad"), writer of a collection of dark spells and lore related to "Khadhulu" and the "Great Old Ones" known as the Kitab Al-Azif. When translated by Western scholars into Greek and Latin, centuries later, it would become known as the Necronomicon, the source work that 20th century horror writer HP Lovecraft would use to create his Cthulhu mythos.


The Order of Hermes is formed. This order of mystics--the descendants of the Mercury cults of Roman times--would be the leading mystick order throughout the Middle Ages; though the Age of Reason would cause them to melt into the shadows, they are still the leaders of magic society at the dawn of the Third Millenium


Career of the Hermetic Archmage known as "Zandrik Fallagar". Born in Germany, and trained by House Jerbiton, he would become a notable member of the Order before disappearing from view during the Rennaissance.

The first Baron Igor Vashnivski builds Vashniv Castle in Transylvania. It is unclear, but presumed, that he is the same Baron Igor Vashnivski who is embraced by a vampire of the Tzimsce clan.


A Renaissance painter--possibly Piero della Francesca or Raphael--paints an image of four angels and a cherub. The figures bear distinct resemblances to five people who would not be born for some five hundred years: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, and Dana Barrett's son Oscar Wallance. Speculation following this revelation in 1989 would include that the painter had a psychic premonition.


Birth of Vlad Tepes in a small kingdom in the Carpathian mountains. He is the son of the hated "Vlad the Dragon" ("Vlad Dracul" in the Transylvanian tongue), but Vlad the younger far exceeds his father's cruelty. Tepes becomes known as Vlad the Impaler, and even more famously as "The Son of the Dragon": Dracula. According to folklore, he "dies" by being embraced by a vampire of the Tzimsce clan, going on to become the Count Vladimir Dracula featured in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel. Count Vostok of Buldavia would claim, in 1985, to be the "true" Dracula, but that account is later disproven. Presumably Tepes' career is influential on another Carpathian despot a century later, Vigo the Carpathian.


June 24. Birth of Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf, who later terrorizes Eastern Europe as a despot and necromancer known most famously as Vigo the Carpathian, but also as Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Despised, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Unholy, the Scourge of Carpathia, and the Sorrow of Moldavia.


Vigo the Carpathian paints his dynamic self portrait. Following a common practice of the time, he paints it over another, older work depicting four strange archangels and a cherub. Unbenownst to the world until 1988, Vigo ensorcelled the painting to contain his essence after his death


Vigo the Carpathian is killed by his subjects, having lived 105 years. He is shot, hung, stabbed, and drawn and quartered. Before finally expiring, his severed head delivering the prophesy "Death is but a Doorway, Time is But a Window; I'll be back"


Ancestors of Dana Barrett emmigrate to the English colonies of North America, presumably on the Mayflower.


Some members of a family of German scholars, the Spenglers, emmigrate to the English colonies of North America, settling in the town now known as Lewistown, Massachussetts, and converts from Judiasm to Christianity (possibly a Puritan brand). At some point prior to the Twentieth Century, another faction would settle in Ostrov, Poland.


Phineus Eventide is born. He would grow up to become one of the most powerful wizards in the world, and before his death in 1991 is regarded as the Prince of Warlocks. He was a member, and ultimately the Primus, of the Order of Hermes' House Criamon.


Eli Spengler saves the colony town of Lewistown. Massachussets from the witch Kestrel, imprisoning her in a crystal containment unit. Elias's descendants will include Zediciah, 18th century wizard, and 20th century Ghostbuster Egon Spengler


Zediciah Spengler, a deranged dabbler in the occult, conjures a small dragon, then imprisons him in a well. The scholarly Spengler family comes to regard him as an embarrassment: one descendant would label him one of the "loons and scoundrels of the family"


Christmas. English buisnessman Ebeneezer Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. He regains the Christmas spirit, and his story is chronicled by Charles Dickens and his 1843 book, A Christmas Carol. The chronicle does not include the fact that four travellers from 1984 nearly foil the event.


A witch spirit tries to invade the body of Ginevra Jacobs, intent on murdering Ginevra's son Aaron to seal the posession. Two time travellers from the year 1990--Ghostbusters Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz, the latter a cousin of one of Ginevra's descendants--prevent the posession. Only the two time travellers know that this creates an alternate timeline, as originally Aaron Jacobs did die and Ginevra's body was posessed until 1990. Aaron Jacobs would grow up to become the first disabled Congressman from New York.


A Russian family emigrates to the United States; unbenownst to them, they are accompanied by a small group of domovyen house spirits. Ghostbuster Ray Stantz would be a descendant of this family.


The New York Pneumatic Rail Road (NYPRR)is first built, the brainchild of Alfred Beach. As envisioned by Beach, it serves as a system of mass transit in Manhattan despiet early opposition of corrupt politco Boss Tweed and others. It is later phased out in favor of the famous subway system; some parts of the pneumatic are abandoned; one juncture, Van Horne Station, becomes an important early part of the return of Vigo the Carpathian in 1988.


The Eiffel Tower is debuted at the World's Fair in Paris. Unknown to the world at large, it's creator, Gustav Eiffel, was a ghost hunter and the tower his containment system.


Birth of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who in the early 20th century would write many horror novels in what will be referred to by some as the "Cthulu Mythos" before his death in 1937. Unbenownst to the world at large, Lovecraft did not create the Cthulhu mythos: he drew it from the ancient mystic text known as the Necronomicon. Ray Stantz would be a voracious reader of Lovecraft's works, which inspired his own studies of the supernatural.

Detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson are helped in the solving of several mysterious crimes--by four men from over a century in the future: Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore


Bram Stoker's novel Dracula is released, a story of the vampire Count Vladimir Dracula and his battles with John Harker and the Van Helsing family. The Dracula legend had it's roots in the 15th Century Carpathian despot Vlad Tepes, The Impaler; almost a century later, Count Vostok of Buldavia claims that the book is a fictionalized and slanted account of his battles with the fanatical Van Helden family. However, GBI would later discover that Vostok's claims are untrue.


Members of the Stantz family immigrate to the United States from Switzerland; They purchase a dairy farm in Islip, New York that had been worked for ten generations by the Peterson family. They have two sons--one would inherit the farm (which would one day be run by his granddaughter Samantha), while the other would move to the Bronx and marry a descendant of Russian immigrants--the second son would be the grandfather of Ray Stantz


Ivo Shandor, an Albanian medical student, forms a cult dedicated to the worship of Gozer the Gozarian, an ancient Sumerian deity also known as The Destructor and The Traveller. Shandor believed that society was too sick to survive, and performed many "unnecessary" surgeries, experimenting with the pacifiction of humans. He also branched out into architecture, creating the design for 550 Central Park West, the 1983 residence of Dana Barrett and Louis Tully. His cult had over one thousand members at the time of his death.


The parents of Edison and Cyrus Spengler, originally of Ostrov, Poland, emmigrate to the United States and settle in Cleveland, Ohio. Thier two sons would follow in the family tradition of scientific pursuits, becoming a physicist and a biochemist respectively.


