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Clan of the Bitter Rose

This page is dedicated to the D&D group Clan of the Bitter Rose. The group purged the city of Freeport from a mysterious cult, had defeated a crazed druid in his demented grove, and is now embarking on their greatest challenge yet... Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Updated 10/05/07 Adventure journal (final session is posted!)

The Characters

Last update: 10/21/05
Character Name Level(s) XP (XP debt) Deaths XP to next level*
Eloen (level 14) Wizard 9
Guildmage 4
need to level up
95,980 (0) 5 9,020
Magnus (level 15) Cleric 14, of Moradin
need to level up
112,380 (0) 4 7,620
Semaj (level 15) Ranger 7
Cleric 1, of Mielikki
Rogue 2
Deepwood Sniper 2
Fighter 2
need to level up
105,120 (0) 7 14,880
Olvgakk (Henchman, level 14) Cleric 14, of Moradin 94,020 (0) 4 10,980
Farrus (NPC, level 13) Fighter 13 89,490 (0) 2 1,510
Kwog (NPC, level 13) Rogue 7
Temple Raider 5
Barbarian 1
78,100 (0) 4 12,900
* XP to next level takes into account existing XP debt and the 50/50 rule

The Death-toll (Total: 41)

  • Semaj, by the First's Symbol of Death
  • Olvgakk, Slain Alive by the Third
  • Farrus, Flame Struck by the First
  • Hylie, Destroyed by the First
  • Kwog, Slain Alive by the Third
  • Semaj, Destroyed by the First (but True Resurrected by Olvgakk's scroll)
  • Semaj, by the doomdreamer Tychon
  • Magnus, Olvgakk, Hylie and Farrus, by the Half-Dragon T-Rexes guarding the inner fane
  • Eloen, by Dugart's Phantasmal Killer in the recovered temple
  • Semaj and Grunhilda, annihilated by Tharizdun in the black cyst (Semaj restored through divine intervention, a wish, and the Amulet of Mielikki)
  • Eloen, by a slay living greater glyph of warding placed by Hedrack
  • Semaj, Imprisoned by Hedrack and then killed
  • Olvgakk, by Hedrack in melee
  • Eloen, Disintegrated by Hedrack
  • Grunhilda, slain by Hedrack's Slay Living
  • Magnus, by Hedrack's Destruction
  • Grunhilda, by Naquent's Phantasmal Killer
  • Grunhilda, in the Chamber of Dark Elementalism
  • Kwog and Zorn (Henchman), by Chymon of the fire door
  • Eloen, by Chymon of the fire door
  • Magnus, at the hands of a huge water elemental commanded by Kelashein of the Water Temple
  • Olvgakk (Henchman) and Zorn (Henchman), drowned at a clever dwarven trap
  • Kwog and Zorn (Henchman), at the hands of Tessimon of the Fire Temple
  • Haikum and Mudo'owne (Henchman), at the hands of Fachish of the Air Temple
  • Semaj and Tenaris Glimmerdawn (Henchman), at the hands of the hill giant Rau
  • Kwog and Magnus, at the hands of the fiend D'Gran and the hill giant Vech
  • Connor, at the hands of Mereclar and the Crater Ridge Mines main (western) entrance forces
  • Jozanislav, at the hands of the hobgoblin band in the old temple ruins outside of Nulb
  • Semaj, Eloen, and Vivian, at the hands of Master Dunrat and the cult in Hommlet

    Retired Characters:

  • Grunhilda
  • Kwog (Wished back into existence through the Deck of Many Things)
  • Zorn
  • Haikum
  • Mudo'owne
  • Wade, the Outcast
  • Connor tel Guldhandt of Daerlun
  • Jozanislav
  • Vivian De Kazinonayagi
  • Sinjin
  • Polgara



    Additional Player Contributions

    Diety Conversion

    Greyhawk Forgotten Realms
    Pelor Lathander
    Ehlonna Mielikki
    St. Cuthbert Helm

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