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Beginner FAQ

This site is dedicated to the frequently asked questions that seem to be asked from beginner riders from time to time. In truth almost all the time, over and over and over again. This collection of information has been gathered from many differnt sources in the motorcycle community, with the hope that new riders will be able to find the start of thier answers all in one place.


The information contained in this document is provided at no cost and without any warranty whatsoever. The author and contributors are not responsible for any errors contained herein, and make no claims whatsoever as to the legality, safety, validity, or veracity of the information and advice contained in this document. The information contained in this document is provided for entertainment purposes only. All riders should have a factory-trained, professional mechanic inspect any motorcycle before purchasing or riding. Any use of the information contained in this document is done solely at your own risk. Reading this document constitutes an implicit acceptance of these terms and conditions.

List Of Topics

General Advice
First Bike Suggestions
Buying/Selling a Used Bike
Rountine Maintenance and How To's
Rider Education
Suspension Setup
Roadside Emergency Kit
Electrical Fault Finding
Wrench Referance
Winterizing Your Bike
De-Winterizing Your Bike
Speeding Tickets
Insurance Appraisals

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Last Updated 08/05/2004