Stories not existing within the framework of the Timeline and the Omnibus Fan Fic continuity. These stories are not treated as canon by any of the stories in the main Fan Fic section
Era One: Ghostbusters And Beyond
Alternate Realities centering around the early days of the Ghostbusters, flush off the victory with Gozer. Like the 88MPH comic, for example
Ghostbusters: Future Shocks
The Ghostbusters of the 21st Century are contacted by a mysterious being, telling them that a time traveller with a malevalent agenda has recruited two familiar and much-despised faces to her crusade. Can they stop these two twisted men--who are NOT Professor Dweeb and Doctor Loone!!!--from destroying the original Ghostbusters--and thus wrecking all of history?
(First Posted April 25, 2005)
Era Two: Ghostbusters 2 And Beyond
Alternate Realities stemming from the Ghostbusters triumphant return and battle with Vigo. The iBooks novels, for example, would fit here...

Ghostbusters: Til The Night Closes In
A look at what might have been...things go much better for Egon and Janine in 1991, after "Invasion of the Danish Snatchers"...
(First Posted February 5, 2005)

Digibusters, Part One
A strange computer problem sends the guys and Janine into a bizzare alternate dimension that Ray recognizes as the "Digital World" straight out of the Digimon anime...
(First Posted February 20, 2005; rereleased April 29, 2007)

Digibusters, Part Two
Veemon leads the Ghostbusters to the tomb of Seraphimon. But they're not the only ones seeking the Celestial of Hope...
(First Posted February 27, 2005; rereleased May 7, 2007)

Digibusters, Part Three
Apocrypha Era Two: Ghostbusters 2 and Beyond
The Digibusters are scattered; Venkman and Winston deal with weirdos on the train who actually make it a relief when they get attacked; Egon and Janine, meanwhile, deal with Serpahimon's startling transformation into a little creature with one oddly familiar attribute...
(First Posted May 13, 2007)

Digibusters, Part Four
Apocrypha Era Two--Ghostbusters 2 And Beyond
Ray Stantz and Veemon are on the run, separated from the others, and get stuck in the middle when two angry, artillery laden android Digimon decide to have a showdown. And where is the last Beast Spirit?
(First Posted May 28, 2007)

The Legend Of Mary Sue, Guest Starring the Ghostbusters
Everyone knows what Mary Sues are. If you've read a Mary Sue fan fic--any Mary Sue fan fic--you'll know what to expect here. Think of this as my primer on "How NOT To Write Ghostbusters Fan Fiction"
(First Posted January 1, 2007)

Era Three: Extreme Ghostbusters and Beyond
Alternate Realities starring--or branching from--the failed but promising series starring a new generation of Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters Nightsquad Apocrypha: Origin
Original Story by Bo Holbrook; Adapted by Fritz Baugh
As the original and Extreme Ghostbusters battle the Bermuda Triangle, Egon's niece and three others begin their own march to destiny...
(First Posted February 13, 2006)

Extreme Ghostbusters Apocrypha: Keeping It Real
Team Extreme finishes up a case at the phone company, and then is accosted by two strangely familiar bums at a Burger King. Who are they, and why do they insist that the Extreme Ghostbusters are imposters?
(First Posted April 17, 2006)

Ghostbusters: Charlie Takes the Fifth
A slightly different look at the events of 2002, from the eyes of a Peter Venkman who has led a far less fulfilling life than the one we know...
(First Posted May 24, 2004)

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