Birth of Nathaniel Masterson to Billy-Joe Masterson and a hooker in Providence, Rhode Island


Charles Conrad ("Charlie") Venkman is born on October 31 to a circus ticket taker in Sedalia, Missouri; raised in the atmosphere of the sleazy circus (most circuses are not necessarily sleazy, but this one was) he grows up with some very warped values. He has at least one brother, Alf, who would grow up to be the "white sheep" of the family, owner of a farm in Iowa


Nathaniel Masterson is abandoned, and becomes a ward of the state of Rhode Island


A son of the Stantz family that immigrated to the US in the Early 20th Century marries a granddaughter of the Russian family that immigrated in the 1860's. They would settle in the Bronx, and have at least three children: Gaylord, Lois, and David. Gaylord would settle in Queens and become proprietor of a joke shop; he apparently never marries. Lois would never marry either, and would inherit her parent's house (the house her mother's Russian ancestors built). David would become a doctor and one day move to Morrisville, in upstate New York.

Dr. Frederick Melton marries a descendant of the Lewistown Spenglers, and they have at least one child, a daughter, Katharine. Katharine is doted on by her maternal grandfather, Christopher Melton.

Charles Foster Hearse begins his publishing empire, featuring such eclecic magazines as Spooks Illustrated, which would eventually be read by all four of the future Ghostbusters (Venkman especially enjoying the swimsuit issue). Hearse would be succeeded by his heirs, son Charles Foster Jr.and in 1984, grandson Charles Foster III


Superman debuts in the pages of Action Comics No.1, the first superhero comic book. It would inspire scores of imitators and swipes, among them the 1960's hero Captain Steel

Alberto Juan Rivera is born in Mexico. He would immigrate to the United States and settle in New York City, become a policeman, marry, and sire two sons: Carlos and Eduardo


The World's Fair is held in New York. The Toad Island amusement park, founded by descendants of Deep One/human hybrids, is at the peak of it's attendance.


Career of the Crime Patrol. Composed of the Crimson Crimebuster, the Lunar Avenger (Robert Weinberg), Doc Hazzard (Will Murray Hazzard, a scientific genius and minor telepath), and the Dark Dwarf. Their archnemesis is a sinister sorcerer named Fu Fang. Hazzard is also a friend of Dr. Fredrick Melton.

Airplanes on polar exploration missions begin to disappear into the geomagnetic disturbance leading the inner Earth realm of Ceratel. Over the next fourty-plus years, four of those pilots find each other, learn the dinosaur languages, and discover ways of fermenting fuel from fruit trees. These humans become known by the citizens of Ceratel as the "Legion of the Lost"


Nathaniel Masterson runs away from the orphanage, and lives at the river with a tribe of otters.


Nathaniel Masterson is adopted by "rednecks" who nickname him "Otter" because they "Can't pernounce his real name"


Otter Masterson enters Virginia TECH. He later helps develop the ram jet.


Criminals Tony and Nunzio Scoleri are electrocuted. They were sentenced to death after sucessfully being prosecuted by a young lawyer named Steven Wexler in one of the first cases of his forty-plus year career. They would be summoned back to try and take revenge on Wexler by the slime of Vigo the Carpathian in 1988.

Otter becomes an assembly line worker at Boeing


December. The Crime Patrol disbands after their final battle with Fu Fang. The Lunar Avenger, Robert Weinberg, would marry and have at least two sons, Alan and Matthew. Hazzard would retire to research work, and annually check the stasis capsule containing Fu Fang until the sorcerer's escape in late 1988


Edison Spengler marries his college sweetheart; she gives birth to their son, Ellis, but dies during or shortly after their son's birth. Ellis is given to his mother's family to raise. A few years later, Dr. Edison Spengler serves an internship under Will Hazzard, and in the process meets Hazzard's secretary, Katharine Melton, a distant relative who's mother descended from the Lewistown Spenglers. In part because of his resemblance to her notable ancestor Elias, Katharine pursues Edison and the two marry.

Dockworker Fritz Melnitz, of Brooklyn, New York, meets office worker Denise Brandenburg. Melnitz pursues her almost from the first, but she heavily denies reciprocating the feelings until he is injured in a work accident and spends some time in the hospital. The two finally marry, and settle in the Canarsie area of Brooklyn.

Denise Melnitz's brother, Johnathan Brandenburg, dies during the Korean War.

Norman Draverhaven is born; he and his younger brother Micheal would become interested the paranormal--Norman more in the scientific study of it, and later develop a weapon he would dub the "photon pack". In 1985, Peter Venkman would give him the insulting nickname "Professor Dweeb"


May 2. Birth of Winston Zeddemore, the son of construction worker Edward Zeddemore and his wife Lucille.
Winston has at least one sister, and by 1984 a nephew.


Peter Charles Venkman is born on October 25, in Brooklyn, New York, to Charlie and Margaret Venkman. Charlie is an intinerate salesman and con-man. Margaret dies early, and young Peter spends much of his childhood moving around to avoid the law and disgruntled marks.

Otter promoted to military engineer, where he developed and repaired new jets and spy planes dring the Cold War. He also efficiently made a great debute with high ranking officers...and their daughters.


Carl Stantz is born in the Bronx, the first child of Doctor David Stantz and his wife, the former Carolyn MacMillan of Scotland.

October 8. Dana Barrett is born to Gerald and Valerie Barrett.

Birth of Jake Kong Jr. to Jake Kong and his wife

Deann Melnitz born to Fritz and Denise Melnitz.


Nathaniel Masterson was placed as a military tactics supervisor after he was beginning to "crack" under pressure of designing the next greatest thing. He worked in that position for 12 years, until his engineering talent was again required for competition against the Russians, this time by NASA.


April 18. Birth of Louis Bartholomew Tully, the second son of Andrew and Florence Tully. His brother, Albert Robert Tully, would sire a son, Louis's nephew Lawrence

Birth of Micheal Draverhaven, the younger brother of Norman Draverhaven. Both Draverhaven children would be interested in the paranormal; Micheal would become especially interested in the power of Polynesian runes to summon etheric entities.

November 21. Egon Spengler is born in Cleveland, Ohio, to Dr. Edison Spengler and his wife Katharine. His uncle, Cyrus Spengler, will run his own research firm, Spengler Labs. Egon is given a very strict upbringing stressing academic success, so much that he was allowed no toys and reportedly an A- on a test brought a harsh reaction from his parents. At some point in his childhood, Egon is victimized by the entity called "The Boogeyman", who inspires the boy to research the supernatural.


