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One of the greatest movies of all time was Ghostbusters. It was followed up with one of the greatest cartoons of all time, The Real Ghostbusters (one of the most successful Movie-to-TV translations EVER). The mix of comedy, horror, and weird science was white-hot in the Eighties, and still maintains a loyal fan following to this day!!!

The Ectozone is a member of the GBComm, the Ghostbusters community! Created by Brian Reilly, a contributor to the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline. Check it out!!!
Starting this fall, 88MPH Studios will be publishing a brand new Ghostbusters comic book, a "reboot" of the concept set during and just after the first movie. Go to 88MPH Studios.com or Proton Charging.com for more details!

The Ghostbusters Omnibus

Everything you didn't even know you were afraid to ask.

Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline

  • How does all of it fit together? This comprehensive study attempts to reconcile the movies, the Real Ghostbusters, and even Extreme Ghostbusters into one linear saga.

    Coming Soon

    The Ghostbusters Fact List

    Kingpin, a contributor to the Omnibus Timeline, has compiled the definitive guide to the Ghostbusters; the tools, the talents, and even their shoe sized (well, okay, maybe not their shoe sizes...but that's not too far away from what's actually in there!)

    Get on the ground floor of the new comic book!

    The Ghostbusters 2003 Timeline

    (A Work In Progress!)
    My alter ego, Dr. Fritz V. Baugh, is a member of the Ghostbusters West Coast, a franchise of Ghostbusters International

    Doc Fritz's Fan Fictions

    My own take on the Ghostbusters. Some of my own creations aren't this much fun to write!


    Fateful Encounter
    Egon Spengler goes on a little trip to the 1964 World's Fair, and in the Mort Weisinger tradition has his "true" first meeting with someone of no small significance to him! Inspired by a scene deleted from Ghostbusters

    1983--Year One


    Ghost Stories
    A mock news article about the debut of the world's first Professional Paranormal Investigators and Eliminators, a slice of the kind of press the Boys in Grey got when they burst onto the scene

    1984--Year Two

    Real Ghostbusters Season One; all of the ABC episodes and half the syndicated

    1985--Year Three

    Real Ghostbusters Season One--second half of the syndicated episodes

    Real Ghostbusters Season Two

    1986--Year Four

    Real Ghostbusters Season Three

    Illogical Reaction
    Or, you could also call it: "Robo Buster, the Missing Scene"

    Future Shocks
    The Ghostbusters of the 21st Century are contacted by a mysterious being, telling them that a time traveller with a malevalent agenda has recruited a familiar and much-despised face to his crusade. Can they stop these two twisted men from destroying the original Ghostbusters--and thus wrecking all of history?

    Several lawsuits, some having meandered in court since the Gozer crisis of 1983, come to bear all at once and the Ghostbusters accept an injunction against acting as paranormal investigators. Egon returns to research, Venkman becomes host of World of the Psychic, Ray opens an occult book shop, and he and Winston begin to appear at kids parties in Ghostbuster costume

    1988--Year Six

    Ghostbusters 2

    Real Ghostbusters#1-2

    1989--Year Seven

    Real Ghostbusters Season Four

    Real Ghostbusters#3-19

    1990--Year Eight

    Real Ghostbusters Season Five

    Real Ghostbusters#20-28

    A POV short story featuring Egon. The episode in question? "Janine You've Changed"...

    1991--Year Nine

    Real Ghostbusters Season Six

    Real Ghostbusters Vol.2

    Terror on the Jersey Turnpike
    Ray's soap opera addiction! Venkman gets up early at 11 AM! Oh, yeah, and there's a biker punk from hell in there, too. Being the Ghostbusters, we mean that literally...

    Invasion of the Danish Snatchers, Part One
    Egon and Janine's date is interrupted by the arrival of a crew of obnoxious gremlins who terrorize the Chateau Ritz restaurant. The rest of the Ghostbusters arrive to help out, but soon discover a teeny problem...

    Invasion of the Danish Snatchers, Part Two
    Continuation of the above. You think I'm gonna spoil any surprises? Hah!!!

    Shadow of the Inquisitors
    (Not yet written)

    The Zodiac Imperative
    (Not yet written)

    Late in 1991 or in early 1992 the Ghostbusters again break up, apparently quite abruptly and acrimoniously. Venkman goes to Hollywood and tries to shop around a concept for GB3, but the project dies when he and Dan Aykroyd can't convince Bill Murray to come aboard. Ray becomes a used car salesman in Colorado after a lab accident gets him kicked out of Stanford. Winston becomes a commuter pilot in Montana. Egon becomes a teacher, and watches over the Containment Unit.

