One of the greatest movies of all time was Ghostbusters. It was followed up with one of the greatest cartoons of all time, The Real Ghostbusters (one of the most successful Movie-to-TV translations EVER). The mix of comedy, horror, and weird science was white-hot in the Eighties, and still maintains a loyal fan following to this day!!!

Picture inspired by Kurth, Lapointe, and Blond

May 13, 2005

It was two years ago today that I first started this web site, mostly to showcase the now semi-infamous Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline; the closure of a couple months later led to it becoming my primary fan fic site.

For the anniversary, I'm pleased to announce that I'm finally releasing the end of The Zodiac Imperative; as I released part 1 on my first anniversary at GBN, releasing the conclusion at an anniversary seemed very appropriate.

For nostalgia's sake, here's two pages I dug out of my backups: the index page on May 13, 2003 (back when it wasn't even officially the Ectozone zone yet; I called it "Digibusters") and a year later, on May 13, 2004. I guess this'll have to be a tradition now (lol).

The Ectozone Forum is going to be better than ever very soon. Proboards is currently in the process of upgrading their software, and as soon as they get to Server 31 there'll be all sortsa nifty new features. As soon as I know when it's going down--then when it's back up--I'll send all members an email to make sure they know about it. And remember, it's the only Ghostbusters board on the net right now where you can talk about Egon and Janine without getting flamed...

I hope you all caught the recent strip I contributed to Kingpin at Ghostbusters.nuts: GHOSTBUSTERS.NUTS #20: Peter, You've Changed. I didn't get my butt flamed off this time and everything!

May 13 is also my 34th birthday. It's led to a lot of reflection of late, especially with everything else I've endured over the last year. I lost my job, I lost my left leg, I lost...well, suffice it to say the last year was not totally kind to me.

But I keep telling myself that I survived a pretty grueling ordeal. If I can survive coming only a matter of hours away from death, I can survive all the rest of the heartbreak life seems determined to shit upon me.
Fritz V. Baugh
Lord of the Ectozone

It's here...

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Five newest stories (newest on top)

Ghostbusters: The Zodiac Imperative, Part Five
This is it. The Ghostbusters against the Zodiac Lords, without even proton packs...can they even hope to defeat these creatures? And if they do...
What terrible prices will be paid?

Ghostbusters Apocrypha: Future Shocks
The Ghostbusters of the 21st Century are contacted by a mysterious being, telling them that a time traveller with a malevalent agenda has recruited two familiar and much-despised faces to her crusade. Can they stop these two twisted men--who are NOT Professor Dweeb and Doctor Loone!!!--from destroying the original Ghostbusters--and thus wrecking all of history?

Ghostbusters West Coast: Curtain Call, Part Three
2004--Timeline Year Twenty Two
The final showdown with the Ravisher and his master, Lord Atrocity. LaLlarona's prophesy is coming true...the brutal plan of the God of Death moves forward...and stopping it may require one man to make the ultimate sacrifice...

Apocrypha: Digibusters, Part Two
Apocrypha Era Two
Veemon leads the Ghostbusters to the tomb of Seraphimon. But they're not the only ones seeking the Archangel of Hope...

Apocrypha: Digibusters, Part One
Apocrypha Era Two
A strange computer problem sends the guys and Janine into a bizzare alternate dimension that Ray recognizes as the "Digital World" straight out of the Digimon anime...

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