October 28. Janine Melnitz is born to Fritz and Denise Melnitz. She has an older sister, Deann, an Aunt Bella, and a cousin named Michelle Jacobs (who by 1990 has a son, Alec)


October 13. Birth, in the Bronx, of Raymond Francis Stantz to Dr. David Stantz and his wife Carolyn (their second child) . A steady diet of comic books and pulp adventure would feed his interest in the supernatural. David Stantz would take him on visits to the Toad Island park in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Ray grew up in the upstate New York community of Morrisville, part of a large family with at least one cousin and a wise maiden aunt. Apparently he had some wierd pets and the people of Morrisville didn't think he'd amount to much. His first crush would be a girl named Elaine Fuhrman. Alan Favish was his childhood nemesis. He also had an interest in stage magic.

The Miller Meteor Cadillac Hearse/Ambulances manufactured this year are of the model that would become an icon of Ghostbusters International; cars of this model year would become both incarnations of GBNY's ECTO-1 (1983 and 1988), Nightsquad's ECTO-1X (1997), and GBWC's ECTO-1N (2003).

The firemen of the Hook and Ladder #8 repel a ghost invasion. They are aided by a team of time travellers from 1989, ironically enough the future inhabitants of their firehouse, the Ghostbusters


March 10. Rose Prevost is born in Baltimore, Maryland


Birth of Carlos Rivera, the elder son of Mexican immigrants Alberto and Carlota Rivera. Carlos would follow in Alberto's footsteps and become a member of the NYPD.


Birth of Jean Stantz, the daughter of Dr. David Stantz and his wife Carolyn.


A monster appears at the 1964 World's Fair in Flushing Meadows from a time rift, and holds five year old Janine Melnitz hostage. A man from some twenty years in the future saves her and stops the creature before returning home. Unbenownst to her at the time, the man was actually her future husband, Professor Egon Spengler
She leaves with two souvenir coins that she keeps as good luck charms. She gives one of these to Egon in 1983, on the eve of the Ghostbuster's battle with Gozer

Ray Stantz, during a visit to Toad Island with his father, gets seperated from him and encounters a mermaid. The mermaid entertains him with stories until David finds him.

Birth of Irena Cortez in El Centro, Arizona. Like her parents, Irena is born a natural werewolf, and is trained by them in the use of her powers. She would fondly remember running with them through the deserts and mountains during full moons...

A dimensional gateway appears in Southeast Asia, and supernatural creatures begin to pour out of it, perhaps attracted by the death forces released by the Vietnam conflict. Over the next four years, US military forces battle the paranormal in a secret conflict dubbed "The Unearth War". An officer named George Armstrong Badge rises to prominance and the rank of General during this conflict.


March 14. Ben King is born in Buckinghamshire, England


The Unearth War is ended when the United States activates atomic bombs on the other side of the dimensional gate. The gate is destroyed and the conflict ends. Knowledge of the Unearth War is hidden in the most top-secret of files.


The Woodstock music festival is held. Peter Venkman claims to have attended and gotten high there


Child prodigy Egon Spengler gets his first degree at the age of 12. At some point, he becomes a student of Professor Ian Epimetheus, an early researcher into dimensional physics.

Dr. David Stantz and his wife Carolyn die in an auto accident; their three children--Carl, Ray, and Jean--are seperated and raised seperately. The three seldom have contact with each other after this; by 1983, Carl in the US Air Force and married with two sons, and has the rank of Major by 2004. Jean, meanwhile has been married and divorced, had a daughter, possibly had a fling with her brother Ray's friend Peter Venkman, and is living a bisexual life style in California.

December 3. Birth of Bo Holbrook


Winston Zeddemore, son of construction worker Edward Zeddemore, is drafted to fight in the Vietnam War.

May 13. Fritz V. Baugh born in Evansville, Indiana

The 1970's

Jake Kong Sr. and his partner, Eddie Spencer Sr., fight paranormal evil as "Ghost Busters"


Peter Venkman enters college, and due to an administrative mix-up is accidentally bunked with fifteen year old prodigy Egon Spengler. Despite a bumpy start, the two bond with each other and with classmate Ryan Harness, from Tennessee.
Egon makes a breakthrough by developing a way of tracking PK energy, but he and Venkman barely escape expulsion. Ryan Harness isn't so lucky.

Egon develops the first prototype PKE Meter, which he would later term the Model 0. The first "official" incarnation, the Model 1.0, would be devised at some point before 1983.


June 27. Jeffrey R. Chrismer is born in Pennsylvania

October 31. Vincent Abraham Belmont is born in Scotland to Professor Benajmin Belmont and the former Mirian Hellsing. He is the latest hier to the Belmont family line that has battled Dracula since the middle ages


A young witch makes a deal with the demon Astorath. Astorath impregnates her in hopes that the demon halfbreed will allow him access to Earth.

Louis Tully graduates from high school, and attends college majoring in Accounting.


Ray Stantz takes one helicopter lesson, which he won free in a contest

Ray Stantz attends Columbia University. He meets and befriends Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, and Micheal Draverhaven.

Birth of Shannon Phillips. His mother is part of a coven dedicated to the demon Astorath, led by the necromantic sorcerer Nathaniel Blaque, who poses as Shannon's tutor.


Janine Melnitz graduates high school

September 10. Birth of Kyle Stevens in Mt. Olive, Alabama

October 22. Chelsea Denise Aberdeen is born in Chicago, Ilinois, to James and Pauline Aberdeen.

November 15. Birth of Iain Bennett in England


June 17. Birth of Tommy Simpson in England

Sept. 21. Roland Jackson is born in New York, the first of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson

Birth of Roger Kennedy in England

Birth of Jack Kong, the first son of Jake Kong Jr., and grandson of "Ghost Buster" Jake Kong Sr.


Jan 3. Birth of Garrett Miller to Howard and Susan Miller. Due to a congenital birth defect, his legs are completely useless and Garrett is born paraplegic

Feb. 12. Birth of Kylie Griffin, the only child of Steven Griffin and the former Jill Davies. Her parents divorce when she is very young, and she's raised by her father's maternal grandmother, Rose Lockyer. >

March 26. Victor Irwin is born to Joshua Irwin and his wife, the former Deann Melnitz.

A prototype dimensional transfer machine devised by Egon and built by Ray malfunctions, and in the aftermath their classmate Micheal Draverhaven is driven mad.

July 18. Birth of Eduardo Rivera, the second son of policeman Alberto Rivera and his wife Carlota. Eduardo has one older brother, Carlos, who follows in their father's footsteps, and marries a woman named Beth. By 1997 Carlos and Beth have a son (Eduardo's nephew) Kevin.

Sept. 28. Birth of Jennifer "Jen" Spengler, to Dr. Ellis Spengler and his wife

Birth of Joey Williams in Chicago, Illinois

Louis Tully becomes a Certified Public Accountant

October 2. Will Ketcham is born in New York; while Will is still an infant, his parents move to Maryland.

Hunters murder Irena Cortez's parents. She escapes, and the hunters are arrested the next day for parading around with their "trophies". Irena moves to New York and has herself hynpotized to forget her werewolf nature.


