One of the greatest movies of all time was Ghostbusters. It was followed up with one of the greatest cartoons of all time, The Real Ghostbusters (one of the most successful Movie-to-TV translations EVER). The mix of comedy, horror, and weird science was white-hot in the Eighties, and still maintains a loyal fan following to this day!!!

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July 2, 2007
As the guys who visit the Ectozone Forum know, I have a younger brother named Al (actually, he's one of three younger brothers I have, but that isn't important right now), who posts there under the user name OgreBBQ. He doesn't post very often, mind you, because 4chan has lots of porn for him to download and I don't, but he pops up once in a while.

What is not as well known is that Al dabbles in writing too. In some ways I still think he's better than I am, but he's even less motivated. Al's my first spellchecker, has given me more zinger ideas than I can count, and (under the pen name Jim Harley) is the creator of the Inquisitors, the team of characters seen in Shadow Of The Inquisitors.

Well, after a very long wait, I finally have something he's done ready to show the rest of you. If you've been wondering what happened to the brutal vampire hunter Anatole Vashnivski after he was Embraced...well, time to find out.

Blood Feud: Prague

It's darker and more intense than most of the stuff I do, but that serves the subject matter pretty well. I hope everyone else has as high an opinion of Al's work as I do.

--Fritz V. Baugh

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Ghostbusters West Coast: Consequences And Truth
June 2007--Timeline Year Twenty-Five
The only constant is change, and seldom has this been as true as it is for the Ghostbusters West Coast. Another new member has joined the team while a longtime stalwart is reanalyzing his life and his future. Two others regard the joyful changes that are upon them. Meanwhile, untalented spoiled brat heiress London Sedgewick gets possessed and skips jail to great media acclaim.
(First Posted July 16, 2007)

Blood Feud: Prague
By OgreBBQ
August 1998--Timeline Year Sixteen
There's carnage in the streets of Prague...and smack dab in the middle of it is a former member of the Inquisitors: vampire hunter turned vampire Anatole Vashnivski. And somebody is not happy he's there...
(First Posted July 2, 2007)

Ghostbusters: Pandora's Box, Part Three
March 1991--Timeline Year Nine
The Peoplebusters are loose in New York City. And then Professor Epimetheus's portal opens again...
(First Posted June 4, 2007)

Apocrypha: Digibusters, Part Four
Apocrypha Era Two--Ghostbusters 2 And Beyond
Ray Stantz and Veemon are on the run, separated from the others, and get stuck in the middle when two angry, artillery laden android Digimon decide to have a showdown. And where is the last Beast Spirit?
(First Posted May 28, 2007)

Apocrypha: Digibusters, Part Three
Apocrypha Era Two: Ghostbusters 2 and Beyond
The Digibusters are scattered; Venkman and Winston deal with weirdos on the train who actually make it a relief when they get attacked; Egon and Janine, meanwhile, deal with Serpahimon's startling transformation into a little creature with one oddly familiar attribute...
(First Posted May 13, 2007)

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