Statistical References, Country Guides, and Factbooks:
CIA World Factbook: facts and figures compiled by the CIA
US State Department's Background Notes: information on countries the United States has relations with, including land, people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and relations
the the Library of Congress Federal Research Division's Country Studies/Area Handbooks: in depth looks at 102 countries. a huge comparative statistical database information on 260 different countries, including economy, defense, geography, government, history, people, national anthem, map and other realted links
The Nations Online Project
allRefer - Reference - Country Study & Country Guide

General Statical Links:
International Statistics links from North Hall library at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania: some useful links and leads
Links from Utah: some more useful links (some linked above)

International Organizations:
The UN
International Committee of the Red Cross
ISO - the International Organization for Standardization
Union of International Associations
World Trade Organization
International Court of Justice

Diplomatic Relations
A Dictionary of Diplomatic Terminology Currently in Circulation
International Law:
International Law: from the UN
International Humanitarian Law: from the ICRC
The International Law Dictionary & Directory: helpful for reading the above, also has some good links

Specifical International Law Documents and Treaties:
Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
Vienna Convention on Consular Relations
Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War
Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War

Collections of treaties:
Instruments and treaties related to the Laws Armed Conflict
Conventions and Other Texts: a list of treaties and international law from the UN International Law Commission
International Law Treaties: a long list of treaties from the University of Vienna
International Human Rights Instruments: from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Constitutions and Related Documents:
The 1215 Magna Carta
The 1689 Bill of Rights
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
The Constitution of the United States of America
National Constitutions

Artificial Constitutions:
Libertarian Comparison of Micronational Constitutions

Constitutional Design:
Avoiding civil wars - new constitutions for emerging democracies
On Constitutional Design

Imaginary and Micro Nations
The Micronations Page
Micronations: Little Countries that Could
Links to a Better World
the Webring of Imaginary Countries

General Military Info:
Strategy Page
Jane's Defence Section
Haze Gray and Underway: Extensive naval information
21s Century Weapons

Tank Net
Special Operations Forces:
Firearms Data: World Guns
War Cat
Military Glossaries:

Military Data - detailed info on militray equipment... Instruments and treaties related to the Laws Armed Conflict (aka the Geneva conventions, but are so much more)

Global Military Resources
the Federation of American Scientists
the Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network
US Weapons Systems
World Military guide
US Military (all branches, much info)
WMD capabilities and systems
General Intelligence (systems for data collection and countries for info on their intell agencies)

Other resources for weapons and such: Naval systems in development by major countries and contractors
Ground warfare systems in development by major countries and contractors
Military aircraft systems in development by major countries and contractors
Mixed military and civilian aircraft systems in development by major countries and contractors

National Military Data:
Chinese equipment
Sino Defense
China Defense
Nordic Military Vehicles
Unofficial Royal Swedish Army page
Army Force Structure
Russian state's military export company (ROSOBORONEXPORT)
A site mainly about Russian aircraft
Swedish Armed Forces
Swiss Armed Forces
The Finnish Defense Forces
Portuguese Air Force
New Zealand Defense Force
Singapore armed forces
Norwegian Defence
Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces (DND/CF)
Australian Government, Department of Defence
French Ministry of Defense
Armed Forces of the Philippines
Israel Defense Forces IDF News and Information
Israeli weaponry
Indian Armed Forces
Ministry of National Defence, Greece
Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom
Ministry of defence, Thailand
Ministry of Defence, Army of the Czech Republic
Belgian military
Danish Defence
Egyptian Armed Forces
The Irish Defence Forces
Ministry of Defence, Macedonia
Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Defense
Republic of Poland Ministry of National Defence
Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands
U.S. Department of Defense
US Marine Corps fact file
Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic
Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Korea
Japan Defense Agency
Spanish Air Force
Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus

Future Tech Stuff:
Cyberpunk 1 (
2300 AD stuff
Edward Fok's armor
Traveller warbook
General traveller stuff
Traveller central weapons/guntech
Space Future
SF tech
Cyberpunk defined
Abyss Vehicles

Assorted other useful stuff random number generator

Assorted Military
On War Mostly WWII
TOEs Military Organization

Information Warfare
Future War - Information Warfare (links)
IASIW (links)
Information Operations (links)

Interesting Ideas
Defense Update
Popular Mechanics' Defense Technology Archive
The Scrapboard
AES Home of the 1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne)
G2mil Quarterly Warfare Research Portal

OPORDS Operations Orders
Sniper Country
Air Force 2025

Wikipedia's Military Unit and Military Formations

From smallest to largest:
Fire Team
Squad or Section
Platoon or Troop (UK Cavalry/Armour)
Company, Battery (Artillery), Troop (US Cavalry/Armor), or Squadron (UK Cavalry/Armour)
Battalion or Squadron (US Cavalry/Armour)
Regiment or Brigade
Army or Front (Soviet)
Army Group

Historical TOEs and ORBATs's TOE library
Feldgrau (WWII German)
WWII Orders of Battle and Organizations

Assorted Modern:

Global Security's Intro to Army Units
Global Security's Intro to Army Branches
Restructuring the Division: An Operational and Organizational Approach 's list of Military Newspapers and Magazines
DoD and Government Internet Resources Part One
DoD and Government Internet Resources Part Two
SIPRI - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute


Wikipedia on Military Strategy
Military Theory, Theorists & Strategy
Principles of War

The Concept of Blitzkrieg

AirLand Battle
U.S. Army Maneuver warfare
The Evolution of the Airland Battle Concept
Airland Battle: The Wrong Doctrine for The Wrong Reason

Rapid Dominance (aka "Shock and Awe")
Attacking Iraq - Rapid Dominance "Shock & Awe"
Shock and Awe: Achieving Rapid Dominance

Classic Texts
Sun Tzu on the Art of War
Flavius Vegetius Renatus "Military Matters"
Niccolo Machiavelli "The Art of War"
Frederick II (The Great) "Military Instructions"
Karl von Clausewitz "On War"

Flag Spot
DogHouse's Military Armored Vehicle Recognition