Dr.s Egon Spengler and Peter Venkman are employed by Columbia University to do parapsychological research. Ray Stantz eventually joins them after a year in private industry. By 1983, they are under the department management of Dean Vanevar Yaeger.

June 16. John Lipsyte is born in Los Angeles, California

June 19. Birth of Peter Kong. He is the son of Jake Kong Jr.

November 17. Birth of Robert John Griffiths in Morecambe in Lancastershire, England.

December 8. Birth of Leon Hogan in Newark, NJ.

December 22. Birth of Micheal Chad

Lawrence Tully is born to Albert Robert Tully and his wife. Lawrence is raised a very spoiled child, who gets just about everything he wants. Lawrence's uncle, accountant Louis Tully, tries very hard every year to come up with the "perfect" birthday present for him.

Mount St. Helens erupts. Afterwards, a small dimensional gate similar to the one found in Southeast Asia in the Sixties opens. General Badge, the hero of the Unearth War, spearheads the creation of the Advanced Radical Military Occult Railroad (ARMOR) charged with studying the phenomenon and preventing a second Unearth War.


Jan 1. Birth of Jeremy Hicks to Arvil and Sharon Hicks in Auburn, Indiana.

Democrat Lenny Clotch is (re?)elected as Mayor of New York City.


Tara Jackson is born in New York, the second of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson

Columbia University parapsychology researcher Egon Spengler submits Psychokinetic Energy and the Quantum Flux, the main theoretical framework upon which his later work would be based. Though it's a sensation in some circles, such as the mystic community and the fringe Etheric science movement, it recieved much disdain from the mainstream scientific community


(GB1 and "Citizen Ghost")
May. Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler are fired from Columbia University. At Venkman's suggestion, they get three loans on David Stantz's house in the Bronx and use it to form Ghostbusters Inc.

June 7. Janine Melnitz is hired as Ghostbusters Inc.'s secretary

June 8. Ghostbusters Inc. opens it's doors for business for the first time. Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz meet for the first time. Ray Stantz purchases the 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor that is later dubbed "ECTO-1"
Dana Barrett becomes the Ghostbusters' first client. Peter Venkman immediately starts hitting on her.

The Proton Pack Mark 1 and Ghost Trap Mark 1 enter service.

In their first bust, Venkman, Ray, and Egon bust the Class 5 that would later be known as their pet and mascot, Slimer. In the following weeks, the Ghostbusters burst into public view as a spate of supernatural activity grips the New York area. They attract the attention of EPA hatchet man Walter Peck.

Twelve year-old Fritz Baugh meets Nick Hogan at Camp Sherwood in Alabama

Winston Zeddemore joins as the fourth Ghostbuster.

Dana Barrett and her neighbor, accountant Louis Tully, are posessed by Zuul and Vinz Clortho, and summon the Sumerian god Gozer the Gozarian, who materializes first as a woman then as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The Ghostbusters defeat Gozer, and Venkman and Dana begin seeing each other romantically. Louis becomes famous for fifteen minutes as the spokesman for "Keymaster Cologne"

Walter Peck is fired by the EPA. He later continues his vendetta against Venkman with Bureau of Unidentified Flying Organisms (BUFO).

Despite saving the city, possibly the world, lawsuits are filed against the team for thier activities in levelling Central Park West

A man matching the description of Archmage Zandrik Fallagar appears at a Hermetic Tribunal; the Tribunal is unable to prove or disprove his identity, even though Fallagar's appearance as youthful at the age of eight centuries is beyond the bounds of known Hermetic longevity potions.

The Ghostbusters rebuild the firehouse, and build a bigger containment unit. Egon orders their old ecto-marshmallow-covered grey uniforms destroyed, but Venkman neglects to do this. A leakage from the containment unit causes the uniforms to come to life as spectral doppelgangers of the Ghostbusters, the "Anti-Ghostbusters". The Sedgewick Class Five, having escaped the containment when Peck blew it up, starts hanging around the firehouse.
Ray names the Sedgewick ghost Slimer, and the team adopts him as pet and mascot over Venkman's objections. The Ghostbusters defeat the Anti-Ghostbusters.

Egon begins using an extensively upgraded and redesigned version of the PKE Meter, the Model 2.0

Comedian Dan Aykroyd, a veteran of Saturday Night Live and a paranormal enthusiast, convinces Columbia Pictures to turn his proposed ghost-hunter movie into an account of the Ghostbusters battle with Gozer. They option the rights to the story, and the money they wave in Venkman's face to do so comes in quite useful for the rebuilding of the firehouse and the new Containment Unit. Aykroyd and Harold Ramis write a script, and are tapped to play Ray and Egon in the finished movie. Bill Murray, whom Aykroyd and Ramis had both worked with, is hired to play Venkman. Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, Sigourney Weaver, and Rick Moranis finish out the main cast as Winston, Janine, Dana Barrett, and Louis Tully.

The marshmallow substance of the Destructor is collected and placed in the new containment unit. It recongeals into the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, but without Gozer's mind it is at first mindless, then develops a simple, almost benevolent personality.


(The events of RGB Season 1 on ABC, Legion#1-4, and part of the syndicated package occurs)
Dana Barrett breaks up with Venkman shortly after the Ghostbusters deal with the Sandman and their former comrade Micheal Draverhaven.

Important encounters during this year: the Boogeyman, Samhaine, Jeremy Whittington

Ghostbusters premiered on June 8, 1984, and is a top-grossing movie (indeed, considered the highest-grossing comedy ever for several years) The financial windfall from this movie allows the formation of the franchising body Ghostbusters International, and a few franchises take the start-up package. Only one, the Northern Virginia Ghostbusters (NOVAGB) led by Dr. Norman Gagnon, survives this period


(Events of the second half of RGB syndicated and the events of Season 2)
Andrew MacMillon, Duke of Dunkeld in Scotland, dies. As per the terms of his will, his title it to be inherited by his nephew, American Ray Stantz.

Janine Melnitz is contacted by a creature that passes itself off as her "Fairy Godmother", and convinces her to allow it to "improve" her. As a side effect of this process, Janine's thought processes become increasingly erratic, and she becomes abnormally succeptible to the effects of psychomagnetheric emanations

The Ghostbusters travel to Boldavia, and meet the benevolent vampire Count Vostok, being hounded by Nicholas Van Helden, a crazed anti-vampire fanatic. At the time, Vostok claimed to be the "real" Dracula--a claim later disproven by Vincent Belmont of the Arcane Division

Peter Venkman is contacted by Dr. Norman Draverhaven, an eccentric ghost hunter who has developed an inferior weapon called a "photon pack." Draverhaven insists on joining the Ghostbusters--Venkman rudely ejects him and tags him with the insulting nickname "Professor Dweeb". Draverhaven then forms a partnership with an old college buddy and fellow spurned would-be Ghostbuster Dr. Harlan Herbert Loone; he even aquires an authentic enemy, a low-level Class Five named "The Sleaze"

Jacob Kong Jr and his partner, Eddie Spencer Jr. re-activate their father's "Ghost Buster" group. They never had the success of their more famous competitors.