    1997--Year Fifteen

    Clinically Insane
    A highly speculative look at the "missing years" between Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters from the perspective of one of my favorite characters, Janine Melnitz...

    Extreme Ghostbusters

    1998--Year Sixteen

    (Not yet written)

    1999--Year Seventeen

    Aries Rising
    (Not yet written)

    2002--Year Twenty

    NEW STORY!!! (8-18-03!) Charlie Takes the Fifth
    Another character piece, this one looking at the Venkman family.

    2003--Year Twenty-One

    Ghostbusters West Coast: Opening Night, Part One
    The premeire of a new Disney movie is not usually a cause for terror. But tonight's a little different. A monster is on the loose and he's pissed. Who ya gonna call?
    If only. They're three thousand miles away...

    Ghostbusters West Coast: Opening Night, Part Two
    The saga continues! It's Peter Venkman and Joey Williams versus the Ravisher, armed only with their wits!

    Ghostbusters West Coast: Opening Night, Part Three
    By Kyle Stevens, with RazorsEdge and Fritz Baugh
    The wounded Jon Dennison is taken to Steven Point Hospital, where a young doctor tries to save his life. Too bad the Ravisher has other plans...

    Ghostbusters West Coast: Opening Night, Part Four
    By Fritz Baugh and Ludicris
    (Coming Soon)

    Ghostbusters West Coast: Opening Night Part Five
    (Not yet written)

    Extreme Ghostbusters: Revenge of the Jersey Turnpike Terror
    (Partially written)

    The Ghostbusters Gallery!

    "Oh, God, he draws too..." A gallery of profile pictures of the Ghostbusters of two coasts...

    The Original Ghostbusters

    Dr. Peter Venkman

    Dr. Ray Stantz

    Dr. Egon Spengler

    Janine Melnitz

    Winston Zeddemore

    Louis Tully

    Dana Barrett


    The Ghostbusters West Coast

    Dr. Joey Williams

    Dr. Andy Harness

    Dr. Fritz Baugh

    Micheal Chad

    Dr. Jeff Chrismer

    Dr. Robert Griffiths

    Jeremy Hicks

    John Lipsyte

    Chelsea Aberdeen

    Other Ghostbusters links--check'em out!!!

    The Unofficial Ghostbusters Download Center is chock full of cool stuff. It's run by aforementioned Brian_Reilly, who's posts on GBN contributed to the aforementioned Omnibus Timeline

    Ghostbusters Headquarters Webmastered by Troy Benjamin ("NetSolo") and the true successor to the late Ghostbusters.net, it's already the most vibrant GB message board on the web. If you see "Doc Fritz" posting all over the place, that's me. (They may also occassionally refer to me as "Veedramon", my old GBN user name)

    The Ghostbusters International Message Board. Administrated by Rich Croy (Spengs), it's the indispensible source of information about upcoming projects from GBWC and all of the GBI franchises!

    The East Tennesse Ghostbusters are a sister franchise to the GBWC, and even share a member--the inimitable Andy Harness!

    Ghostbusters UK is a sister franchise to the GBWC, and my friends Ben King and Iain Bennett (also known as Kingpin and Sinister) are members, as well as really cool guys too!

    Proton Charging is a great Ghostbusters news site run by Chris "castewar" Stewart.

    The Real Ghostbusters Fan Page! Webmastered by Shiela Paulson, possibly the most prolific creator of Ghostbuster fan fiction.

    The Von Homborg Deutchendorf Family Web Page is a hilarious site devoted to Vigo the Carpathian's little-know family, including his twin, Lord Vego, and his cat, Snowball.

    Labidolemur's Ghostbusters Fan Fiction Review features a wonderful Ghostbuster Canon List (slightly out of date, but it reminded me of things even I'd forgotten!) and some insightful insights into the characters, including some speculations about the Ghostbusters' religions and whether Egon has Marfan Syndrome. this list forms the basis of the Ghostbusters Fact List that Ben King is currently putting together. Watch this spot for more details as I get'em!

    Legal Stuff that's Boring Unless You're Louis Tully...

    Ghostbusters is (c.)1984 Columbia Pictures. Ghostbusters 2 is (c.)1989 Columbia Pictures The Real Ghostbusters is (c.)1986 Columbia Pictures Television and DiC Productions. Extreme Ghostbusters is (c.)1997 Columbia Pictures Television and Adelaide Productions. The new comic book is (c.) Sony and 88MPH Studios. No use of characters and images associated with the above is intended for profit, or to challenge the copyrights of the above holders.

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