Dana Barrett marries Andre Wallance, a violinist in the New York Symphony Orchestra.

The Grundle tries to corrupt Alec Meredith, intent on turning him into another Grundle, before being stopped by the Ghostbusters.

All of the Grundle's previous victims return to normal when the creature is contained except Jack Ryan, a friend of six-year old Kylie Griffin. Realizing that the Ghostbusters were about to catch him, the Grundle had this victim go into suspended animation, emerging twelve years later fully transformed into a duplicate grundle

Marcus Jackson is born in New York, the third of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson

The Ghostbuster's old "pal" Walter Peck, ex-EPA hatchet man, shows up to cause more trouble. Except now he's a hatchet man for the Bureau of Unidentified Flying Organisms, and he tries to have Slimer destroyed. It doesn't work and he's fired once more.

Other notable encounters: the Master of Shadows, second encounters with Samhaine and the Boogeyman

Democrat Lenny Clotch is reelected to his final term as Mayor of New York City


(RGB Season 3)
January 20. Ben King Jr. is born in Buckinghamshire, England, to nineteen year old Ben King and his wife, an unplanned teen pregnancy. The marriage ends up short lived, and after the divorce Ben Jr. is taken by his mother to the United States.

Janine is romanced by Paul Smart, president of Grossjuck Industries; his real purpose is to gain knowledge of confidential Ghostbuster technology to create Robobuster X-1,a ghostbusting robot that nearly drives the Ghostbusters out of business. In the end, Smart is disgraced and Grossjuck is sued and disbanded.

Four Ghostbusters from the 2020's--hyperintelligent twins John and Eden, sorcerer Eric, and British detective TJ--appear to halt the plans of Dr. Harlan Herbert Loone, who has been brainwashed by criminals in the 24th century to murder the original Ghostbusters. With his collaborator Dr. Norman "Professor Dweeb" Draverhaven, they attempt to kill first Janine Melnitz then Peter Venkman, but are foiled. The Ghostbusters catch the Sleaze shortly afterward.

Herbert Loone and Norman Draverhaven are committed to Parkview Hospital

April 30. Andrew Ryan Harness is born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is the nephew of Ryan Harness, who had studied briefly with Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler back in 1973

In the wake of the disasterous events of the last few months, several protracted lawsuits against the Ghostbusters (some dating back to the Gozer incident of 1983) are brought to court. Rather than go to trial, the team is forced to accept a plea agreement wherein they are slapped with an injunction against acting as paranormal investigators.

Having had to give up thier lives as Ghostbusters, the team finds new ways to get by. Egon Spengler returns to research, specializing in new theories on psychomagnetheric resonance in human emotional states. Ironically enough, he's hired by Columbia University. Peter Venkman becomes host of a cheezy, low budget TV program called World of the Psychic. Ray Stantz keeps busy as the proprietor of an occult bookstore, and appearing with Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbuster costume at children's parties. Janine is hired by Columbia University as Egon's personal secretary

Ryan Jackson is born in New York, the fourth of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson

Ironically enough, in the fall of 1986, an animated series based on the Ghostbusters' adventures (story edited by noted sci-fi writer J. Micheal Straczynski) is a groundbreaking ratings success.


November 21. On Egon's thirtieth birthday, he is visited by his half brother Ellis and his neice Jen. Ellis offers him a job with Spengler Labs; Egon refuses


(GB2 and RGB#1-2)
March 18. Birth of Oscar Wallance to Andre and Dana; the two divorce soon after when Andre gets an offer from a European orchestra that is too good to pass up. Dana has also given up her musical career, and works restoring paintings at the Manhattan Museum of Art under the supervision of Janosz Poha.

Birth of Kevin Rivera to NYPD policeman Carlos "Carl" Rivera and his wife Beth.

Casey Jackson is born in New York, the fifth of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson

Nick Hogan is murdered by a robber in front of his younger brother Leon. Seventeen year old Fritz Baugh attends the funeral. The murder is not solved until 2003.

Oscar Wallance is stalked by the undead Carpathian despot Vigo Von Hamburg Deutchendorf, and in the process the crisis leads to the reactivation of Ghostbusters Inc. Louis Tully is hired as accountant and legal advisor, and he and Janine date for a brief time.

December. Doc Hazzard makes his annual check on the capsule containing his arch foe Fu Fang, and discovers that Fang is gone! He immediately alerts his old comrade, the Crimson Crimebuster, who later brings in Alan Weinberg, the son of the original Lunar Avenger.


(RGB Season 4 and RGB#3-19)
In the opening hours of 1989, the Ghostbusters defeat Vigo the Carpathian.

After New Year's, the registration on the original ECTO-1 expires. The replacement, first registered as ECTO-1A, is reregistered ECTO-1. The team also returns to their original Ghostbuster logo.

Venkman and Louis sell Columbia and Dan Aykroyd the rights to do another Ghostbusters movie for quick cash to help rebuild the company; Aykroyd and Ramis decide to do an account of the battle with Vigo

Some time after New Year's, Dana Barrett recieves an offer from the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra. After some soul searching, she and Peter decide she should take it, and continue their relationship long distance

The Ghostbusters meet werewolf Irena Cortez.

The Ghostbusters and the Crime Patrol team up to defeat the ghost of Fu Fang

Fritz Baugh graduates high school in the top 10% of his class. He attends Purdue University that fall, majoring in physics

The demon Astorath, with the assistance of necromancer Nathaniel Blaque, attempts to invade Earth using his son Shannon Phillips as a lever. The Ghostbusters free Shannon from Astorath, who is in turn betrayed and apparently destroyed by Blaque. Shannon becomes the ward of Irena Cortez

The Ghostbusters meet Phineus Eventide, the Prince of Warlocks

Ghostbusters 2, featuring the entire original cast of the first movie, is released. Due to a sloppy contract drafted by Louis Tully, the studio is able to take more liberties with what "really" happened, and some of the Ghostbusters (particullarly Janine) are not happy with the finished product. Ghostbusters 2 makes only about half of the original, but is still one of the top movies of 1989.

The New York Ghostbusters journey to Ceratel to fight Nurtog, and have their third encounter with Samhaine. Janine officially ends her relationship with Louis Tully

Republican Arnie Lapinski is elected Mayor of New York City, succeeding Democrat Lenny Clotch


(RGB Season 5 and issues 20-28)
Egon frees Janine from the power of the Makeoverus Lotsabucks, and they officially begin dating.

Josiah Nodus buys up the remaining assets of Grossjuck Industries, including Grossjuck Plaza. Nodus International begins building it's influence in the business community.

Amy ("A.J.") Jackson is born in New York, the sixth of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson

July. Alberto Rivera, a member of the NYPD, originally from Mexico, is killed in the line of duty by small-time hood Sandy Drake. He is survived by his wife Carlota, sons Carlos and Eduardo, as well as a grandson, Kevin.

Dr Norman "Professor Dweeb" Draverhaven escapes from the mental hospital, and forms an alliance with "The Glob" to free Norman's old enemy, The Sleaze, from the GBNY Ecto Containment Unit.

Third encounter with the Boogeyman, fourth with Samhaine


(RGB Season 6 and RGB Vol.2)
The Ghostbusters are contacted by the mysterious businessman Josiah Nodus to undertake a lucrative errand in Transylavania. They are told that the man they are to help his aide contact, Baron Igor Vashnivski, may very well be a vampire. Upon meeting Vashnivski, his undead nature is soon verified, as he is attacked by a group nicknamed "The Inquisitors": Father Diego Portenza (a Catholic priest); Lady Enlightenment (Liz Hawthorne, a Hermetic mage of House Quaesitor); Bernard Lupin (a Werewolf of the Bone Gnawer Tribe); Lilly Peacecraft (a young psychic); and Sergei Kalashnikov, a brutal gunman. Kalashnikov is revealed as Vashnivski's descendant, Anatole Vashnivski, and in punishment the Baron embraces him. The Ghostbusters and Inquisitors are allowed to leave peacefully

Andre Wallance, Oscar's biological father, marries his second wife, Kate.

The Ghostbusters and Inquisitors stop the entities known as "The Zodiac Lords", but in the process Phineus Eventide sacrifices his life and Earth's PK matrix is seriously damaged; supernatural activity dries up almost completely, ruining GBInc's business. Vincent Belmont and Kylie Griffin are two of the people posessed by the entites; Photographer and paranormal investigator Ben King witnesses the first manifestation, captureing one of the creatures on film.

Janine Melnitz is injured during a bust, and suffers a concussion clouding much of her memory over the last year and a half--most notably in regards to the development of her relationship with Egon. Faced with this heartbreak and the plummetting profits caused by the PK drought, Egon unilaterally acts (as a founding member) to deactivate GBNY.

After the demise of Ghostbusters, Ray Stantz accepts a position at Stanford. Egon Spengler elects to remain in New York, living in the firehouse to keep an eye on the containment unit. Janine beings a rebound romance with Louis Tully

The year 1991 AD is officially recognized as the First Year of the Age of Aquarius by the "Children of Zodiac" and the Tribunal of the Order of Hermes.

December 21. Winston Zeddemore married longtime girlfriend Kaila MacMillan. Janine and Louis are the only former employees of Ghostbusters to attend.

Over the next few years the Zeddemores would move to Montana, near Winston's sister. Winston would get his pilot's license and make a living with a commuter airline.


Marriage of Peter Venkman and Dana Barrett. Ray, Janine, and Louis attend; Winston attends alone, as his wife is now pregnant.

Peter Venkman begins working as an agent for Columbia Pictures; Catharine Bartholomew is his first "discovery". By 1997 he runs his own agency, and is shopping around concepts for Ghostbusters 3 (The project never gets off the ground because Bill Murray and Brad Pitt both decline to play Venkman)

Egon Spengler begins serving as a parapsychology instructor at New York City Community College; he meets Dr. Edward Kirillian, aanother paranormal researcher with "unusual" ideas, and senior member of NYCCC's parapsychology department. In specific, he believes that three crystal skulls can be used to enslave supernatural entities.

December Birth of the first Ghostbuster offspring, Charlene Zeddemore, to Winston and his wife Kaila


Otter becomes unemployed, and starts living on the streets of Los Angeles

Ben King Sr.'s friend Andy is murdered by a demonic entity in the London Underground

April 1. Jessica Margaret Venkman is born to Peter and Dana. Dana's son Oscar Wallance (the newborn's half-brother) suggests the name.

Janine Melnitz marries Louis Tully on June 6. She's convinced within a month that it was a mistake, but stubbornly tries to make it work for some three years--though by 1996 she is living seperately from him and in 1997 files for divorce.

At some point during this period, Janine temps with Rose Prevost. Rose is decidedly unimpressed by Louis.

June 8. On the tenth anniversary of the opening of Ghostbusters Inc. Egon Spengler is tested by Sarim-Lar, Lord of the Izumo, and Voice of Knowledge. He passes the tests, but declines the creature's offer of power and knowledge. Sarim-Lar is subsequently destroyed by Nodus, who had expected Spengler to take the offer.

At some point between 1993 and 1996, Egon decides that Kirillian is too unstable a researcher and ends his relationship with him.

Edwin McShayne defeats Arnie Lapinski in the Republican primaries and is elected Mayor of New York. He had served as Attorney General under the previous mayor, Lenny Clotch


Joseph ("Joey") Jackson is born in New York, the last of the seven children of Phil and Sharon Jackson

Hayden Wallance is born to Andre and Kate


Ray Stantz (still teaching at Stanford at this time) marries

Ben King Sr. meets Iain Bennett and Tommy Simpson, laying the groundwork for the formation of SPRIG (and later, the GBUK)

Janine Melnitz works in daycare. Around this time, the last of her pre-1991 memories resurface, including the full truth about her relationship with Egon. She moves out of Louis' apartment and files for separation.

Lars Wallance, the second child of Andre and Kate Wallance (and thus Andre's third son) is born. His half-brother Oscar is the step son of former Ghostbuster Peter Venkman.

Vincent Belmont takes the Oath of Bonisagus, becoming an official magus of the Order of Hermes' House Bonisagus


Kylie Griffin's grandmother, Rose Lockyer, dies. Kylie, already a budding new-age spritualist and Ghostbuster scholar, intensifies her studies into the supernatural in hopes of contacting her grandmother's ghost.

The Hicks family, including Jeremy, moves to Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico.

Eric Stantz is born to Ray Stantz and his wife


(Extreme Ghostbusters)
Fritz Baugh, now armed with a PhD in Quantum Physics as well a degree in Historical Anthropology, becomes a staff researcher for Purdue University

Tsukiko Marie Lupin, the daughter of Barney Lupin, is born.

Professor Phillip Leon is posessed by a supernatural entity; it attacks one of Leon's students, Marie D'Angelo, but her latent psychic powers are enough to repel him. Fellow student Jeff Chrismer witnesses the attack.

Egon Spengler's latest class of students--Eduardo Rivera, Kylie Griffin, Roland Jackson, and Garrett Miller--become the new team of Ghostbusters, sometimes nicknamed the "Extreme" Ghostbusters. Janine finalizes her divorce from Louis Tully, and by the end of the year she and Egon are engaged.

The Proton Pack Mark 2, the Proton Pack Mark 3 (the "Proton Pistol"), the Ghost Trap Mark 2, and the PKE Meter Model 2.1 enter service; the packs especially are radically different from their predecessors, utilizing a "plasma core" system. In the long run, the system proves inferior to the original--the cores run through energy at an excessive rate, and lack the durability of the Mark 1's five thousand year half-life.

Roland's bratty younger brother Casey falls into the sway of the Grundle, which confuses the rest of the Ghostbusters, as the Grundle had been contained by the original Ghostbusters in 1985. Kylie releases the original Grundle to get answers, and discovers that the new Grundle was her childhood friend Jack Ryan, put into suspended animation by the old Grundle twelve years earlier. Both Grundles are defeated, and Jack's transformation is reversed.

Edwin MacShayne is elected to a second term as Mayor of New York City

The original Ghostbusters reunite on November 21, at Egon's 40th birthday party. Ray and Winston soon return to full-time duty with GBInc, and Venkman splits his time between them and LA. GBI is reactivated, and Nightsquad--comprised of Bo Holbrook, Egon's niece Jen, Ian "Shades" MacPherson, and "Ecto" Ernie Slaughter--becomes the first new official franchise

Vincent Belmont and Gabriel Angelo Martin are hired by GBInc.


Louis Tully is rehired by GBI, and becomes Chief Financial Officer

Feb. 14. Birth of Tessa Jane Anderson in England

June 14. Marriage of Professor Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz. Kylie Griffin and Eduardo Rivera become an official "item"

A laboratory accident leads to Dr. Fritz Baugh's firing by Purdue. No other institution will hire him. The closest he comes is an interview at Newark Community College; he is not hired and, out of money, settles in Newark for a time. He ends up working at a sleazy dive called the White Diamond, and in contact with his dead friend Nick's younger brother, the troubled Leon Hogan.

Emilia "Emi" Wallance, the third child of Andre and Kate Wallance, is born. She is a half-sister to Oscar Wallance, the stepson of former Ghostbuster Peter Venkman

August. Winston, Vincent, and Gabriel end up in the middle of a zombie invasion in Raccoon City. Vincent is reunited with high school sweetheart Jill Valentine

Career of "Tara J"--Roland's younger sister Tara Jackson


June 13. Birth of Johnathan Christopher and Eden Marie Spengler to Egon and Janine.

Nightsquad defeats the Blair Witch in Burkittsville, Maryland.

Leon Hogan attends Newark Community College. He leaves after a year and a half.

Vincent and Julius Belmont (with the help of Alucard, who claims to be the "son of Dracula") give "final rest" to Count Vlad Tepes Dracula forever, dispersing his essence into oblivion.


Vincent Belmont and Gabriel Martin, along with Harry Seward and Jill Valentine, form the Ghostbusters Arcane Division franchise in New York. Venkman gives them the original ECTO-1 to be their vehicle.

Bo Holbrook and Jen Spengler officially become an "item"; Vincent Belmont aids Nightsquad in foiling another zombie outbreak similar to that in Raccoon City in 1998.

Peter Kong is hired by Jim Davis to be an assistant cartoonist of the Garfield comic strip.

Fritz Baugh moves back to Indianapolis, and is employed by a local K-mart. He meets Bernice Roderick and develops a one-sided affection for her.

Leon Hogan moves to Garwood, New Jersey, and works at the Crossroads for seven months before punching the bartender (Leon had been accused of drinking on the job) After that, he becomes something of a nomadic drifter.


Oscar Wallance is manipulated into nearly killing his stepfather by a temptor demon. Birth of Conchita Rivera on May 21 to Eduardo Rivera and Kylie Griffin

Shortly after aquiring her Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Administratiion, Chelsea Aberdeen is hired by the same K-Mart that employs Dr. Fritz Baugh. The two become close friends, and in Chelsea's case by 2003 has fallen for her colleague. Fritz, still enamoured of Bernice Roderick, apparently doesn't notice.

Egon Spengler is in the World Trade Center during the September 11 attacks. He survives. Shortly after this, Venkman makes the decision to move his family back to New York City

Edwin MacShayne is elected to a third term as Mayor of New York City


Peter Kong becomes an animator on the "Dance of the Skeletons" movie, produced by Disney.

Venkman enters secret negotiations with Sebastien Clavet of Canada's 88MPH Studios about the prospect of doing a new Ghostbusters comic book.

Andy Harness, Josh Goban, and Johanthan "Bill" Rollow are attacked by the demon Ashram; they form the East Tennessee Ghostbusters (ETGB). Harness's cousin Brandon joins soon after; Mindy Baxter is hired as their Client Administrator.

When Venkman, Ray, Egon, and Winston go to London to save Tony Blair, they gain the unlikely help of the members of SPRIG: Dr. Tommy Simpson, Iain Bennett, and Ben King Senior. After successfully saving the Prime Minister, the threesome form an official GBI franchise, Ghostbusters UK


To deal with a Russian experiment gone bad, the UN and GBI cooperate to form a team of specialists, christened Ghostbusters NOMAD: Dr. Ron Daniels, of the Georgia Ghostbusters, leads the team, which includes:
Tom Sanford, Werewolf Hunter
Chris Spade, Vampire Slayer
Dan Evans, Cryptozoologist
Sam Loomis, Priest
And GBUK's Iain Bennett, Demonologist

Jeremy Hicks has an encounter with the local spirit "La Llarona", who delivers a strange prophesy to him: "Beware the snare of those who follow the neon banner of the rat...the ludicrous one and the dragon of victory, the healer and the binder of spectres...but guard yourself, for the ten will be sundered... remember my words."

GBNOMAD and GBUK are present at a major supernatural event that occurs during the invasion of Iraq by the United States

The Proton Pack Mark 4 (a return to the cyclotron concept of the Mark 1) and the PKE Meter Model 3.0 officially enter service.

Dr. Fritz Baugh and Jeremy Hicks win tickets to the premiere of "Dance of the Skeletons", the new Disney animated movie directed by Jon Dennison, a friend of GBI CEO Peter Venkman. Fritz asks co-worker Chelsea Aberdeen to accompany him on the trip

April. Jon Dennison, the director of the animated movie "Dance of the Skeletons", is murdered by an entity calling itself "The Ravisher". Peter Venkman is present at the attack, and convinces several witnesses of the attack--Dr. Joey Williams, Dr. Kyle Stevens, Peter Kong, Dr. Jeff Chrismer, Jeremy Hicks, Dr. Fritz Baugh, and Chelsea Aberdeen--to form a new Ghostbusters West Coast team. Williams is named CEO; Aberdeen becomes Client Administrator; three recruits fill out the roster: Dr. Robert Griffiths, John Lipsyte, and Micheal Chad. ETGB's Andy Harness is brought in to help train the team. The GBWC becomes the first franchise to recieve the Proton Pack Mark 3 and PKE Meter 3.0 as part of their start-up package.

Sam Loomis and Iain Bennett resign from NOMAD

Roger Kennedy is hired as GBUK's Client Administrator.

Chris Spade is posessed by a vampire entity, and leaves the group. Shortly after, the UN pulls out all funding, and NOMAD is disbanded

May. The new GBWC team confronts the Ravisher in the Sanchez Diner, but it escapes. Dr. Ron Daniels is hired as a "Mobile Agent"
June. Dr. Nathaniel Masterson ("Otter") is hired by the GBWC.

A second team of "Anti-Ghostbusters", similar to the ones the original Ghostbusters encountered in 1983, is created. They succeed in capturing Egon, Janine, Venkman, and the Extreme Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters of 2023 (keeping their true identities and connections to the present-day teams secret) aid Ray and Winston in foiling the "Anti-Ghostbusters"

June 8. GBI throws an anniversary party marking twenty years since the formation of Ghostbusters Inc.

August. GBUK associate Euan Sinclaire is killed following a hostage situation that went bad. Iain Bennett is chosen as the new bearer of Excalibur. The GBUK's ECU explodes, and the franchise is forced to shut down. Iain, Tommy, and Ben reactivate SPRIG.

Nightsquad's HQ is damaged by a cult dedicated to Samhaine, and in the process the Blair Witch is freed. The cult successfully revives their master, discorporated since Halloween 1990, and Samhaine and the Blair Witch merge. Nightsquad defeats the Hain Witch, but Ian "Shades" McPherson and "Ecto" Ernie Slaughter are killed in the process.

Eric Rose and Adam Bestler are hired as "temporary" help by Nightsquad as it tries to recover from the Hain Witch battle. Ben King Jr. is hired as Client Administrator.

GBUK's ally Detective Giles is assigned to the newly-created Occult Crimes Unit.

Vincent Belmont journeys to England, and aids the OCU and SPRIG in investigating a series of murdered perpetrated by out-of-control werewolf Leon Vega. The GBUK is reactivated, and a second team--the GBUK Graveyard Shift--is formed. Belmont serves as temporary team leader; the team is comprised of Eric Rose, Adam Bestler, Roger Johnson, and Vega. Ben King Jr., curious about the father he never knew, transfers with Rose and Bestler to England. Rosey Collins is hired as a civillian assistant.

To replace Eric Rose and Adam Bestler, Tom Morgan is hired by Nightsquad; Cliff Roswell and Zach "Yeti" Crago, formerly of the Tri-State Ghostbusters, merge with Nightsquad


February 13. Birth of Rose Rivera, the second daughter of Eduardo Rivera and Kylie Griffin.

Sandy Drake, the murderer of Alberto Rivera, is executed

April. Lord Atrocity--the avatar of the Egyptian God Anubis, the God of the Dead--conjures a pyramid in Los Angeles. His attempt to enslave the entire world is halted by the heroic efforts of the Ghostbusters West Coast and Venkman, though GBWC member John Lipsyte sacrifices himself in the process.

Ghostbusters NOMAD reactivates. Ron Daniels leaves the GBWC and rejoins NOMAD. Dr. Will Ketcham of the Maryland Ghostbusters is hired by the GBWC to replace Ron. Leon Hogan is hired to fill John Lipsyte's postion in the GBWC roster.

Father Vincent Crapello, a Catholic priest, joins NOMAD.

Jeremy Hicks is posessed by the spirit of Vinz Clortho

Oscar Wallance (under the stage name Oscar Venkman) and three friends form the rock band "Mood Slime"; he also begins to date Roland Jackson's younger sister AJ.

Roland Jackson attains his PhD in Electrical Engineering

Brian "Reilly" Walker and Chris Davis form ECTO Canada

June 8. The original Ghostbusters, the Extreme Ghostbusters, Nightsquad, ECTO Canada, both units of the GBUK, and the GBWC work together to foil the new effort by Vinz Clortho and Zuul (posessing English martial arts teacher Sarah Jones) to once again summon Gozer to Earth.

Vincent Belmont and Jill Valentine resign from Graveyard Shift, and return to the United States. Belmont reassumes leadership of the Arcane Division.

Adam Bestler briefly rejoins Nightsquad; before the year is out, he leaves that group and applies for membership as a GBI independant agent.

Chelsea Aberdeen resigns from the GBWC, and Rose Prevost is hired to replace her.

August. Marriage of Dr. Vincent Belmont and Jill Valentine

The Ghostbusters West Coast temporarily disbands; Joey Williams, Micheal Chad, Robert Griffiths, Leon Hogan, and Peter Kong return to civilian life. Kyle Stevens, Jeremy Hicks, and Will Ketcham join Andy Harness in Tennessee, as the ETGB combines with the MTGB to form Ghostbusters Tennessee (GBTN). Fritz Baugh returns to Indianapolis to look for Chelsea Aberdeen. Dr. Jeff Chrismer leaves to undergo ninja training under the mysterious "Sub Zero"

Fritz Baugh suffers an injury that leads to the loss of his left leg below the knee. Bo Holbrook and Vincent Belmont are present at the encounter that leads to the amputation.

Ron Daniels, formerly of NOMAD and the Ghostbusters West Coast, is elected to the United States Senate by the citizens of Georgia.


The Ghostbusters West Coast reactivates with a smaller line up: Andy Harness, Kyle Stevens, Jeff Chrismer, and Jeremy Hicks form the field team. Fritz Baugh takes over as CEO, but due to his injuries mostly runs operations from headquarters. Rose Prevost, Chelsea Aberdeen and Otter return to their staff positions. Dr. Zach Lavoy (formerly of Ghostbusters Chicago) and Dr. Jennifer Thompson are hired as reserve members.

Oscar Wallance is hypnotized by a Shannon O'Callahan tape he found in Venkman's trash. After being broken of the spell, he spends some time in Los Angeles.

Cliff Roswell resigns Nightsquad to deal with a zombie invasion in Pittsburgh. Jeff Chrismer joins Nightsquad, but also retains membership in the GBWC.

Garrett Miller marries Jo Kendall.

August 20. Dr. Vincent Belmont (GBAD), Dr. Fritz Baugh (GBWC), Dr. Kevin Kemarly (OGB), and Dr. Greg Justis and Amy Kerns (GBDD) are present at GenCon, and stop an entity that feeds upon creativity.

September 13. Vincent Belmont's interview with Adam Sessler runs on X-Play

Talena Ketcham, the daughter of Dr. Will Ketcham (GBIndependant, GBWC, GBTN) and Jess Williams, is born


(Nothing here yet, but I expect that to change soon...)


The Ghostbusters of this era--Dr. Johnathan Christopher Spengler, Dr. Eden Marie Spengler, Eric Stantz, and Tessa Jane (T.J.) Anderson journey to 1986 at the behest of Lady Delphia, to prevent Dr. Norman Draverhaven and Dr. Herbert Harlan Loone from murdering the Ghostbusters.

The accounts from this adventure confirm that Professor Egon Spengler, his wife Janine, and Dr. Ray Stantz are alive and healthy at least until this date.

At some point after this, they journey to 2003 to aid their forbears against the "Anti-Ghostbusters"


Earth makes first contact with alien life forms

Twenty Fourth Century

Romulus, a descendant of the Spenglers, is the leader of "Ghostbusters Intergalactic", and with Delphia's help prevents a convoluted scheme to murder the Ghostbusters in 1986

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